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Your Face is a 1987 animated short film by Bill Plympton. It involves a man seated in a chair crooning about the face of his lover, and as he sings, his own face starts to distort in various ways. Along with several other shorts by Bill Plympton, it was also aired on MTV's Liquid Television.

The vocals were that of Maureen McElheron, known for composing the songs in The Tune, also by Bill Plympton. After the song was recorded, it was slowed by one-third, giving the desired and unusual effect, also making the voice more masculine. His face is distorted into many different shapes, such as a balloon, a cube and an ice cream cone.

The song is all original, made specifically for this short film, and the lyrics depict a metaphorical description of someone's face by using musical vocabulary to describe the beauty of their features.

The short received a nomination for Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 60th Academy Awards.

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