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This article is about the Singaporean drama. For the song by Explosions in the Sky, see The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place.
Your Hand In Mine
Created by Rebecca Leow 洪汐
Written by Rebecca Leow 洪汐
Zhang Liangxing 张亮星
Wu Cuicui 吴翠翠
Chen Disheng 陈迪笙
Directed by Edmund Tse 谢益文
Starring Huang Wenyong
Chen Liping
Yvonne Lim
Cai Peixuan
Belinda Lee
Opening theme 1)想握你的手 by 迷路兵 Milubing
2)想握你的手 by 苏智城 Cavin Soh
Ending theme 1) 想握你的手 by 曾咏霖 Teresa Tseng
2)只要你微笑 by 迷路兵 Milubing
3)逞强 by 曾咏霖 Teresa Tseng
4) 反方向 by 插班生
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) Chinese
No. of episodes 180
Producer(s) He Faming 何法明
Running time approx. 45 minutes per episode
Original network MediaCorp TV Channel 8
Original release 9 November 2009 – 16 July 2010
Preceded by Welcome Home, My Love
Followed by The Spirits of Love
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Your Hand In Mine
Traditional Chinese 想握你的手
Simplified Chinese 想握你的手

Your Hand In Mine (Chinese: 想握你的手) was a long-running drama that was produced by Singapore's free-to-air channel, MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It was the longest local drama that had been produced by Mediacorp to date, with 180 episodes. Originally dubbed as the 2010 version of the acclaimed 2003 serial Holland V, it starred the veterans Chen Liping and Huang Wenyong with Yvonne Lim, Belinda Lee & Cai Peixuan

It was also the first Mediacorp production to be filmed entirely at outdoor locations like Lentor and Tanjong Katong and the second to be filmed in high definition after The Ultimatum.

The drama started airing at the 7 pm primetime slot from 9 November 2009 and ended its run on 16 July 2010. The drama has had acquired a loyal following since its November 2009 debut and some viewers had requested MediaCorp to extend the drama to 200 episodes and beyond.

This drama is also a mid-year blockbuster for 2010 (from episodes 91-180).

This drama will be encored on weekends at 4.30pm from 17 March 2012 onwards, with some episodes of 1-90 and the entire episodes of 91-180 rated PG. The repeat telecast will be pre-empted for a few variety specials during episodes 1-90.

"Chit Chat Club"[edit]

Before an episode, a three-minute so-called short clip called "Chit Chat Club" (叽喳棺), an appetizer for viewers to make viewers maybe tickle their funny bone.

2009 Opening Sequence[edit]

The sequence starts with Zheng Shanguo, Huang Wenyong & Zhang Yuxiang, Chen Liping and it changes to 3 of their daughters the hot - tempered, Zheng Aizhen, Yvonne Lim , Cleaniess Freak, Zheng Aishan, Belinda Lee and slowcoach, Zheng Aimei, Cai Peixuan.It changes to Zheng Shuigo's Mother, Hong Damu and her youngest son Zheng Shuiguo, Yao Wenlong, and Guan Quimei, Jess Tong who just being released from prison and it shows the members of Li Family of Lan Jinyi, Jin Yinji with her bed ridden husband Li Jianzhou, Liang Tian and 2 grandchildren, Li Liqin, Shaun Chen and Li Lifen, Paige Chua. It shows other casts, Fang Kai, Pierce Png, Wu Youli, Cavin Soh, Joanne Peh, Wu Youqing, Yue Guang, Zhang Yaodong, Roland, Adam Chen, Zen Zhou, Lynn Poh and many others. The scene starts with the Zheng Family move into a bungalow with a surprised guests their neighbour Wu Youli. It changes to 899 Coffeeshop with Dried Chilli, Patricia Mok throw food at her husband Hongzhong, Duan Weiming and Yuxiang and Shanguo stop her from throwing a bowl. Shuiguo helps to bring business to 899 Coffeeshop and Shuiguo is a cook that make everyone surprised and he accident my tore Quimei Skirt and Yuxiang is at the coffeeshop very excited. Everyone eating at the coffeeshop and barbecue at the Zheng Family which a fire broke out . It shows that how close Youqing and her brother how close they were and the Lim Family .There were some quarrels with Aizhen and Fang Kai while Liqin show a deep hatered for Guan Quimei which killed her husband. While bit of conflict with Youqing and Yue Guang and it shows Aizhen, Aimei, Aishan, Liqin and Yuxiang staring at the sky and Aimei kisses Yue Guang. While Yuxiang confronting Wu Youli with Aishan.Zen and Roland hugging and changes to Aizhen and Fang Kai kissing in the rain while Aimei and Yue Guang holding hands kiss while Aizhen in Fang Kai arms .Lifen holding her Mum hands while her family push her out of the house and Lifen saves her from the accident and she hugs Lifen in tears while Fang Kai mum slapped Zen. While Fang Kai practice with His dad and the Zheng Family are sitted together.

