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Established in 1922, Youth Parliament of Manitoba Inc. (YPM) is a non-partisan, non-denominational, non-profit corporation that aims to foster amongst the youth of Manitoba an understanding of, interest in, and engagement with the Canadian democratic parliamentary process. Its flagship event is Winter Session, which is open to all youth in the Canadian province of Manitoba who are between 16 and 20 years old. Winter Session takes place each year from 26–31 December at the Manitoba Legislature in the capital city of Winnipeg.

Organizational Structure[edit]

YPM is a model parliament and bases its organizational structure and nomenclature on the Westminster Parliamentary system. The membership structure of YPM is made up of three main components: the Board of Directors (also known as the Parliamentary Executive), the Cabinet, and the Backbenchers. As well, the Board of Directors will regularly appoint individuals to be Senators or the Honorary President.

Board of Directors[edit]

The corporation is run by a five-person Board of Directors, elected by and from its membership. The positions on the board are:

  • the Chairperson (Premier),
  • the Past-Chairperson (Speaker),
  • the Vice-Chairperson (Deputy Premier),
  • the Director of Finance (Deputy Speaker), and
  • the Director of Procedures (House Leader).

Elections take place annually on December 30 during Winter Session.


The Cabinet is appointed by the Executive from the members (attendees) of the previous Winter Session. The Cabinet assists the Executive in organizing and holding Winter Session. Current Cabinet portfolios include:

  • Registrar General
  • Ministry of Human Resources
  • Ministry of Government Services
  • Ministry of Labour
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Revenue
  • Ministry of Alumni Affairs
  • Ministry of External Affairs
  • Ministry of Publications
  • Ministry of Public Relations
  • Ministry of Supply and Service
  • Ministry of Rural Development
  • Ministry of Reconciliation
  • Whips (Armstrong and Thompson)


All non-Executive and non-Cabinet members of YPM sit as Backbenchers during Winter Session.


By decision of the Board, former members of YPM who have made outstanding contributions to the organization can be named Senators.

Honorary President[edit]

The Honorary President is usually a prominent member of the community that the Board of Directors seeks guidance from and asks to attend portions of Winter Session.

Year Session Honorary President
2002 81 William Norrie
2003 82 Shirley Liba
2004 83 Susan A. Thompson
2005 84 Peter St. John, 9th Earl of Orkney
2006 85 The Rt. Hon. Edward Schreyer
2007 86 Muriel Smith
2008 87 Gordon Sinclair Jr.
2009 88 Reginald B. Alcock
2010 89 Reginald B. Alcock
2011 90 William A. Blaikie
2012 91 William A. Blaikie
2013 92 Patricia Chaychuk
2014 93 Patricia Chaychuk
2015 94 Patricia Chaychuk
2016 95 Daryl Reid
2017 96 Jerry Storie
2018 97 Jerry Storie

Alumni Achievement Award Winners[edit]

The winner of the Alumni Achievement Award (AAA) is an alumnus of YPM who has gone on to make significant achievements at the local, national, or international level.

Year Alumni Achievement Award Winner
2003 Wally Fox-Decent
2004 Patricia Chaychuk
2005 William Norrie
2006 Bill Blaikie
2007 Nahlah Ayed
2008 Howard Pawley
2009 Lloyd Axworthy
2010 Darren Praznik
2011 Niki Ashton
2013 Dr. Prabhat Jha, O.C.
2014 Michael Redhead Champagne
2015 Stuart Olmstead
2016 Katelynn Northam


In 1922, George Stewart, Lieutenant Governor of the Older Boys’ TUXIS Parliament of Manitoba, opened the first of a long line of annual sessions devoted to the development of leadership and awareness of the parliamentary system among the young men (and later, women) of Manitoba. It has since become one of the oldest Youth Parliaments in a network of similar organizations stretching across the country and the world. Although each of these Parliaments has a unique style and emphasis, all are based on the same basic principle of fostering knowledge of the parliamentary system amongst Canadian youth.

