Your Studio and You

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Your Studio and You
Directed by Trey Parker
Written by Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Starring Sylvester Stallone
Demi Moore
Steven Spielberg
Narrated by Trey Parker
Cinematography Kenny Gioseffi
Distributed by Universal Studios
Running time
approx. 14 min
Country United States
Language English

Your Studio and You is a comedy short film created in 1995 by Matt Stone and Trey Parker and commissioned by comedic filmmaker David Zucker. It was to be played at a party Seagram threw for its employees acquired as a result of its Universal Studios take-over. It parodies the style of 1950s educational films such as Duck and Cover, while poking fun at Universal and its talent. It was shot in the Universal Studios backlot[citation needed], and it runs approximately 14 minutes.

Upon commissioning the duo to make this film, David Zucker failed to mention that there was no script, so everything was written by Parker and Stone less than an hour before it was shot[citation needed].

The film is notable in that it was Stone and Parker's first Hollywood gig. Parker has said that "you could probably make a feature film out of the experience of making that movie because it was just two dudes from college suddenly directing Steven Spielberg." This film has still seen no public release as it was intended to be strictly an internal film (indeed, its creators were not even allowed a copy), but copies of the film have surfaced on the internet. had the video on its site for a limited time. The video was promoted on the site in ad banners. These advertisements included the date that would stop hosting the video.

Stone and Parker would make their first major studio-produced feature, BASEketball, for Universal with David Zucker directing (albeit one in which they merely starred in).

Celebrity appearances[edit]

The film is also notable for its use of a number of celebrity actors, musicians, writers, producers, and directors in the Universal family, including Andrew Bergman, James Cameron (shown improving the Universal Studios landscaping), Shaun Cassidy, Robin Cook, Shelley Fabares, George Carlin, Michael J. Fox, Brian Grazer, Heavy D, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Barry Kemp, Angela Lansbury (shown painting the Psycho House), Mike Lobell, Traci Lords, Kevin Misher, Demi Moore, Darrin Pfeiffer, John Singleton, Steven Spielberg (shown as a Universal Studios Guide), Sylvester Stallone (in his Rocky Balboa character, and subtitled for comedic effect), Marty Stuart, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker.

Matt Stone appears with Trey Parker as two guys at a food stand during the "It's UCS for me!" segment.

Recurring themes[edit]

Recurring themes/elements in the film include:

  • Shots of the Jaws "shark attack" attraction on the Universal Studios Backlot Tour accompanied by the narrated phrase, "old and stupid."
  • Seagrams wine coolers (usually distributed as a gift in order to appease a celebrity)
  • The placement of porcelain deer in order to beautify a location (usually at the behest of the narrator)
  • Buttons (sometimes comically oversized) that parody 50s campaign buttons, reading "I like Universal," and "Universal is A-OK!"
  • As he drinks milk and eats Oreos, Michael J. Fox asks "Say, what does that mean?" repeatedly throughout the film. This is a direct parody of 1950s educational films, which stereotypically include such characters.
  • The narrator repeatedly pronounces modernize as "modrenized".
  • The overuse of the word "say" by various characters
  • The appearance of Stallone, speaking as Rocky Balboa, with subtitles in the bottom of the screen.

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