2010 Opening Sequence[edit]

The scene shows a wedding of Liqin and Aizhen. While everyone disapprove of Quimei idea and H20 ask Xiaoxi to join him and H20 practise Judo with Fang Kai while Youqing hug Fang Kai and Aizhen Kisses Liqin and Youqing and Youli bid farewell to Yue Guang. Qiaomei ask Ah Bing to forgive her son Shuiguo while Lifen ignores her mum and Jianzhou passes away in his sleep. While Bai Shuixian competes in an eating contest while Fang Kai Carries her and Lifen and Roland tries out a wedding gown. Everyone starts hugging. Ligen cares for her mum and Fang Kai 's dad care for Zen but Jinlian was killed in an accident by Shuixian's Dad. Zhang Yaodong is sitting in the shower. It changes to everyone hugging and crying.Liqin throw a drink on his mum. It shows a fight of Dezhu and Shuihuo for Quimei. While Yuxianh and Youli are in the house with her newborn son. The scene ended when Xiaoqi passes her examinations.

Synopsis beginning[edit]

The Zheng family lives in a five-room HDB flat in Bishan. It comprises the money-minded eldest son Zheng Shanguo (Huang Wenyong), his materialistic wife Zhang Yuxiang (Chen Liping), and his daughters, the hot-tempered Aizhen (Yvonne Lim), the hypochondriac Aishan (Belinda Lee) and the slow and simple Aimei (Cai Peixuan). The other two occupants of the flat are Shanguo's elderly mother Lu Qiaomei (Hong Damu), who is always armed with a plan for every situation, and Shanguo's wayward younger brother, Shuiguo (Yao Wenlong). The Zheng family runs a coffeeshop with two outlets, one in Bishan and the other in Jurong West.

Living directly opposite them is the Li family, which comprises the bedridden Jianzhou (Liang Tian), his wife Jinyin (Jin Yinji), and their grandchildren Liqin (Shuan Chen) and Lifen (Paige Chua). They had moved to Bishan from Bukit Merah a decade ago to begin a new life after the murder of Jianzhou's son by his wife Qiumei (Jue Xi). Liqin had been at odds with Aizhen for a long time and they never fail to bicker when they meet. Jinyin is a gambler, and she had raised Liqin and Lifen with her earnings from her mahjong games, earning her the nickname 'Granny Mahjong'. Liqin and Jinyin are both very protective of Lifen, and she knows nothing about the murder of her father. She had been told from an early age that her parents had died in a fire.

Soon, Aizhen meets Fang Kai (Pierre Png), a rich young man who preferred to keep his immense wealth secret. Fang Kai is Liqin's best friend in university, and Aizhen tries to get more information about Fang Kai through him. Aizhen meets Fang Kai again on the set of Lifen's short film. Fang Kai poses as part of the middle class, but in fact is the son of the magnate Jason Fang. Jason is married to Janet, but the love between them has long gone. They pretend to be a happy family for the cameras, but this changes when Janet slaps Zen (Lynn Poh), a widowed film producer, who threatens to sue her. The case is later withdrawn.

Qiumei is released from prison and tries to find her family. In the process, she manages to get a job at 899, which Shanguo runs. She eventually meets her family after information from a friendly police officer, Lin Hanwen (Huang Shinan), but she is kicked out by Jinyin and Liqin, much to the horror of Qiaomei and Aizhen. They decide to take her in, but it is not long after that she is fired by Yuxiang when she learns that Qiumei was a convicted murderer.


