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Young Maylay
Birth name Christopher Bellard
Also known as Young Maylay
Born June 17, 1979 (1979-06-17) (age 37)
Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Hip hop, west coast hip hop, gangsta rap
Occupation(s) Rapper, record producer, actor
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2000–present
Labels Maylaynium Muziq
Lench Mob
Associated acts King T, Young Dre the Truth, Killa Polk, DJ Pooh, WC, DJ Crazy Toones, Ice Cube, MC Ren, DJ Premier BG Knocc Out, Dresta, Rappin' 4-Tay, Jayo Felony, Dubb Union MC Eiht

Christopher "Chris" Bellard[1][2] (born June 17, 1979) also known by his stage name, Young Maylay, is an American hip hop recording artist, record producer and actor from Los Angeles, California. He is best known for providing the voice of Carl "CJ" Johnson in the 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Early life[edit]

Christopher Bellard was born and raised in Los Angeles amidst the gang violence and the gangsta rap peak of the 1980s and 1990s in a crime riddled area in poverty which inspired his rapping career.

Music career[edit]

Early days: 2000–05[edit]

His rapping career eventually took off in 2000. With help from King T, Maylay made his first appearance in Killa Tay's Thug Thisle, with the song #1 Hottest Coast (Killa Cali) in 2000. Later he appeared in Rodney O & Joe Cooley's Summer Heat in 2002. Since then, he has been featured on many releases across the West Coast. Maylay wrote the majority of King T's album Ruthless Chronicles.[3] He founded his independent label in 2005 with the money from GTA San Andreas and released his debut album in the same year.

Pre-Lench Mob: 2006–08[edit]

In 2006, Maylay was featured in Deeyah's single "What Will It Be" with a music video. In the same year, he appeared in DJ Crazy Toones' CT Experience, it was the first collaboration of the trio DJ Crazy Toones, WC and Young Maylay. In 2007 the trio began working in Maylay's album The Real Coast Guard. The album was released in 2008 and later that year, WC signed Young Maylay to Bigg Swang/Lench Mob.

Lench Mob days: 2008–present[edit]

Lench Mob Records were set in 2006 to put out Ice Cube's and WC's records, but later other artists were signed, like Young Maylay, who is considered a veteran by Ice Cube.[4] DJ Crazy Toones created two blogs for Maylay, the first is called Who's Young Maylay? Mix Blog[5] and the second is called Young Maylay, WC & Bad Lucc Mix Blog.[6] Young Maylay is working on three albums, by himself, WC and Crazy Toones. Young Maylay is featured on two tracks by Ice Cube called Y'all Know Who I Am and Too West Coast on the album I Am the West. In 2010 Young Maylay was featured on two tracks on the album DJ Premier Presents Year Round Records - Get Used To Us. The track 'Temptation' is a solo performance while the track 'Ain't Nuttin' Changed (remix)' is a collaborative effort with Blaq Poet and MC Eiht.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas[edit]

Maylay was working in New York when he received a phone call from DJ Pooh, who was in a meeting with staff from Rockstar Games. They started a regular conversation about music which, unknown to Maylay, occurred on speaker phone. Rockstar staff heard the conversation, and after conversation between the two ended, they encouraged Pooh to bring Maylay in to audition. A few weeks after the audition, Rockstar reviewed the tapes and decided on Maylay for the role of main character of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Carl "CJ" Johnson.[7]

In the game, Maylay starred alongside celebrities such as actors Samuel L. Jackson, James Woods, Peter Fonda, Clifton Powell, Faizon Love, Big Boy, David Cross, Andy Dick, Chris Penn, Danny Dyer, Frank Vincent, Sara Tanaka, Charlie Murphy and William Fichtner, rappers Ice-T, MC Eiht, Chuck D, The Game, Kid Frost and Yo-Yo and musicians George Clinton, Axl Rose and Shaun Ryder.

