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Young Liberals of Switzerland
Jungfreisinnige Schweiz
Jeunes libéraux-radicaux suisses
Giovani Liberali Radicali Svizzeri
Giuvens Liberals Svizzers
President Andri Silberschmidt
Founded 1928
Headquarters Neuengasse 20
3011 Bern
Ideology Classical liberalism
Mother party FDP.The Liberals
International affiliation International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY)
European affiliation European Liberal Youth (LYMEC)

The Young Liberals of Switzerland (German: Jungfreisinnige Schweiz, French: Jeunes libéraux-radicaux suisses, Italian: Giovani Liberali Radicali Svizzeri, Romansh: Giuvens liberals Svizzers), abbreviated to YLS, is the youth wing of FDP.The Liberals. It was founded in 1928 and, with more than 4,000 members aged between 15 and 35, it is the second-biggest youth party in Switzerland.


The Young Liberals of Switzerland (YLS) are active on the federal, the Cantonal, the local level and at universities in Switzerland. The party has three members of the federal National Council, Christian Wasserfallen, Marcel Dobler, Philippe Nantermod and three members of the Council of States, Raphael Comte, Andrea Caroni and Damian Müller. The party also holds several seats in Cantonal and local parliaments.

Although the YLS is independent, it is affiliated with the Free Democratic Party of Switzerland and, on the international level, with European Liberal Youth as well as International Federation of Liberal Youth.


The Young Liberals stands for more freedom in daily life and fights against bureaucracy and unnecessary bans. The Young Liberals commit themselves for an excellent education, secure social security within a sustainable social welfare system, a strong economy- based on free market principles -especially for small and medium business, security and a sustainable environment.


The sovereign body of the Young Liberals is called "The Congress", and meets once a year, usually in spring. The Congress elects the individually the members of the National Board and decides upon political strategy papers, which altogether form the manifesto. During the year, the Council of Delegates meets four times and decides on current business, e.g. adopts the positions of the party on popular votes and referendums. The Young Liberals organized a referendum against fixed book prices and won the public vote. The National Board is responsible for the daily business and coordination with the cantonal sections. In February 2010 to April 2012 Brenda Mäder was president of the Young Liberals Switzerland.

National Board The current members of the National Board (as of March 2016):

  • President: Andri Silberschmidt
  • Vice president: Michele Barone
  • Vice president: Mattias Müller
  • Treasurer: Sebastian Köpp
  • International Officer: Dimitri Allaz
  • Political Planning: Thomas Juch
  • Responsible for Cantonal Sections: Alessio Mina
  • Webmaster: Pascal Stäheli
  • Creative director: Matteo Baschera
  • Secretary General: Stefan Kaiser
  • MP National Council: Christian Wasserfallen, Christa Markwalder, Andrea Caroni, Philippe Nantermod
  • MP Council of States: Raphaël Comte

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