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This is the discography of rapper Young Noble.


Solo albums[edit]

Collaboration albums[edit]

Compilation album[edit]


  • Outlaw Rydahz Vol. 1 (March 6, 2012, Outlaw/NJ Entertainment)
  • DJ Outlaw Presents Young Noble - Outlaw Nation (October 15, 2012, Outlaw)
  • DJ Outlaw Presents Young Noble - Outlaw Nation Vol. 2 (April 15, 2013, Outlaw)
  • Young Noble & Hussein Fatal Presents - Outlaw Nation Vol. 3 (September 13, 2013, Outlaw/Thugtertainment)
  • Young Noble Presents - Outlaw Nation Vol. 4 (September 13, 2014, Outlaw)


As featured performer[edit]

  • 2009: "Bad Enough" (Redzz aka RedMusicUk feat. Shade Sheist, TQ & Young Noble)
  • 2010: "The International Way" (Zeus feat. Young Noble)
  • 2011: "Girl Don't Give Up" (Nameless Kx feat. Aktual & Young Noble)
  • 2012: "Home" (Perx feat. Young Noble)
  • 2012: "Aim At da Police" (Calaber feat. Young Noble)
  • 2012: "Harda" (Mista Joe feat. Young Noble)
  • 2013: "Hustlers Anthem" (Kray feat. Young Noble & Bizzy Bone)
  • 2013: "Get Em" (The Marsonist feat. Young Noble)
  • 2013: "What I Stand for" (Tre Dolla feat. Young Noble & Hussein Fatal)

Guest appearances[edit]