The Older Boys’ Parliament program began in Ontario as part of the TUXIS (“Training Under Christ In Service”) movement. Its original sponsors included various Protestant churches, such as the United Church of Canada, the Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Lutheran churches, the Salvation Army, and a variety of service groups such as the YMCA, De Molay and Kiwanis organizations. The movement’s goal was to foster the development of the physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being of the person as inspired by the biblical passage Luke 2:52, which reads: “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years, and in divine and human favour.” YPs, only one of many TUXIS activities, were designed for religious as well as parliamentary training. Though most YPs were at one time part of the TUXIS movement, only the TUXIS Youth Parliament of Alberta retains the name to this day. Notable former members from this period include Bill Norrie, Robert Steen, Wally Fox-Decent and Howard Pawley.

In 1960, “TUXIS” was dropped from the name, leaving “Older Boys’ Parliament.” In 1968, it was decided that YPM would expand its focus by becoming open to youth from non-protestant backgrounds, thereby becoming non-denominational. This meant that the Oath of Allegiance and the legislation placed before the house was no longer written for specific religious groups and with specifically religious purposes in mind.

On December 28, 1972, a special meeting of the organization was held to officially admit women as full members and to change the organization’s name to Youth Parliament of Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario (YPMNO). Previously, female members had for some years been allowed to attend session but only as associate members who did not hold the right to vote on the matters debated in the house. Seven years later, Ann Thompson became the first female Premier of YPMNO. In celebration of its 60th anniversary in 1981, YPMNO hosted a first-of-its-kind invitational session for all YPs in Western Canada. Two years later, the Western Canada Youth Parliament (WCYP) was officially formed, with its second session being hosted again in Winnipeg in the chambers of City Council. Our organization has since hosted WCYP on three other occasions, in 1993, 2002 and most recently in 2010. Some of our more recent distinguished former members participated in YPM during this period, such as Lloyd Axworthy, Tom Axworthy, Darren Praznik and Patricia Chaychuk.

The organization successfully incorporated in 1984 and gained full charitable status. In 2003, the organization voted to shorten its name to Youth Parliament of Manitoba (YPM). In 2007, YPM hosted its first annual Spring Session in Manitoba. In 2008, YPM hosted its first annual Speaker’s Night fundraising dinner. In 2021, it will celebrate its 100th annual Winter Session.

Notable Alumni[edit]

Many of YPM's past members have gone on to successful careers in a variety of fields. Some of the organization's more prominent past members include:

Past Premiers[edit]

