Young Radicals of the Left

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Young Radicals of the Left
Jeunes Radicaux de Gauche
Chairperson Géraldine Guilpain
Treasurer Clémentine-Audrey Simonnet
Secretary General Robin Lagarrigue
Headquarters Paris
Ideology Social Liberalism
Center left
Mother party Radical Party of the Left
International affiliation International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY)
European affiliation European Liberal Youth (LYMEC)[1]

The Young Radicals of the Left (French: Jeunes Radicaux de Gauche abbreviated as JRG), are the youth organisation of the French social-liberal Radical Party of the Left. In opposition to its common understanding of its name, the YRL are a moderate centre-left political party.

The party gathers members under 30 years of age all throughout France.


It is led by its President elected for 2 years by all members of the party. The President itself appoints six members of the National Board and furthermore, the President also appoints National Officers. Since May 2008, the party organises itself autonomously within the Radical Party of the Left.

National Board[edit]

  • President: Yanis MALLION[2]
  • Vice-President: Benjamin SATGE
  • Vice-President: Nicolas SAUZEAT
  • Vice-President: Noémie VERAQUIN
  • General Secretary: Clémentine-Audrey SIMONNET
  • Deputy General Secretary: Anaïs SALABERT
  • Treasurer: Axel BOSSY

National Officers[edit]

The Young Radicals of the Left have 12 National Officers.

National Council[edit]

The national council is the sovereign body of the Young Radicals of the Left and gathers the 7 members of the National Board, the 12 National Officers, Regional Delegates and members who are representing the YRL in various institutions.

Former presidents[edit]

Jean-Francois AUDUC (1973), Jean-Pierre MATTEI (1976-1977), Jean-Maurice DUVAL (1977-1978), Daniel SEJOURNE (1980-1981), Bruno MARTIN (1981-1984), Daniel GUERIN (1984-1986), Jean-Marc AMBROSINI (1986-1987), Thierry BRAILLARD (1987-1991), Julien DUQUENNE (2002-2005), Olivier MAILLEBUAU (2005-2010), Sandra-Elise REVIRIEGO (2010-2012), Selim-Alexandre ARRAD-BAUDEAN (2012-2014), Géraldine GUILPAIN (2014-2016)


International affiliations[edit]

The YRL are full members of the International Federation of Liberal Youth (IFLRY) and associate members of the LYMEC since 2013.[3] A member of the YRL was elected President of the LYMEC in 1994.

International Officers[edit]

  • Since 2014 : Yanis Malion (Vice-President in charge of external relationships)
  • 2012-2014 : Olympio Kyprianou
  • 2010-2012 : Nasha Gagnebin
  • 2008-2010 : Romain Rocher
  • 2008 : Sandra-Elise Reviriego
  • 2006-2008 : Michel Lejeune-Mengwang
  • 2006 : Caroline Gillet

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