Zheng Family[edit]

Actor Role Description
Huang Wenyong Zheng Shanguo (郑山国) Pop (老豆)
Aizhen, Aishan, Aimei and Weiren's father
Yuxiang's husband
Qiaomei's eldest son
Chen Liping Zhang Yuxiang (张玉香) Christmas Tree (圣诞树)
Aizhen, Aishan, Aimei and Weiren's mother
Shanguo's wife
Youli's friend
Yvonne Lim Zheng Aizhen(郑爱真) Idoit (火箭鬼)
Yuxiang and Shanguo's eldest daughter
Liqin's wife
Fang Kai's former girlfriend
Television newscaster
Yang Yan's enemy
Xiaolong's mother
Li Lifen's Love Rival
Belinda Lee Zheng Aishan (郑爱善) Yuxiang and Shanguo's second daughter
Co-owner of 899 Cafe
Youli's wife
Cai Peixuan Zheng Aimei (郑爱美) Slowcoach (慢三排)
Yuxiang and Shanguo's youngest daughter
Yue Guang's friend
Co-owner of 899 Cafe
4D's wife
Likes Yue Guang
Wu Youqing's Love Rival
Yao Wenlong Zheng Shuiguo (郑水国)
Aunt Suanmei (酸梅姨)
Shui (啊水)
Shanguo's brother
Qiaomei's youngest son
Qiumei's second husband
Hong Damu Lu Qiaomei (卢巧妹) Shanguo and Shuiguo's mother
Jinyin's friend
In a relationship with Uncle Rojak
Chen Xijie Zheng Weiren (鄭偉仁) Shanguo and Yuxiang's son
Cavin Soh Wu Youli (吴有礼) See Wu family.
Hayden Hee 4D
Zhu Zhongfeng (朱仲峰)
See 899 Coffee Shop.
Jess Teong Guan Qiumei (关秋梅) See Li family.

Li family[edit]

Actor Role Description
Shaun Chen Li Liqin (李立勤) Main Villain
Jerk (讨厌鬼)
Qiumei's son
Previous CEO of JZ Production Company
Aizhen's husband
Xiaolong's father
Fangkai's buddy
Felicia Fang's ex-girlfriend
Murdered Zen
Deceased - falling off from the building with Yue Guang
Fang Kai's Love Rival
Paige Chua Li Lifen (李立芬) Director (大导演)
Qiumei's daughter
Roland's wife
Film director
Likes Fang Kai
Zheng Aizhen's Love Rival
Jin Yinji Lan Jinyin (蓝金银) Granny Mahjong (神婆)
Liqin and Lifen's grandmother
Jianzhou's wife
Liang Tian Li Jianzhou (李建舟) Jinyin's husband
Liqin and Lifen's grandfather
Deceased - Died in his Sleep
Jess Teong Guan Qiumei (关秋梅) Sour Plum (酸梅)
Liqin and Lifen's mother
Dezhu's assistant
Shuiguo's wife
Yvonne Lim Zheng Aizhen(郑爱真) See Zheng family.
Adam Chen Roland See Yue family.
Yao Wenlong Zheng Shuiguo (郑水国) See Zheng family.

Wu family[edit]

Actor Role Description
Cavin Soh Wu Youli (吴有礼) Freak (怪胎)
Youqing's brother
Rag-and-bone man (Karung-guni)
Aishan's husband
Jinlian's son
Bai Shouye's biological son
Likes Ah Bing's
Joanne Peh Wu Youqing (吴有情) Ice Queen (走路的冰)
Youli's sister
Yue Guang's former fiancee
Fang Kai's wife
Jinlian's daughter
Bai Shouye's biological daughter
Zheng Aimei's Love Rival
Belinda Lee Zheng Aishan (郑爱善) See Zheng family.
Pierre Png Fang Kai (方楷) See Fang family.
Joanne Peh Liu Jinlian (刘金莲) Bai Shouye's former wife
Youqing and Youli's mother
Dried Chilli's friend
Yue Guang's friend
Deceased - Knock down with Youqing by Bai Shouye

Yue family[edit]