Year Parliament Premier Lieutenant Governor
1922 1 E.A. Armstrong George H. Stewart
1923 2 Erie L. Jackson John Martin
1924 3 Frank Fidler J. H. Dowler
1925 4 Darwin Chase R. G. Taylor
1926 5 John Gilmer The Hon. F. M. Black
1927 6 John Gilmer Judge F. A. E. Hamilton
1928 7 John Dunderdale J. L. Bathgate
1929 8 William Moore Benidickson Dr. John Mackay
1930 9 Vivian M. Rogers Prof. Watson Kirkconnell
1931 10 Mervyn Sprung Magistrate R. B. Graham
1932 11 Donald Ross C. R. Sayer
1933 12 George S. Thurton Canon H. G. G. Herkots
1934 13 Joseph Benson Rev. J. W. Clarke
1935 14 James M Taylor Rev. J. W. Little
1936 15 J. S. McArdle B. V. Richardson
1937 16 Donald L. Mackay C. E. Stockdill
1938 17 Wilson Milne C. N. Halstead
1939 18 Raymond Threson E. J. J. Glenesk
1940 19 Frederick Tallman The Hon. Sidney Earle Smith, P.C.
1941 20 Aitken Harvey A. C. Campbell
1942 21 Frederick Bickell Prof. A.. R. Cragg
1943 22 Maurice Helston Rev. George A. MacMillan
1944 23 Lynn Watt Dr. Robert Fletcher
1945 24 Thomas Goulding The Hon. D. C. McKenzie
1946 25 Garth Campbell Arch. J. Barr
1947 26 Robert H. Johnson John A. M. Edwards
1948 27 William Norrie E. H. Morgan
1949 28 J. A. C. Magee C. H. P. Killick
1950 29 Doug Mauchlan Prof. R. Fletcher
1951 30 Alan G. Gardiner Dr. W. C. Graham
1952 31 Harry T. Makin Nelson Mc Ewen
1953 32 Victor Mearon Mayor N. J. Black
1954 33 Robert A. Steen Canon L. F. Wilmont
1955 34 Lawrie Smith H. L. Mackinnon
1956 35 Waldron Fox-Decent Dr. W. C. Lockhart
1957 36 Don King C. G. Carter
1958 37 Graeme Garson T. M. Miller
1959 38 Doug McEwan Dr. H. H. Saunderson
1960 39 Lloyd Axworthy Dr. Earl J. Treusch
1961 40 Mike Quiggin D. L. Campbell
1962 41 Denis Corrie Prof. W. L. Morton
1963 42 Bruce Doern The Hon. Stanley H. Knowles, P.C.
1964 43 Neil Gailbraith Rev. J. O. Anderson
1965 44 Gary Scherbain The Hon. Errick Willis
1966 45 Jim Lightbody Dr. D. B. Macdonald
1967 46 Hugh Stephens Bishop Antoine Hacault
1968 47 Tom Axworthy Magistrate Isaac Rice
1969 48 Philip Reece Dr. George Johnson
1970 49 Bob Williamson Dean C. Edwards
1971 50 John Romanow Charles Hubband
1972 51 Ron Miller Rev. D. O. Reece
1973 52 Laurie Swardfager Juiles Koteles
1974 53 Paul DuVal Dr. Ben Hog
1975 54 Chris Guest Muriel Smith
1976 55 Andrew Treusch Judge Peter Teraska
1977 56 Gordon Du Val The Rt. Hon. Edward Schreyer,
P.C., C.C., C.M.M., O.M., C.D.
1978 57 Dave Najduch Paul DuVal, Sr.
1979 58 Ann Thompson The Hon. Lloyd Axworthy, P.C., O.C., O.M.
1980 59 Ian Manson Olga Fuga
1981 60 Darren Praznik Judge Graeme Carson
1982 61 Jim Bell Dr. Carl Ridd
1983 62 Bruce Johannson The Hon. Gildas Molgat, P.C.
1984 63 Dmytro Dutka William Norrie, C.M., O.M., Q.C.
1985 64 Patricia Chaychuk Hon. William Blakie, P.C., M.P.
1986 65 Erminia Pallone Gary Filmon
1987 66 Nasir Faruqui The Hon. Sharon Carstairs, P.C.
1988 67 Glen Hickerson Prof. Jack London, Q.C.
1989 68 Sean Crick Howard Pawley, P.C. Q.C.
1990 69 Michelle Elvers-Crick Murray Sinclair
1991 70 James Muir Waldron Fox-Decent, C.M., C.M.M., O.M., C.D.
1992 71 Christine Barnson Gary Doer
1993 72 J.P. Lapointe Terry Duguid
1994 73 Mark Matz Philip Weiss
1995 74 Cindy Fleury Bruce C. Daniels
1996 75 Darcy Rollins Dr. Robert J. Young
1997 76 Nichole Cyr Richard Cloutier
1998 77 Ken Yost Darren Praznik
1999 78 Alan Fehr Prof. Donald Bailey
2000 79 Donna Chanas John Perry
2001 80 Mercedes Alcock Patricia Chaychuck
2002 81 Micah Melnyk Ann Thompson
2003 82 Michael Feuerstein Erminia Johannson
2004 83 Carlee-ann Dueck Philip Reece
2005 84 Michael Urban Dave Najduch
2006 85 Dana Gregoire Bob Haverluck
2007 86 Katie Szilagyi Dr. Bruce W. Warner
2008 87 Amy Dhillon Mark Matz
2009 88 Jennifer Pawluk Andrew Treusch
2010 89 Darcy Vermeulen Ruth Wilson
2011 90 Darren Haber Darcy Rollins
2012 91 Bojan Pirnat Donna Chanas
2013 92 Andrew Jones Muriel Smith
2014 93 Brent Hardy Sachit Mehra
2015 94 Kamal Dhillon Clif Evans
2016 95 Joseph Broda Dr. Kristel van Ineveld
2017 96 Ariel Melamedoff Paulo Fernandes
2018 97 Adrienne Tessier Dr. Aimée Craft

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