List of non-single guest appearances, with other performing artists, showing year released and album name
Title Year Artist(s) Album
"Bomb First (My Second Reply)" 1996 2Pac, E.D.I. Makaveli The Don - Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory
"Hail Mary" 2Pac, Yaki Kadafi, Kastro, Prince Ital Joe
"Life of an Outlaw" 2Pac, E.D.I., Kastro, Napoleon, Bo-Roc
"Just Like Daddy" 2Pac, Yaki Kadafi, E.D.I.
"Games" 1997 Cool-E, Napoleon, J-Sweet, Kastro, E.D.I. Funk Fo' Life
"Hard Labor" 1998 C-Bo, Kastro, Napoleon, Storm, Big Lurch Til My Casket Drops
"MFC Lawz" Heltah Skeltah, Napoleon, Storm, Doc Holiday Magnum Force
"This Life of Mine" Bad Azz, Napoleon, Prince Ital Joe, Kastro, E.D.I. Word on tha Streets
"Do Yo Thug Thang" Yukmouth, Napoleon, E.D.I. Thugged Out: The Albulation
"Still Ballin'" Yukmouth, Napoleon, E.D.I., Kastro
"I Don't Fuck with You" Geto Boys, DMG, Gotti, E.D.I., Napoleon, Kastro Da Good da Bad & da Ugly
"Gun In My Mouth" Geto Boys, Napoleon, E.D.I.
"Serenade My Life" Gonzoe, E.D.I. If I Live and Nothing Happens
"It Only Rains Sometimes" 1999 Rappin' 4-Tay, E.D.I. Introduction To Mackin'
"Immortal 2K" 5th Ward Boyz, E.D.I., Kastro P.W.A.: The Album... Keep It Poppin'
"How You Want It" Big Mike, Kastro, Napoleon, E.D.I. Hard to Hit
"2000" 2000 Won G, Sylk-E. Fyne Royal Impression
"Fuck the Fame" Little Bruce Give It to Me Baby!
"The Big Time" Little Bruce, Napoleon, Young L
"Knightmares" Knightowl, Bokie Loc Knightmares
"And Yo" Scarface, Redman The Last of a Dying Breed
"Thuggin' It Out" Do or Die, E.D.I. Victory
"Got Gunz" Willie D, Kastro, E.D.I., Spice 1 Loved by Few, Hated by Many
"We Gone Ride" 2001 Yukmouth, Hussein Fatal, Napoleon, E.D.I. Thug Lord: The New Testament
"Man Power" DIME Poverty & Prosperity
"Stop Poppin Shit" Steady Mobb'n, E.D.I., Napoleon Crime Buddies
"And What" 5th Ward Boyz, E.D.I., Kastro Recognize the Mob
"Dyin' 4 Rap (Remix)" Fredro Starr, Capone-N-Noreaga, Cuban Link Firestarr
"Do the Math" Dorasel, Yukmouth, Phats Bossi Unleash the Beast
"What?!" Big Syke, E.D.I., Kastro Thug Law: Thug Life Outlawz Chapter 1
"Pay Day" Big Syke, Krayzie Bone, Mack 10
"Casualtiez Of War" E.D.I., Napoleon, Muszamil, Ed Bone, Big Syke
"Do the Math" Sean T, Napoleon, M.O.G. Can I Shine?
"Hate the Game" Killa Tay, Napoleon, Luni Coleone, E.D.I. Thug Thisle
"Turn da Heat Down" 2002 Spice 1, E.D.I., Napoleon Spiceberg Slim
"Street Commando" Big Syke, Napoleon Street Commando
"Don't Be Madd" 200% Shady 200% Shady
"Peace Not War" JT the Bigga Figga, Bax-A-Billion, Damion Hall, Double D, Tha Gamblaz Hustle Relentless
"Exclusively" JT the Bigga Figga, Double D, Ive Low, Tha Gamblaz
"Fuck Em All" 2Pac, Kadafi, E.D.I., Napoleon, Kastro Better Dayz
"Whatcha Gonna Do?" 2Pac, Kastro
"There U Go" 2Pac, Kastro, Kadafi, Big Syke, Jazze Pha
"This Life I Lead" 2Pac, Napoleon, Kastro, E.D.I.
"Desperado" Yukmouth United Ghettos of America
"United Ghettos of America" Yukmouth, C-Bo, Cold 187um, Mad Lion, MC Eiht, Napoleon
"I'm an Outlaw" Hussein Fatal FATAL
"My Niggaz" Hussein Fatal, Phats Bossi
"I Wanna Be Free" Hussein Fatal, Napoleon
"Stop Rattin" Hussein Fatal, E.D.I.
"Born a Soulja" Kastro & E.D.I., Muszamil, Napoleon, Yukmouth Blood Brothers
"Ride wit tha Lawz" E.D.I.
"Intro" Law-N-Orda Ground Zero
"Taught You Betta" Hellraza Hell Razed Us
"Ball or Die" Hellraza, E.D.I., Napoleon, Kastro
"Lie To Me" Hellraza, Akwylah, Ya Yo, Napoleon