Actor Role Description
Zhang Yaodong Yue Guang (岳光) Dr Yeah
Roland's uncle
Jinlian's friend
Youqing's former fiance
Aimei 's Love Interest
Deceased - falling of the building with Li Liqin
Fang Kai's Love Rival
Adam Chen Roland Yue Guang's nephew
Lifen's husband
Zen's former boyfriend
H20's guardian

Fang family[edit]

Actor Role Description
Pierre Png Fang Kai (方楷) Toy Boy 小白脸
Jason and Janet's son
Felicia's brother
Aizhen's former boyfriend
Youqing's husband
Xiaolong's godfather
Chairman of JZ Production Company
Lifen's Love Interest
Li Liqin's Love Rival
Yue Guang's Love Rival
Chen Shucheng Jason Fang (Jason方) Fang Kai and Felicia's father
Janet's husband
Zen's former admirer
He Jie Janet Fang (Janet方) Jason's wife
Fang Kai's mother
Felicia's stepmother
Sharon Wong Felicia Fang (Felicia方) Jason and Janet's daughter
Liqin's ex-girlfriend

899 Coffee Shop[edit]

Actor Role Description
Cai Peixuan Zheng Aimei (郑爱美) See Zheng family.
Huang Wenyong Zheng Shanguo (郑山国) See Zheng family.
Chen Liping Zhang Yuxiang (张玉香) See Zheng family.
Haden Hee 4D
Zhu Zhongfeng (朱仲峰)
Aimei's husband
Worker at 899 Coffee Shop
Patricia Mok Dried Chilli (辣椒干) VILLAIN
Hongzhong's former wife
Yuxiang and Shanguo's former employee
Jinlian's friend
Runs a chain of Penang Laksa stores
Yuxiang's friend
Chen Huihui Quan Sao (全嫂) Yuxiang and Shanguo's former employee
Quan's ex-wife
Ah Ru, Ah Hui, and Ah Xiang's mother
In a relationship with Sotong Chen
Duan Weiming Hongzhong (洪中) Dried Chilli's former husband
Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
Jinyin's friend
Tissue paper seller
Foyce Le Wei Wei (薇薇) Masseur
Hongzhong's mistress
Asmiyah Bte Asbah Wati Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
Uncredited Param Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
Married in India
Uncredited Orbit Obiang's sister
Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
Dezhu's admirer
Uncredited Obiang Orbit's sister
Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
Dezhu's admirer
Yun Changling Uncle Rojak (Rojak叔) Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
In a relationship with Qiaomei
Uncredited Auntie Chicken Rice (鸡饭嫂) Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee, Runs a chicken rice stall in 899.
Uncredited Sotong Chen (Sotong陈) Shanguo and Yuxiang's former employee
In a relationship with Quan Sao

Lin Family[edit]

Actor Role Description
Pan Lingling Dolly Lin (林多利) Hanwen's wife
Yuxiang's friend
Zen's best friend
Minxing's agent
President of the Women's Club
Xiaodong,Xiaoxi and Xiaonan's mother
Dedao's former girlfriend
Huang Shinan Lin Hanwen 林汉文 Inspector Crybaby (爱哭Baby警官) Duoli's husband
Police officer
Xiaodong,Xiaonan and Xiaoxi's father
Shuixian's former boyfriend
Chen Xingyu Lin Xiaonan (林小南) Duoli and Hanwen's son
Xiaoxi's brother
Ah Ru's friend
Leron Heng Lin Xiaoxi (林小西) Duoli and Hanwen's daughter
Xiaonan's sister
In relationship with H2O
Uncredited Lin Xiaodong (林小东) Duoli and Hanwen's eldest son
Hit by Han Wen (car accident)

Supporting cast[edit]

