Yousef Ghawanmeh

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Yousef Darwish Ghawanmeh (born 1935 in Irbid) is a Jordanian historian, anthropologist, professor and author.

He was born in the village of Saham Al-Kefarat north of the city of Irbid. He received his elementary education in his village before moving to the city of Irbid where he graduated high school, he then earned his Bachelor’s and master's degree from Alexandria University and his Doctorate and Post-Doctorate from Princeton University in the United States. His works focus on the cultural and political history of Jordan during the Islamic periods. He published more than 30 books.


His works include:

  • History of Jerusalem in the Mamluk period
  • Islamic scholars and jurists of Irbid in the Islamic period
  • Excesses of Batiniyya Shia in the Levant
  • Ancient Islamic mosques in Ajloun