"What You Wish For" MC Eiht, Napoleon Underground Hero
"Blaze Up The City" 10sion, Yukmouth, I.V.A.N. The Terrible, E.D.I., C-Bo, Napoleon 10sion
"War Gamez" Ray Luv, E.D.I., Kastro, Napoleon A Prince in Exile
"What U No Bout" C-Bo, E.D.I., Napoleon Life as a Rider
"Sick Thoughts" Big Syke, Mopreme Shakur, Napoleon, E.D.I. BIG SYKE
"Thugzzz Pray II" Tray Deee, E.D.I., Napoleon The General's List
"The Truth" 2003 Rome Hustlin' Rap
"Want War" Sean T, A-Wax & Eddie Projex Terrain Boss
"Dirty Jersey 2 E.P.A." MAC & A.K. Hustle Music Vol. 1
"Ridin' for Pac" Bullys wit Fullys, Guce & Killa Tay, Napoleon, Kastro Westside Stories
"Put 'Um Up" Big Syke, Mopreme Shakur Thug Law: Thug Life Outlawz Chapter 2
"American Me" 2004 C-Bo, Chino Nino, Yukmouth United Ghettos of America Vol. 2
"Thug Song" Louie Loc, Bad Azz, Yukmouth Power Moves
"Laws of the Street" The Izrealz, Messy Marv, I-Rocc Tha Re/Up
"Cock and Load"
"The Uppercut" 2Pac, E.D.I. Loyal to the Game
"Black Cotton" 2Pac, Eminem, Kastro
"G.A.M.E." The Game Untold Story
"Exclusively" The Game, Get Low Playaz
"We're Still Outlawz" H-Wood, Genesis, Izreal The Major Leagues
"Bad Boy (Isy B. Remix)" 2005 Eko Fresh, 2Pac Elektro Eko: Fick Immer Noch Deine Story
"Everything" Tre Mak, Daz Dillinger, J. Gotti The One
"Live for Today" Taydatay, I-Rocc, Messy Marv Urban Legendz
"Finally See" Tha Gamblaz, Goodfelonz, JT the Bigga Figga Highly Flammable
"Everythang" J. Gotti, Daz Dillinger Full 60
"Picture Me Rollin'" Play-N-Skillz, Paul Wall The Album Before The Album
"Way Too Many" Layzie Bone, E.D.I., Stew Deez It's Not a Game
"Restless" 2006 Trae Restless
"Big Wheels" Killa Klump, Yukmouth, Layzie Bone Killa Thugs
"Stuck Like Glue" Get Low Playaz In the Streets of Filmoe
"I'm Good" Layzie Bone, Killa Klump Cleveland
"Don't Stop" 2Pac, Yaki Kadafi, Hussein Fatal, Big Syke, Stormey Coleman Pac's Life
"Thug Affair" II Squad, Roc Vegas, Eddie K. The Finest
"Ya'll Know" Blaze (Da Tyrant), Redragon Reparationz 4a Dream
"If You a Gee" C-Bo, E.D.I. Money to Burn
"Neva Forget" Messy Marv, E.D.I. What You Know bout Me?
"Street Law" Messy Marv Hustlan.A.I.R.E.
"Baby Don't Cry (Official 2006 Remix)" 2Pac, Ciara, H.E.A.T. N/A
"Around Here" 2007 Begetz Ghetto Pass
"Ain't No Thang" A-Wax, Stormey Coleman Unconditional Thug
"More Than the Fame" Ony Oz This Is Our Future
"Year of the Tiger" of Dead Prez Manhood
"My Swag is Up"
"Ball or Fall", King Malachi, Stormey Coleman, E.D.I., M-1
"Gangsta Party Part 2" Daz Dillinger, Hussein Fatal Gangsta Party
"Gods Plan" Hi-Tek, Young Buck, E.D.I. Hi-Teknology 3
"Bis ich unter der Erde lieg" Eko Fresh, E.D.I. Ekaveli
"Fillmoe 2 San Jo" DJ King Assassin, JT the Bigga Figga United Playaz of the Bay
"Independent (Remix)" 151, Juvenile, E.D.I., Skip Power and Privilege
"Always Committed" Tito B, Daz Dillinger, E.D.I., Skip Starz the Limit
"The Streets Got Our Kids" Patriarch, E.D.I. Son of a Refugee
"West Coast Bounce" Mr. Stinky Everything Dead
"Everybody Know Me" 2008 Guerilla Grind Inc. T•DA•G
"Shine" Paypa Boiz Street Newz Vol. 1
"This for My Niggaz" Gaf Pak, Scavenger Click Out the Gates
"Shut Down" Tone By Any Means Necessary
"Still Ridin'" Hogg Corps Street Conceptions Vol. 1
"Get's What's Mine" C-Bo, Omar "Big-O" Gooding, E.D.I., Young Bleed Tradin' War Stories
"Thug 4 Life" Crazy Lu, E.D.I. The Gods Must Be Crazy
"Streets Are Callin" JenRO The Revelation
"I'll Be Ur Pusher" 2009 Berner, LC Weekend at Bernie's