Actor Role Description
Joshua Ang H20
Gao Yongjun (高勇俊)
Zen's stepson
Xiaoxi's friend
Shuixian's former student
Vice Chairman of JZ Production Company
Vice Chairman of Zen Production Company
Lynn Poh Zen Zhou (Zen周) H20's stepmother
Head of JZ Production Company
Head of Zen Production Company
Jason's business partner
Roland's former girlfriend
Duoli's friend
Deceased - Murdered by Liqin
Cassandra See Helen Yuxiang's best friend
Wallace Ang Nick Liqin's ex-colleague
Pamelyn Chee Ah Bing (阿冰) Superwoman
Auntie OK's daughter
Celest Chong Bai Shuixian (白水苋) Water Lily
H20 and Xiaoxi's former form teacher
Shouye's daughter
Youli and Youqing's half-sister
Hanwen's former girlfriend
Teaching in China
Wang Yuqing Zhao Dezhu (赵得柱) TCM practitioner
Dedao's brother
Qiumei's admirer
Wang Yuqing Zhao Dedao (赵得道) Gynecologist
Dezhu's brother
Duoli's former boyfriend
Zheng Yazhu Auntie Garbage (垃圾婆) Youli's godmother
Rag-and-bone woman (Karung-guni)
Ben's mother
Zhang Wei Bai Shouye (白守业) VILLAIN
Bai Shuixian's father
Xiaoke and Shuiguo's boss
Leader of a

Youqing and Youli's biological father

Minor cast[edit]

Actor Role Description
Kanny Theng May Yue Guang's former employee
Aimei's friend
Christie Wong Rose Aishan's former office competitor
Vina Lim Ah Ru (阿如) Quan Sao's daughter
Xiaonan's friend
Damus Lim Ah Hui (阿辉) Quan Sao's second son
Justin Peng Ah Xiang (阿祥) Quan Sao's eldest son
Lawrence Wong Ben Youqing's former pupil
Auntie Garbage's third son
Henry Heng PP Yeo Youqing's former boss
Ben's boss
Fangs' legal consultant
Le Yao Yang Yan (杨艳) Aizhen's rival
Television news reporter
Sun Yuhui Auntie OK (好姨) Ah Bing's mother
Died in an road accident
(Deceased - Episode 87-88)
Dawn Yeoh Duoli's foe Deceased
Silver Ang Dai Minxing (戴敏星) Duoli's protege
Seth Ang Xiaoke (小柯) Bai Shuixian's admirer
Bai Shouye's right-hand man
Shuiguo's former superior
Uncredited Maria Duoli and Hanwen's former maid
Zhang Wenxiang Ma Shengli (马胜利) Hong Kong film director
Wang Changli Mr. Han (韩主任) Aizhen's boss
Uncredited Li Xiaolong Aizhen and Liqin's son
Fang Kai's godson
Zhu Xiufeng Mdm. Gao (高老太太) H20's grandmother
Zen's mother-in-law
Mariana Annie Shanguo and Yuxiang's former maid
Uncredited Soldier Xiaoxi's former admirer


Song title Performer Type of Song
想握你的手 迷路兵 Milubing Theme Song (2009)
想握你的手 苏智城 Cavin Soh Theme Song (2010)
想握你的手 曾咏霖 Teresa Tseng Sub Theme Song
只要你微笑 迷路兵 Milubing Sub Theme Song
逞强 曾咏霖 Teresa Tseng Sub Theme Song
反方向 插班生 Sub Theme Song

Character bonds[edit]

Yuxiang and Shanguo[edit]

Yuxiang fancies a large bungalow at Lentor Plain, but Shanguo is miserly and refuses to even consider buying it. Yuxiang comes up with an elaborate scheme to persuade Shanguo to buy the house, and contacts Lin Duoli (Pan Lingling), her property agent friend, to help her. Eventually, they move into the bungalow, much to Qiaomei's disappointment. Shanguo decides to transfer ownership of the flat to Qiaomei and Shuiguo.

Duoli and Hanwen[edit]

Duoli is undergoing a divorce from Hanwen because Hanwen banged their 1st son(Xiao Dong)by accident.Ever since Duoli will not forget what Han Wen did in the past . They promise to keep this a secret from their children until Xiaoxi (Leron Heng), their eldest daughter, turns 18 and finishes her 'A' Level examinations. They continue to sleep in the same room to prevent their children from knowing anything. While packing, Xiaoxi finds out that her parents were divorced, but she keeps quiet, pretending not to know anything.

