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Youth on Board, or YOB, was founded in 1994 and is an internationally recognized U.S. nonprofit organization based in Somerville, Massachusetts. The organization promotes youth voice and youth involvement in schools and community organizations across the country.[1]


YOB was founded in 1992 by Karen Young who moved to Boston, with the support of YouthBuild USA, after working as a national student organizer with COOL. In 1993 Karen met Jenny Sazama and received initial funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Jenny was brought in as YOB's associate director and later became co-director with Karen. Youth on Board is affiliated with YouthBuild USA.[2]

YOB is widely known for the contributions to Project 540, a national student engagement program for 100,000 students in more than 100 high schools across the country. With funding from several sources, including W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Boston Public Schools, and others, Youth on Board has published numerous important materials. Most notable is 15 Points to Successfully Involving Youth in Decision-Making. Other publications by YOB include Your Guide to Youth Board Involvement and the Law,[3] and many others.[4]


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