OBG Rider Clicc[edit]

OBG Rider Clicc is Young Maylay's rap trio (with Young Dre The Truth and Killa Polk) the group first appeared in Young Dre album called Revolution In Progress The Movement with the single Let's Get The Game Bacc Right. and later appeared with Compton Cavie, Dresta and BG Knocc Out with the song Wes Indeed in the Cali Luv mixtape.

Maylaynium Muziq[edit]

Malaynium Muziq is Young Maylay's own independent record label based in Studio City, California. His mixtapes were released on this label.


Year Title
2005 San Andreas: The Original Mixtape[8][9]
2008 The Real Coast Guard

New Album[edit]

In an interview, when asked about a new album, Maylay said:

The song Mic It is scheduled to be on the album.

Guest Appearances[edit]

Year Song Artist Album
2006 What Will It Be Deeyah featuring Young Maylay What Will It Be Single
2006 Roll On 'Em DJ Crazy Toones featuring Xzibit, Young Maylay, MC Ren and WC CT Experience
2006 The Rat Pack DJ Crazy Toones featuring King T, Young Maylay, WC and Roscoe CT Experience
2006 We See You Niggas DJ Crazy Toones featuring WC, Jayo Felony and Young Maylay CT Experience
2006 Let's Get The Game Bacc Right OBG Rider Clicc (Young Dre the Truth, Young Maylay and Killa Polk) Revolution In Progress The Movement
2006 Bussin Problem featuring Young Maylay Derang Entertainment Presents "Problem" Round 2 Knockout Punch!
2007 Throwin Up The West Semi Auto featuring Young Maylay and Big Chill The Weapon
2009 Ain't Nuttin' Changed (Queensbridge To California Remix) Blaq Poet featuring Young Maylay and MC Eiht DJ Premier Presents Get Used To Us
2009 Temptation DJ Premier featuring Young Maylay DJ Premier Presents Get Used To Us
2010 Mic It Young Maylay
2010 Westcoast Blazin Y Eastwood featuring Young Maylay and Cali Hit Squad The Cali Way
2010 Too West Coast Ice Cube featuring WC and Young Maylay I Am The West
2010 Y'all Know How I Am Ice Cube featuring Doughboy, OMG, WC and Young Maylay I Am The West
2010 It's Official WC featuring Young Maylay and King T That’s What I’m Talking About - EP
2011 International Papers DJ Zone featuring Young Maylay & WC J. Wells Presents DJ Zone's Rhythm and Passion
2011 You Know Me WC featuring Ice Cube and Young Maylay Revenge of the Barracuda
2011 The Spot WC featuring Young Maylay Revenge Of The Barracuda
2011 Best Kept Secret Soopafly featuring Goldie Loc, Young Maylay and Kokane Best Kept Secret
2012 Hood Tour W.C. featuring All-City, Young Maylay Smoke With Me - hosted by Snoop Dogg
2012 West Indeed Celly Cel featuring Young Maylay, Young Dre the Truth, BG Knocc Out, Killa Polk and Dresta Celly Cel Presents - Cali Luv
2012 Parties & Funerals Snoopyblue featuring Young Maylay Parties & Funerals L.I.F.E. of a Loc
2012 Off The Radar E-A-Ski featuring Young Maylay and King T Off The Radar - Single
2013 Let ma Kheckys hang Young Maylay Hogg Tied and Duct Taped


Year Title Role Notes
2001 Born Wild Chen Li Xuan Co-Starring
2004 The Introduction Carl "CJ" Johnson DVD released as the introduction to the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas synopsis. Voice only.
2004 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Carl "CJ" Johnson The main character. Voice only.
2006 Daddy Day Care Mr Nick Tan Co-Starring
2007 The CT Experience: DVD Files[11] Himself DVD released by DJ Crazy Toones for music videos from his album CT Experience. It includes 3 videos with Young Maylay.
2008 Hancock Prison Guard (Uncredited) Voice only.
2013 Coldwater Eddie Co-Starring
2014 The Brodies[12] Mario Voice


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