Your Body Sub Atomic

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Your Body Sub Atomic
Stakker Humanoid 2007 - Your Body sub atomic cover.jpg
Studio album by Humanoid
Released 19 November 2007 (UK)
Length 82:37
Producer Brian Dougans
The Future Sound of London chronology
Your Body Sub Atomic
By Any Other Name (2007)
"Flash booklet"
"Front cover" of the flash booklet that came with the download. Note the volume control for the looping ambient music that plays whilst you read it.

Your Body Sub Atomic is a 20th anniversary remix album of the Stakker Humanoid release and other tracks by Brian Dougans; the remixes are by both new and established artist's and DJ's. The digital download comes with an Adobe flash liner "booklet" (with a looping ambient track) detailing the title tracks story and the remixers, it also comes with a high quality video of the "Feadz 2007 Mix" in .m4v format.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. 3am and Feeling OK (9:09)
    • Remix - King Roc
  2. Broken Machine (Legiac Mix) (6:23)
    • Remix - Legiac
  3. Body Electric (Graham Massey Mix) (6:00)
    • Remix - Graham Massey
  4. Stakker Humanoid (Feadz 2007 Mix) (4:01)
    • Remix - Feadz
  5. Stakker Humanoid (Kouncilhouse Remix) (6:10)
  6. 1.0.1 (3:07)
  7. Static Motioned (Cane Mix) (4:57)
    • Remix - Cane
  8. Deep Rooted (King Roc Mix) (7:15)
    • Remix - King Roc
  9. Stakker Humanoid (James Talk Mix) (8:04)
    • Remix - James Talk
  10. "Acid To The Bone" (11:10)
  11. XO Thermic (Pirate Robot Midget Mix) (4:33)
    • Remix - Pirate Robot Midget
  12. "Negative Electron" (2:43)
  13. Stakker Humanoid (The X-Tra Mix) (4:04)
  14. Stakker 300 (Stakker Humanoid) (4:56)
    • Remix - Scan X
  15. Stakker Humanoid (Feadz Rmx Trailer) (1:25)


  • Humanoid et al. written, produced by Brian Dougans.
  • Remixes as stated above.


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