Your Choice Live Series Vol.10

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Your Choice Live Series Vol.10
Your Choice Live Series Vol.10.jpg
Live album by
RecordedMay 4, 1990
LabelYour Choice
ProducerTobby Holzinger
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Your Choice Live Series Vol.10

Your Choice Live Series Vol.10 is a live album by Scream released in 1990 through Your Choice Records. It was recorded live at the Oberhaus in Alzey, Germany on May 4, 1990.

The band also performed the song "A No Money Down" that was left off this album and appears on the It's Your Choice compilation.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "C.W.W. (Part II)"
  2. "I.C.Y.U.O.D."
  3. "The Zoo Closes"
  4. "Hot Smoke and Sasafrass"
  5. "Fight"
  6. "American Justice"
  7. "Show and Tell"
  8. "Sunmaker"
  9. "No Escape"
  10. "Take It from the Top"
  11. "Dancing Madly Backwards"
  12. "Hit Me"
Pete Stahl (Scream) -recording a live album in Germany (1990)