"Taste of the Block" Onyz Oz, Mo Da Hustla & Mars (The Head Coach) Stop Blindin' Me
"Holla My Name" Big Dee, Matty Bo Realer Than Most
"Thuggin' 4 Life" Infamous-C, EDIDON, Kastro, Kyle Rifkin V.I.P.
"The Anthem" DJ Outlaw, G.O.A.T, Jack Frost, Stormey Coleman History in the Making
" A Call From Young Noble (of The Outlawz)" Erase-E 2nd Wind
"Lost Souls" 2010 Nutt-So & Hussein Fatal, E.D.I. Outkasted Outlawz
"They Got Problems "
"It Ain't Over" Sandy Solo Coming to America
"Cleaned Off" Young Buck, C-Bo, E.D.I.DON, Hussein Fatal Back on My Buck Shit Vol. 2: Change of Plans
"Feel'n Like Pac (D-Dosia Remix)" 2011 Philthy Rich, Richie Rich, Yukmouth Trip'n 4 Life
"Rubber Band Stacks" Berner, Cozmo, Yukmouth The White Album
"Da Process" Tony Atlanta Shipping & Handling
"Keep Your Mouth off Reality" Mr. G Reality, EDIDON, Pettidee Stronger than Ever
"Chirp Chirp" Young DOE a.k.a. Charles Truth The Best Of...
"All My Respect" Nameless Kx, Hussein Fatal Nameless Begins / Ends
"Girl Don't Give Up" Nameless Kx, Aktual
"Honor & Respect" Chorchyp, Stormey Coleman, EDIDON Pot Samuraja
"Blowin' on Jamaica" 2012 Yukmouth, C-Bo Half Baked
"Fucked Up World" Trae tha Truth, Z-Ro Tha Blackprint
"Car Cloudy" Young Buck, EDIDON, Hussein Fatal Live Loyal Die Rich
"Another Me" Marc Scratch, EDIDON Another Me
"Lettin' Up" Marc Scratch
"After the Rain"
"God's Children" Marc Scratch, Hussein Fatal
"Born Outlaw" King Drago, Jay-B, Big Joe Born in the Ghetto
"Dla tych prawdziwych" Toony, Mioush S.Z.W.A.B.
"Party Ova Here" Aktual, Cyhi The Prynce, EDIDON, Maserati Rick The Man Behind The Music
"Revolutionarily" The Brothahood Mixtape 2.0
"Loyalty, Love, Gwop" Nameless Kx #40DAYZ/40NITES
"Second Chance" Big D Divine Genesis
"Cold World" Crazie Locs Trying 2 Make It In These Streets
"Thuggin'" Fluid Outrage, E.D.I., Cinto Back for the First Time
"Cost of Fame" The Mystro, Arabique, Timz I'm Back
"Ready 4 Whatever" Bishop Ready 4 Whatever
"I'm on It" Doug Crawford, Cursive, E.D.I. Perseverance
"Gib Mir Ein Zeichen" Eko Fresh Ek To The Roots
"Look At Me Now" Philthy Rich, J-Stalin, Killa Kyleon Kill Zone The Leak
"From the Gutter" 2013 Hussein Fatal, 2Pac & Suicide Ru The Interview: It's Not a Gimmik 2 Me
"Ronald Regan" Gonzoe #ITRD (In Traffic Riding Dirty)
"Caught Up In The Struggle" Bossolo, Aloe Jo'el Revival
"Domstadt" La Honda Gorillas Im Nebel II
"Play Wit Your Life" Da Kid Akk, Hussein Fatal, Suicide Ru Unfinished Business
"Dealin Wit The Pain" Da Kid Akk
"Tonite" EDIDON, Young Buck & Hussein Fatal O.G. Est. 1992
"365 Grind" 2014 Struggle Da Preacher, A.K.-S.W.I.F.T. Ups'n'Downs
"Born Targets" D.O.A. N/A
"Radio" AP.9 Bitch Killa
"Fly Away" EMRE2k, Hussein Fatal, S.K.Y.E. Psykadelik Sydney
"Keep Moving" EMRE2k Majestik
"Watch Out" Coptic, Stonebwoy The Rising Stars Of GH Vol. III
"Fuck With Ya" 2015 C-Bo, Hussein Fatal The Mobfather 2
"Freedom" Hussein Fatal Ridin' All Week On 'Em
"This Is All I Know" Yadi Yas I'm Focused
"Decisions" EDIDON, Freddie Gibbs, Krayzie Bone The Hope Dealer, Pt. 1
"Plan Plot Strategize Execut" EDIDON & NUTT-SO Ghetto Starz: Streets to the Stage
"Why Explain The Game?" 2016 F.D.T., Lil Mac, Hussein Fatal Free Da Truth
"Ghetto Gospel" D-Loc The Gill God Narcissistic: The God Complex
"OG Bobby Johnson" 2017 Legendary Boss No Mercy
"The Ghetto" Yukmouth, TQ, Ampichino JJ Based On A Vill Story
"Sixteen To A Hunid Clips" Gonzoe Happy Birthday

