Young Man with a Horn (soundtrack)

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Young Man with a Horn
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ReleasedMarch 13, 1950
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Young Man with a Horn
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Young Man with a Horn is a 10" LP album, released by Columbia Records as CL-6106[1] on March 13, 1950, featuring trumpeter Harry James and singer Doris Day performing songs initially recorded for the soundtrack of the movie of the same name. It was simultaneously released as a 78 rpm album set, Columbia C-198, and when Columbia finally began to release 45s about a year or so later it appeared as a boxed 45 rpm album set as Columbia B-198.

History and Provenance[edit]

Although frequently identified as a "soundtrack," Columbia's Young Man with a Horn is not so in the literal sense. Columbia did not issue original soundtrack recordings at the time, and as both Day and James were Columbia contract artists they were obliged to re-record their selections from the movie for records, which they did in three sessions in Hollywood between January 25 and January 27, 1950. According to Billboard, on February 3 Columbia held an advance screening of the film in Hollywood, along with playback of the new record, for Columbia distributors and dealers, hosted by James and his wife, Betty Grable. Billboard prognosticated, "Disks will get heavy exploitation thru the pic tie-up coincidental to the film's general release,"[2] though there was in the end a bit of disconnect between the two products, as the film opened just a week later but Columbia's album wasn't ready for another month.


Columbia's Young Man with a Horn was enormously successful commercially, spending 11 weeks at the No. 1 spot on Billboard's album charts, albeit non-consecutively.[3] Day and James shared the 5 percent royalty for album sales;[4] James did not appear in the film, but had dubbed all of Kirk Douglas' trumpet playing therein.

Track listing[edit]

(All tracks with Harry James, specified ones with Doris Day)

  1. "I May Be Wrong (But I Think You're Wonderful)" (Harry Ruskin/Henry Sullivan) (Doris Day) - 3:01
  2. "The Man I Love" (George Gershwin/Ira Gershwin) - 3:05
  3. "The Very Thought Of You" (Ray Noble) (Doris Day) - 3:00
  4. "Melancholy Rhapsody" (Sammy Cahn/Ray Heindorf) - 2:59
  5. "Get Happy" (Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler) - 2:56
  6. "Too Marvelous For Words" (Richard A. Whiting/Johnny Mercer) (Doris Day) 3:17
  7. "LImehouse Blues" (Philip Braham/Douglas Furber)
  8. "With A Song In My Heart" (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart) (Doris Day) - 3:07

This album was expanded into a 12" version in 1954, Columbia CL 582, and currently available compact disc adding the following tracks:[5]

  1. "Would I Love You" (B. Russell/Spina) (Doris Day without Harry James)
  2. "Pretty Baby" (Kahn/Van Alstyne/Jackson) (Doris Day without Harry James)
  3. "I Only Have Eyes for You" (Al Dubin/Harry Warren) (Doris Day with Harry James)
  4. "Lullaby of Broadway" (Al Dubin/Harry Warren) (Doris Day with Harry James)



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