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Youth Lagoon
Trevor Powers (Youth Lagoon) 2015 (2).png
Powers in 2015
Background information
Birth name Trevor Powers
Born (1989-03-18) March 18, 1989 (age 28)
San Diego, California, United States
Origin Boise, Idaho, United States
Genres Art pop, Americana, neo-psychedelia
Years active 2010–2016
Labels Fat Possum

Youth Lagoon was the stage name of the Boise, Idaho-based American musician Trevor Powers,[1] who was born March 18, 1989, in San Diego, California, United States, and raised in Boise.[2][3] Powers was active as Youth Lagoon from 2010-2016.[4] Youth Lagoon's music was described as neo-psychedelia,[5] and included elements of Americana and experimental.[6]


Youth Lagoon's debut album, The Year of Hibernation, was released on Fat Possum Records on September 27, 2011.[7] Based on minimalism and hypnotic ambience melded with atmospheric and electronic elements, the debut explored themes such as psychological dysphoria and mental distress.[6]

Powers' second album, Wondrous Bughouse, was released on March 5, 2013 by Fat Possum.[8] It was spawned from what he described as "becoming more fascinated with the human psyche and where the spiritual meets the physical world."[9] During the time he composed the album, Powers became intrigued with the metaphysical universe and blending those ideas with pop music.[10][11]

Powers' tour in support of Wondrous Bughouse was cut short due to the death of a close friend.[12]

On November 12, 2014, Powers announced, via Twitter, that writing for his third album had been finished. Recording started in January 2015. The July 10, 2015 release of "The Knower," a free single-sided 7" single, marked the announcement of his third album, Savage Hills Ballroom, released on September 25, 2015.[13][14]

In July 2015, Youth Lagoon announced a US tour in support of Savage Hills Ballroom.[15]

On February 1, 2016, Powers announced on Twitter that his Youth Lagoon project was concluding.[16] Attached to the tweet was a screenshot of the following note:

'i am bringing down the curtain, brothers & sisters. there is nothing left to say through youth lagoon. it will exist no more. forever a transitional trilogy, the year of hibernation, wondrous bughouse, & savage hills ballroom occupy a certain isolated & solitary spectrum; it is a space i no longer inhabit, nor want to inhabit. youth lagoon is complete. i've reached the top of a mountain, only to then be able to see a much larger one i want to ascend. it's odd to realize that something you've created can have the power of wrapping a leash around your neck & holding you hostage. i document everything through music / the peace, the chaos, the creation, the destruction, the life, the eternal sleep. & i'm here, perpetually inspired. there is so much left to say, but it will not be through youth lagoon. thank you to those who have supported this endeavor in any way. this upcoming tour will be the final YL performances. this is far from the end of my undertakings / it is the beginning. in peace, love, & awakening -t'


Studio albums[edit]


  • "Self Titled" 7" single (2011, Fat Possum Records)
  • "Mute" promo CD single (2013, Fat Possum Records)
  • "The Knower" 7" single (2015, Fat Possum Records)


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