Your Sugar Sits Untouched

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Your Sugar Sits Untouched
Emilie Autumn - Your Sugar Sits Untouched.jpg
Studio album by Emilie Autumn
Released 2005
Genre Spoken word
Length ~75 Minutes
Emilie Autumn chronology
Your Sugar Sits Untouched

Your Sugar Sits Untouched is a partial re-release of Emilie Autumn's 2001 poetry book, Across The Sky & Other Poems. In addition, it includes seven new poems and an audio CD of all of the book's 45 poems, spoken by Emilie Autumn and backed by her original music.[1] A limited amount of 3000 copies were created for worldwide distribution. In 2008, it was re-released on iTunes.

Track listing[edit]

Disc One[edit]

All poems written and performed by Emilie Autumn.

  1. "Your Sugar Sits Untouched"
  2. "Goodbye"
  3. "The Day You Love"
  4. "At What Point Does A Shakespeare Say"
  5. "Blackbird Sonnets"
  6. "Constant"
  7. "Ghost"
  8. "How to Break A Heart"
  9. "Rant I"
  10. "In Praise of Cyrano"
  11. "So Many Fools"
  12. "The Ballad of Mushroom Down"
  13. "The One"
  14. "Space"
  15. "Alas (The Knight)"
  16. "A Letter From A Friend"
  17. "A Plea to the Dying"
  18. "Close"
  19. "Dreams"
  20. "Everybody's Girl"
  21. "Empty"
  22. "Homesick Sonnets"
  23. "Rant II"
  24. "Little Boy"

Disc Two[edit]

  1. "Smirking Girl"
  2. "Try My Best"
  3. "Nearer Than You"
  4. "The Muse"
  5. "The Music I Heard Once"
  6. "If You Could Only Know"
  7. "Funny How Things Change"
  8. "I Didn't Mean You"
  9. "If"
  10. "Visions"
  11. "By the Sword"
  12. "Didn't"
  13. "If You Feel Better"
  14. "Two Masks"
  15. "What Right Have I"
  16. "WOMAN"
  17. "I Cried For You"
  18. "Rapunzel Sonnets"
  19. "Never Tasted Tears"
  20. "Jump the Track"
  21. "On Artistic Integrity"
  22. "Manipulation"

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