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Yousuf Khan
Khan Mohammad

Died20 September 2009(2009-09-20) (aged 79–80)[1]
OccupationFilm Actor
Years active1954–2006
AwardsPride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in 2004
Nigar Award in 1973

Yousuf Khan (Urdu: یوسف خان‎; died 20 September 2009, Lahore) was one of Pakistan's most respected actors.[1] He appeared in more than four hundred films in Urdu, Punjabi and Pashto languages over his 46 year long career.[1]


Yousuf Khan made his debut in the Pakistani film Parwaaz in 1954.[1] He started his film career as a supporting actor, but later matured into a lead actor.[2] He started his film career when the Pakistani film industry was ruled by big name actors like Sudhir, Santosh Kumar, Darpan and Aslam Pervaiz. He made a name for himself first as a romantic hero in Urdu language films. Later on, in the late 1970s and 1980s, he became known as an action hero in Punjabi and Pashto language films.[1]


Death and legacy[edit]

Yousuf Khan died on 20 September 2009 at age 78 at Lahore, Pakistan of cardiac arrest.[1]

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