Youth of MPLA

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Youth of MPLA
Juventude do MPLA
Formation 1962
Type Youth wing of the MPLA
Headquarters Luanda, Angola
Official language
1st General Secretary
Sérgio Luther Rescova Joaquim

The Youth of MPLA (in Portuguese, Juventude do MPLA, JMPLA) is a major mass organization within the People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola - Party of Labour, along with the Organização da Mulher Angolana (Angolan Women's Organization), União Nacional dos Trabalhadores Angolanos (National Union of Angolan Workers) and the Organização de Pioneiros de Agostinho Neto (Agostinho Neto Pioneer Organization).

Flag of the JMLA

Jonas Savimbi, leader of UNITA from 1966 until 2002, was briefly a member of the JMPLA in the early 1960s.[1]


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