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Temporal range: Late Cretaceous
Fossil Dinosaur Eggs- Youngoolithus xiagusnensis.jpg
Eggs in Henan Geological Museum
Egg fossil classification edit
Basic shell type: Dinosauroid-spherulitic
Oofamily: Youngoolithidae
Zhang, 2010
Oogenus: Youngoolithus
Zhao, 1979
  • Youngoolithus xiaguanensis

Youngoolithus is an oogenus of dinosaur egg.[1] It is the sole member of the oofamily Youngoolithidae, and consists of a single oospecies: Youngoolithus xiaguanensis. It consists of a single fossil nest of 16 eggs with an associated dinosaur footprint that was first discovered in 1975 near Houzhuang Village, Henan Province, in the Cretaceous Xiaguan Basin. The eggs are smooth, olive-shaped, and arranged in five rows. It was originally described as being a Faveoloolithid egg, however the nest is arranged quite differently than other members of that family, so it has been moved to its own oofamily, Youngoolithidae.[2][3]


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