Music videos[edit]

List of music videos, with directors, showing year released
Title Year Director(s)
"Hail Mary"
(2Pac featuring Outlawz)
1997 Frank Sacramento
"Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)"
(2Pac featuring Outlawz)
2000 J. Jesses Smith
"Black Rain"
(Outlawz featuring Val Young)
"Thug With me"
"World Wide (Remix)"
(2Pac featuring Outlawz)
2001 N/A
"Thug Song"
(Louie Loc featuring Yukmouth, Young Noble & Bad Azz)
2004 N/A
"Runaway Slave"
( of Dead Prez featuring Young Noble)
2006 James Wade &
"1 Nation"
(Outlawz featuring Dead Prez)
"Fork in The Road"
(Outlawz featuring King Malachi)
James Wade, Cody Lucich & Young Noble
"Can't Tell Me Nuthin

(Outlawz Remix)"

2008 James Wade & Young Noble
(Paypa Boiz featuring Young Noble & MC Breed)
"We Want In / Hunger Pains"
"Everything Happenz 4 a Reason"
"Legendz in tha Game"
"My Swag Is Up"
( of Dead Prez featuring Young Noble)
2009 The Horne Brothers
"Wash Away"
(Stormey Coleman featuring Young Noble & King Malachi)
James Wade, Stormey Coleman & Young Noble
"Bad Enough"
(Redzz featuring Shade Sheist, T.Q. & Young Noble)
Danny Frenkel & Shade Sheist
"Sounds Like"
James Wade & Young Noble
"Honor & Respect"
(Chorchyp featuring Outlawz)
"L.A to Copenhagen"
(The Goodfellas featuring Outlawz)
"Gangstadam to L.A"
(Gangstadam Mob featuring Outlawz)
"Revolutie (Remix)"
(Kempi featuring Outlawz & DJ Smoke)
"Real Nigga Shit"
(Goodfellas featuring Outlawz & Mike Raw)
2010 James Wade & Young Noble
"Great Grand Daddy Kush"
"Bring Em Back"
(Outlawz featuring Big Mizz & Zayd Malik)
"Done It All"
(Outlawz featuring Young Buck)
Jordan Tower
"It Ain't Over"
"Face Down"
(Outlawz featuring DJ XRated)
"Count My Blessings"
(Outlawz featuring The Jacka)
"From The Bottom"
"Dream Big"
"Kush Dreams"
(Outlawz featuring Freeway)
"Letter 2 Pac"
(Nino & Singa featuring Outlawz)
"Cooley High"
(Outlawz featuring Tey Martel & Tony Atlanta)
2011 Iamhaym & Young Noble
"Brand New (Pimp C Dedication)"
(Outlawz featuring Aktual & Tony Atlanta)
"Back Again"
"Spirit of an Outlaw"
"Late Night Shift"
(Outlawz featuring Tey Martel)
"2Pac Back G-Mix"
"Bury The Hatchet"
(DJ Kay Slay featuring Outlawz & Lil' Cease)
"Girl Don't Give Up"
(Nameless Kx featuring Young Noble & Aktual)
"All My Respect"
(Nameless Kx featuring Outlawz)
"Here To Stay (Remix)"
(featuring Nameless Kx featuring Young Buck, Young Noble & Prentice)
S. Osborne Films / FXT Assets Films
"Traficant Legal"
(Bani Gheata featuring Young Noble)
(Outlawz featuring Trae The Truth, Z-Ro & June Summers)
Clearvision Productions & Young Noble
"Keep It Lit"
HusH Industrys
"The Streets"
(Concrete Mob featuring Outlawz)
2012 Savvy So-Fly
"Bang Back"
(Spittin Cobra featuring Outlawz)
Sef Nait of IceLand Film
(Tony Ray & Emmanual Praise featuring Young Noble)
(The Brothahood featuring Young Noble)
Jehad Dabab
"Cost of Fame"
(The Mystro featuring Young Noble, Arabique & Timz)
"Fucked Up World"
(Trae The Truth featuring Z-Ro & Young Noble)
Jordan Tower
"Son of God" Jae Synth
"If They Kill Me" Savvy So-Fly
"Control My Destiny"
(featuring Aktual)
Jae Synth
"The Price" N/A
"End of the World"
(Nino featuring Young Noble)
Syndrum Films
"Tha Game Has Changed"
(featuring Deuce 22)
2013 Savvy So-Fly
"Hustlers Anthem"
(Kray featuring Young Noble & Bizzy Bone)
"Welcome to Real Life"
(featuring King Malachi, Arsonal Da Rebel, Hussein Fatal, Tony Atlanta & Krayzie Bone)
James Wade
"Go Back"
(featuring Deuce Deuce of Concrete Mob)
Savvy So Fly
"Northern California"
(featuring Gage Gully)
Jae Synth
"Loyalty Don't Exist"
(featuring Gage Gully)
"Fast Life / AmeriCanadian Dream"
(featuring Deuce Deuce)
Savvy So Fly
"Music Ease the Pain"
(featuring Gage Gully)
Jae Synth
"Curve Ball"
(DJ Fresh featuring Mozzy, D Stax & Young Noble)
"My Way"
(featuring Gage Gully, Yukmouth)
"Depend on Me"
(featuring Deuce 22 & Kardinal Offishall)
Savvy So Fly
"Never Snitch"
(Tha Infamous $ featuring Young Noble)
Jae Synth
(featuring Gage Gully & Crooked I)
"Smoke Tha Pain Out"
(featuring Rip The General)
RemRod Films
(featuring Gage Gully & Shawnna)
Tha Razor
"Secrets of Life"
(Marc Scratch featuring Young Noble)
Jae Synth
"If U Want It (Go Get It)"
(Marc Scratch featuring Young Noble)
"Money and Power"
(Young Mike featuring Young Noble)
(featuring Gage Gully & Krayzie Bone)
Tha Razor