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Young Naturists America (YNA) was founded in the fall of 2010 by Jordan Blum and Felicity Jones (not their real names). The main goal of this website is to promote the nudist (or naturist) lifestyle to the younger demographic.

In October 2017 YNA announced that it would close permanently, and that Felicity would continue with a new website, which is currently inactive.[1]


They focus mostly on the 21 – 35 age groups but do accept older individuals.[2]

Nudism promotion approaches[edit]


They have occasionally hosted events in the tri-state New York area. In recent years, events have been infrequent.[3]

Some examples of events:

  • YNA hosted a Nude Years Eve party 2011/2012.[4]
  • They have rented out private spaces and bars and had parties where everyone who attended is naked. The last one was in March, 2014. Nude Night Out.[5]
  • They organized weekend trips to nudist resorts where they camp, have drum circles, and practice naked yoga.[citation needed]

Phone app[edit]

In early 2011 they launched an iPhone, Android and web app entitled MyNudeWorld which contained information about nudist resorts, nude beaches and other nudist and naturist groups or organizations world wide.[6] The app is no longer available in the Apple App Store.


In March, 2014, they purchased a Woodbridge, New Jersey health club and added a nude spa Sunday session. The club was closed in August, 2014.[citation needed]

Publications and websites[edit]

On December 31, 2011 they launched a short-lived online news publication called the "Bare Times," which ceased publication in 2012.[7] This publication covered all kinds of topics such as art, travel and news from both the nudist and "textile" worlds. The site now redirects to the Young Naturists of America site.

In January 2012 they launched a new site: Ask A Nudist, where people from all over the world can ask questions and receive answers.[8]

In Spring of 2015, a post announced a plan to emphasize advocacy via the website over event planning, leaving the website as a vehicle for personal points of view, primarily Felicity and Jordan.[citation needed] In February 2016, the site invited visitors to volunteer at future events.[citation needed]

Young Naturists America also features a blog titled Felicity's Blog. Felicity Jones is one of the organization's founders and has participated in many public nudism art projects.

Their website has many articles on the different facets of nudism such as: nudity and religion, behavior etiquette, laws about public nudity and news/information about other nudist events from all over the world. There have been several "first time" stories which touch on YNA's body positivity theme and seem apocryphal. Additionally, the site contains pieces on "social acceptance" themes such as anti-bullying, anti-shaming, and body image.

Key articles[edit]

On June 26, 2015 Felicity Jones of YNA explained how naturism can have a positive impact on body image.[9] The issue of body image is one that Young Naturists America often covers.

In April, 2015, Young Naturists America was the central topic in a Playboy article about the new generation of nudists.[10] Later that year, YNA was featured in the New York Observer[11] and twice in the New York magazine.[12]

They have also contributed to many online and media publications who are looking for information about naturism, places where public nudity is accepted [13][14] and especially the younger generations approach to the clothing optional lifestyle.


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