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Younus AlGohar (یونس الگوھر)
Possible (4).JPG
Younus AlGohar in London, 2006
Born (1970-06-16) 16 June 1970 (age 45)
Karachi, Pakistan
Other names Sayyedi (Honourable), AlGohar, Mohammad Younus
Alma mater Manchester University, Cambridge University
Organization Messiah Foundation International, Mehdi Foundation International, Kalki Avatar Foundation
Awards 'Man of Valour', 'Universal Peace Ambassador'

Younus AlGohar (یونس الگوھر, born Mohammad Younus; 16 June 1970) is a co-founder of Messiah Foundation International (also known as Kalki Avatar Foundation and Mehdi Foundation International), a spiritual organisation claiming that Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi is the Messiah (Mahdi) and which also advocates Shahi's mystical teachings.[1] He is known for authoring the books Mysterious Horizons – Beyond God (2007), and Nisāb-e-Mehdi (2010)

AlGohar was featured in an article by the Lakbima newspaper[2] and was interviewed by the Sri Lankan newspaper, The Island.[3] He was featured by Your Local Guardian in 2009.[4] He was also interviewed by various Sri Lankan media in 2011 and 2012, including The Sunday Leader[5][6] and the Island.[7][8] He was covered by Tamil language newspapers and television stations.[9][10][11][12] In addition, he was invited by the Brahma Kumaris to speak on 'The Call of Time' in Sri Lanka[13][14] and by Good Morning Sri Lanka to discuss spirituality.[15] AlGohar was also invited by TNL TV in Sri Lanka to explain the message of Kalki Avatar Foundation.[16] During his tour of Sri Lanka in December 2013, he was interviewed on TNL TV again[17] and spoke on ITN Prime TV's Face On.[18] His visit was also covered by national Tamil-language newspapers.[19][20] AlGohar's comments on the Malaysian court ruling regarding the prohibition of the word 'Allah' for non-Muslims were published in Free Malaysia Today in January and February 2014.[21][22] In Phoenix, Arizona, he was interviewed by Asia Today about his beliefs, Shahi and Messiah Foundation International.[23]


Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi and Younus AlGohar during a program in the UK

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, AlGohar grew up practicing Islamic Sufism. He met Gohar Shahi at the age of 15 and spent 24 years as a close disciple, until Shahi's disappearance in 2001.[24] AlGohar was named an "Ambassador for Peace" by the Universal Peace Federation in 2005. He studied at Karachi University, Manchester University and Cambridge University.

Messiah Foundation International[edit]

RAGS International although founded by Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi in 1980, was renamed in 2000 as Messiah Foundation International. The first centre for MFI was established in London, which is also the headquarters of MFI.[3][5] The organisation has grown to include centres in Canada, USA, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia, India, Greece, Thailand, Bangladesh, Taiwan and Pakistan and Nepal.[6][25][26]

Beliefs and views[edit]

Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi and Younus AlGohar at an event held in USA, 1999

AlGohar considers himself a "devout servant" of Shahi who practices "The Religion of God", which AlGohar says Shahi has introduced to humanity. According to AlGohar, he believes in all the Prophets, the Messengers and the saints regardless of their religion. He asserts that he does not reject or hate any religion but believes that the spiritual system in all religions, which helped humanity find God, has diminished due to modifications in the religions.[4][9][27][28] According to him, his goals include preaching spirituality irrespective of religious or cultural boundaries, revolutionising humanity by reviving spiritual insight,[6][23] establishing inner and outer peace, eliminating hatred from society, enlightening hearts with divine energy,[23] and heralding the second coming of Jesus Christ and Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi.[5] He has openly challenged Islamic Scholars to have "a healthy debate on this topic should it arise a theological reservation among the minds of petty scholars." In particular, AlGohar has challenged Tahir-ul-Qadri to debates on spirituality, saints, Imam Mehdi and Islam.[29] AlGohar also controversially declares that the world is in the end times.[30]

Malaysian Court Ruling[edit]

AlGohar heavily criticised the October 2013 Malaysian court ruling banning non-Muslims from using the word, 'Allah'. He accused the judges who made the decision of being 'highly ignorant, shortsighted and prejudiced.'[21] He argued that to confine Allah to Islam was to suggest that the God of Muslims was different from the God of all others and that that it was shirk.[21][22]

Prosecution and Persecution[edit]

The Pakistani government has instigated numerous cases of blasphemy against AlGohar, although details on how he blasphemed have not been specified. According to Pakistan's blasphemy law, if he were to return to Pakistan he would face a life sentence for blasphemy.

Many attempts were made on the lives of Gohar Shahi and Younus AlGohar including a petrol bomb thrown into AlGohar's residence in Manchester, where Shahi stayed when he toured the United Kingdom.[31][32]

During Imran Khan's August 2014 rally against electoral fraud in Pakistan's 2013 elections, AlGohar was a vocal supporter. AlGohar's support of Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf was a matter of controversy in the Pakistani media, drawing comments from Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas, who alleged on Bolta Pakistan that AlGohar was funding Imran Khan's campaign and conspiring against Pakistan.[33] Immediately after the episode was aired, Mehdi Foundation International posted AlGohar's video response on their YouTube channel, in which AlGohar stated that he had no affiliation with Imran Khan, but was rather hoping for justice.[34] Shireen Mazari soon issued a statement distancing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf from AlGohar.[35] AlGohar later withdrew his support of Imran Khan.[36]


Name of Book In Urdu Translation Year of Publication Content
Rukhsār-e-Riaz رخسار ریاض The Face of Riaz 2002 Poetry
Malfoozāt-e-Mehdi ملفوظات مہدی Sayings Pertaining to the Mehdi 2002 Educational Book
Dastoor-e-Riaz دستور ریاض The Riazian Constitution 2002 Educational Book
Mysterious Horizons – Beyond God 2007 Educational Book
Nisāb-e-Mehdi نصاب مہدی The Chapter of the Mehdi 2010 Educational Book
Imam um Mubeen امام مّبین The Elusid Imam 2012 Educational Book


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