Young Women's Christian Association of the Philippines

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Young Women's Christian Association of the Philippines
Young Women's Christian Association
Coordinates14.584560, 120.990358
Mrs. Lila A. Fariñas
National Executive Director
Mrs. Neriza B. Llena

The Young Women's Christian Association of the Philippines (YWCA of the Philippines) is a member of World YCWA, a global network of women that leads social and economic change in more than 120 countries all over the world. It advocates for peace, justice, human rights and care for the environment, raising the status of women for more than a 100 years. The movement was established in the Philippines in 1926.


What is now the National YWCA owes its roots to two groups in England, composed of God-Fearing and humanitarian women with Christian vision who sought to work for the physical, moral and spiritual welfare of women as its initial purpose. One group consisted of zealous women who began to meet as an evangelical prayer group by studying the Bible, and praying earnestly for the destitute, those in distress, as well as the forgotten.

The Crimean war and the Industrial Revolution, on the other hand provided the impetus of setting for the formation of another group, consisting of women who addressed themselves to the dire need of providing lodging for nurses returning from the Crimean War and for women and girls who lefty their homes for the factories to pioneer in work heretofore assigned to men.

Learning of their allied concern for women's amelioration, these two dedicated groups agreed to consolidate their efforts for a common cause, heeding the Biblical precept that "all things work together for good to them that love the Lord."

In the Philippines, a similar interest group became the nucleus of the YWCA movement in the country when in 1921, under the leadership of Mrs. Felicisima Balgos Barza who had contact with the Honolulu YWCA, formed the Time Investment Club. The YWCA of Manila was formally organized in October 1926. The first honorary president was Mrs. Aurora A. Quezon.

The organization of the Baguio and San Pablo YWCAs took place in 1946-47, propelling the YWCA into a national movement and initiating the holding of its first National Convention in 1948. This led to the recognized need for forming an umbrella organization, which consequently became the YWCA of the Philippines, conceived to serve as a coordinating body for organized local clubs that had begun to proliferate with varied programs to meet membership needs and interests.

The YWCA of the Philippines was admitted as a corresponding member of the World YWCA during the World Council Meeting in Hanchow, China in 1948 and was taken in as an active member at the World Council meeting in Beirut, Lebanon in 1951. It is linked with other National YWCAs in about 100 countries around the world through the World YWCA whose headquarters is in Geneva, Switzerland. Its policy making is vested on a17 member National Council headed by the President while the national staff headed by the National Executive Director does the implementation work.

The YWCA is at work in the Philippines through groups such as the Y-Buds who is elementary school girls; Y-teens organized in secondary schools, Student Y organized in colleges and universities. Young Professionals and the Adult Y'ers.

There is also the Community Youth Club whose members could either be in school or out-of-school.

National Council Officers 2018-2020[edit]

National President: Mrs. Lilia A. Fariñas
Vice President for Administration & Management: Ms. Maria Corazon M. Francisco
Vice President for Program & Membership: Mrs. Erly G. Datario
Vice President for Finance: Mrs. Fatima E. Tizon
Secretary: Mrs. Claudine V. Dapatnapo
Assistant Secretary: Mrs. Rizza B. Zambarrano - Young Woman
Treasurer: Mrs. Sonnybeth G. Gracela
Assistant Treasurer: Mrs. Nanette L. Abuan
P.R.O: Ms. Melody A. Marfil

National Executive Director: Mrs. Neriza B. Llena

National Council Members[edit]

Ms. Jeweelyn R. Cadavos - Young Woman
Ms. Jessica M. Deboton - Young Woman
Ms. Judy Ann M. Deboton - Young Woman
Ms. Niña Crista Mae I. Jaro - Young Woman
Mrs. Edith R. Membila