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Younilife is a social networking website created by and designed for students in the UK. Its purpose is to provide students with a voice to express any opinions or concerns they may have over the UK higher education system. In addition Younilife contains news and information relating to student life and the local community.[1]


2002 – Present[edit]

The idea behind Younilife was conceived during creator Hagen C. M.'s time at University between 2002 and 2007; while Younilife was officially established in Autumn 2007.

It began in 2002 when Hagen C.M. discovered a lack of firsthand information available on universities and student life – making his own decision difficult. Then while attending University, he felt that students were excluded from the important decisions which affected them despite the amounts of money and time they would invest towards the institution.

As part of the final project of a Master's degree in Brand Development, Younilife was officially established in Autumn 2007. Initially the website only featured a reviews feature, which allowed users to rate their universities. The aim was to give students an outlet to voice their opinions and share them with others; an alternative to a university's own promotional material.[2] In the following months Younilife was further developed, with the addition of social networking and a refined user interface.

By the end of 2008 Younilife had evolved into an all-in-one UK student website which included the latest student news; a student music guide; information on the local community; a what’s on guide; accommodation information; an e-library, and more.

As of Summer 2009 Younilife has approximately 700 registered members and offers nationwide coverage with the exception of the #Snoop feature, which focuses in the South West, UK – Younilife’s HQ. It is now developing new features and a second launching is expected during September 2009 in preparation for the new academic year.


The "graffiti" Younilife logo was used to establish the website in 2007.

The second Younilife logo incorporated the legendary Che Guevara image. This was used mainly for various promotional purposes rather than on the website.

The current Younilife logo.

Website features[edit]

Rate Your Uni[edit]

Students have the opportunity to evaluate the universities they have attended across a number of criteria. The reviews consist of a 10-star rating system accompanied by a comments section for each criterion. Students are encouraged to be as honest and fair as possible so that all reviews are personal experiences made for sharing.

Student News[edit]

Younilife collects and shares all the latest news relating to students in the UK. The news consists of everything from government policies on the education system to human interest stories.

Student music[edit]

Student bands and artists can create profiles on Younilife to promote themselves; while other students can discover the music scene around them. The profiles allow viewers to listen to the music and view gig listings. Users of the site can rate the bands/artists according to a five star system that results in a “Student Charts”.

Student Websites[edit]

Students and recent graduates can advertise their own websites on Younilife for free.[3] This section is aimed at helping students succeed no matter what their goals are.

Hot Or Not[edit]

Hot Or Not is the social networking portion of Younilife. Students can create profiles, enabling them to blog and stay in contact with each other. In addition, they can upload (Younilife approved) photos of themselves, which can be rated by other registered members. The top rankings of these ratings can be viewed.


Snoop is Younilife’s guide to events in the local area. Users can ‘snoop’ around their city to see what is happening in Bars, Clubs, and Shops. Local businesses can post news to keep students updated, and they can also offer special deals. As of July 2009, Snoop focuses on the Bath and Bristol area. Additional major city coverage is in development.

Take Aways[edit]

Through a partnership with Just-Eat, Younilife allows students to search for the nearest eateries and place online orders for delivery.

Pic Of The Day[edit]

Everyday a picture of interest is shown on Younilife. Pictures may be astonishing, funny, mysterious, serious, or culturally significant.

Video Of The Week[edit]

Similar to Pic Of The Day, where a video of interest is shown every week.


Through a partnership with Bookboon, Younilife’s e-Library allows students to download up to 120 academic books for free. The library covers a wide variety of subjects; everything from business management to nanotechnology is available.

Useful Links[edit]

Any websites that may benefit students are hosted here. Sites include those for career advice, cheap flight tickets, student discounts, and much more.



Younilife is a source for students to network both professionally and socially. Registered users can promote their work through the Student Websites section; create band/artist profiles in the Student Music section; and also interact with each other through Hot Or Not. Non-registered users are limited in their interaction but are still able to view the majority of content.


Local businesses can advertise on the website in a variety of ways. For instance on Snoop, businesses can post updates on any events and specials offers they are holding. Younilife also works with local businesses to produce new features.


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Official Website: Younilife