Yousuke Itou

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Yousuke Itou
Born 伊藤 陽佑 (Itō Yōsuke)
July 07, 1984 (33)
Sapporo, Japan
Nationality Japanese
Occupation actor
Years active 2004-present
Known for Senichi "Sen-chan" Enari/Deka Green

Yousuke Itou (伊藤 陽佑, Itō Yōsuke, born July 7, 1984 in Sapporo, Hokkaidō, Japan[1]), also known as Lito,[2] is a Japanese actor and singer. He is best known for his role as Senichi "Sen-chan" Enari/Deka Green in the 2004 TV series Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. Itou is affiliated with Actoli Llc.


TV dramas[edit]



Web dramas[edit]



Musicals and stageplays[edit]

  • Rock Musical Bleach (2005) - Kisuke Urahara
  • Rock Musical Bleach Saien (2006) - Kisuke Urahara
  • Bambino (2006) - Ryuta
  • Bambino+ (2006) - Ryuta
  • Bambino.2 (2007) - Ryuta
  • Bambino+ in Yokohama (2007) - Ryuta
  • Bambino.0 (2008) - Ryuta
  • Bambino+ in Apple ~Shige Last Live!!~ (2008) - Ryuta
  • Hiiro no Kakera (2008) - Takuma Onizaki
  • Bambino.3&+ (2009) - Ryuta

Other work[edit]



Release Date Title Catalog number Track listing
May 31, 2006 One Star NECM-12124 1. One Star

2. 小さな宵月 (Chiisa na Yoi Tsuki; The Small Evening Moon)
3. One Star (Original Karaoke)
4. 小さな宵月 (Chiisa na Yoi Tsuki; The Small Evening Moon) (Original Karaoke)

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