Yuxiang and Youli[edit]

Yuxiang moves into her new house and is happy with everything but her neighbours, the Wus- Youli (Cavin Soh) and Youqing (Joanne Peh). Youli is a rag-and-bone man who had gotten rich with his investments, while Youqing is a hot prospect in the legal world, a rising talent within PP Yeo's (Henry Heng) law firm. Yuxiang is always embroiled in quarrels with him, and they frequently threaten each other with lawsuits. Youli mocks Yuxiang for her branded clothing and accessories, calling her a 'Christmas Tree', and Yuxiang counters by giving Youli the nickname 'Weirdo'. Youli keeps a cloth around his neck at all times to hide his tumour. He refuses to have it removed as he is afraid of operations and hospitals.

Youqing, Fang Kai and Yue Guang[edit]

Youqing is cold on the exterior but is a warm person inside. She was kidnapped as a child and was trapped together with a young boy who had told her the story of the Tortoise Prince. This boy, as would be revealed later on in the series, was actually Fang Kai. In memory of the boy, she keeps several tortoises as pets. As a result of the trauma from the kidnapping experience, she develops claustrophobia and a general distrust towards men. She puts up a cold exterior in defense of her inner psychological scars. All this changes when she meets Yue Guang (Zhang Yaodong) a psychiatrist. She mistakes him for a pervert at first, but later falls in love with him. The feelings are mutual and they get together in a few weeks. Youli likes Yue Guang and places his stamp of approval on the relationship.

Aizhen and Fang Kai[edit]

Meanwhile, love blossoms between Aizhen and Fang Kai. Despite their frequent quarrels, they are deeply in love with each other. Fang Kai does not want to enter business like his father, instead deciding to run a LAN shop in a shopping centre. Yuxiang is greatly displeased with their relationship as she wants Aizhen to be with a rich man. Yuxiang thinks that Fang Kai is a gigolo and teams up with her friend Helen (Cassandra See) to sabotage their relationship. All of their attempts fail miserably.

It is not long before Yuxiang finds out about Fang Kai's real identity. She immediately endorses their relationship and Aizhen and Fang Kai can now continue their relationship openly. Lifen's friendship with Aizhen is marred when she briefly creates a love triangle between the couple, but Fang Kai has eyes only for Aizhen.

Aizhen is a job hopper who always has bad relationships with her superiors. But after meeting Yang Yan (Le Yao), a reporter, she decides to enter Clear Sky News Agency as a reporter as well. At the agency, she immediately has spats with Yang Yan and her cameraman, Ah Boon. They constantly collaborate to make trouble for Aizhen, but most of their plans are foiled. Aizhen gets the chance to appear of television, and Yuxiang is very proud of her, but is very disappointed when only her daughter's voice is heard.

More details will be given for...

  • Aishan and Youli
  • Aimei and 4D
  • Shuiguo and Qiumei

Viewership ratings[edit]

The drama did not fare very well in ratings. One reason is due to the fact that Korean Drama Cruel Temptation was running at the same time on Channel U which attracted many viewers.

The initial part of the drama attracted an average of 680,000 viewers, middle part 730,000 and above 800,000 towards the ending. At one time, the ratings plunged to a low of 400,000, making it the long-running drama produced by Mediacorp with the lowest ratings. Viewers of Your Hand In Mine suggested that Cruel Temptation should be aired in the weekend to fight head on with Taiwanese drama Love, instead of Glory of Family which was airing during weekends.


  • Haden Hee is the brother of Julian Hee, a Mediacorp artiste.
  • Joanne Peh played two roles in the serial, as daughter and mother Wu Youqing and Liu Jinlian. Wang Yuqing also plays two roles, as the twins Zhao Dezhu and Zhao Dedao.
  • The serial's first opening sequence ran from Episodes 1 to 90, while the second will run from Episode 91 to the finale (Episode 180).
  • The theme song of the serial has three different renditions, by the band Milubing, Cavin Soh, and Teresa Tseng. They have the same lyrics but different tunes.
  • The show was filmed after the incident of the Slimming Pills which involved both fellow actor Rayson Tan & Andrea De Cruz

2011 Accolades[edit]

Your Hand In Mine is nominated for 3 Awards, Best Actor, Best Actress & Best Director. Shaun Chen, who was nominated for Best Actor but lost to Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh ,who was nominated for Best Actress but lost to Rui En.

Star Awards 2011[edit]

Award Nominee Result
Best Actor
Shaun Chen
Best Actress
Joanne Peh
Best Director
Edmund Tse

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