Yosef Hamadani Cohen

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Chacham Yosef Hamadani Cohen
Hamadani Cohen.JPG
Position Chief Rabbi of Iran
Synagogue Yusef Abad Synagogue
Began 1994
Ended 2006
Predecessor Uriel Davidi
Successor Mashallah Golestani-Nejad
Personal details
Born 1916
Died March 29, 2014
Tehran, Iran

Yusef Hamadani Cohen (1916 – 29 March 2014) was the Chief Rabbi of Iran and spiritual leader for the Jewish community of Iran (Iranian Jews) between January 1994 and 2007.[1]

In August 2000, Chief Rabbi Hamadani Cohen met with Iranian President Mohammad Khatami for the first time.[2] In 2003, Cohen and Member of Parliament Morris Motamed met with Khatami at Yusef Abad Synagogue which was the first time a President of Iran had visited a synagogue since the Islamic Revolution.[3] For the event, Cohen led the opening the Torah scroll ark and the reciting of prayers.[4]

Cohen died after a long illness on 29 March 2014 in Tehran over Shabbat.[5][6]


Jewish titles
Preceded by
Uriel Davidi
Chief Rabbi of Iran
Succeeded by
Mashallah Golestani-Nejad