Youthful (publisher)

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Status defunct (1954)
Founded 1949
Founder Bill Friedman
Sophie Friedman
Country of origin United States of America
Headquarters location New York, New York
Key people Sol Cohen
Publication types Comic books
Fiction genres Western, Horror, Humor, Romance
Imprints Friedman

Youthful (also known as Youthful Magazines) was an American comic book publisher that operated from 1949–1954. The company was owned by attorney Bill Friedman[1] and his wife Sophie, with Bill holding the title of Publisher. Comics editor Sol Cohen (possibly with help from financier Harry Donenfeld) helped launch Youthful.[2]

Beware #11, August 1952

The company specialized in non-superhero titles, instead focusing on horror, Western, humor, and romance comics. Notable titles published by Youthful included the Western titles Gunsmoke, Indian Fighter, and Redskin (later known as Famous Western Badmen); the science fiction/horror series Captain Science (later known as Fantastic, Beware, and Chilling Tales), and the humor title Jackpot. Altogether, the company only published ten distinct titles, with many series changing their name and continuing the numbering of the previous title.

Doug Wildey was the company's lead cartoonist, with work published in virtually all their titles. Other notable creators associated with Youthful included Bill Fraccio, Harry Harrison, Pat Masulli, Don Perlin, Wally Wood, Graham Ingels, Ed Goldfarb, Henry Kiefer, and Manny Stallman.

Youthful's first title was Gunsmoke, which debuted Apr./May 1949 and ran until 1952. Youthful acquired the Pix-Parade title Youthful Hearts in 1952, continuing its numbering under the new title Daring Confessions until 1953. The Youthful titles Attack and Beware were acquired by Trojan Magazines in 1952, which continued their numbering. Youthful, in turn, renamed the titles Atomic Attack and Chilling Tales, respectively, also continuing the numbering. The company was mostly finished by 1953, with only Jackpot continuing until 1954 (its final issue cover-dated May).

Titles published[edit]

  • Attack (4 issues, 1952) — acquired by Trojan Magazines
    • Atomic Attack (4 issues, 1953) — continues numbering of Attack
  • Captain Science (7 issues, 1950–1951)
    • Fantastic (2 issues, 1952) — continues numbering of Captain Science
      • Beware (3 issues, 1952) — continues numbering of Fantastic, then acquired by Trojan Magazines
        • Chilling Tales (5 issues, 1952–1953) — continues numbering of Beware
  • Daring Confessions (5 issues, 1952–1953) — continues numbering of Youthful Hearts (acquired from Pix-Parade)
  • Gunsmoke (16 issues, 1949–1952)
  • Indian Fighter (11 issues, 1950–1952)
  • Jackpot (18 issues, 1952–1954)
  • Redskin (12 issues, 1950–1952)
    • Famous Western Badmen (3 issues, 1952–1953) — continues numbering of Redskin
  • Thrilling Adventures in Stamps Comics (8 issues, Oct 1951 – Jan 1953)
  • Super Western Comics (1 issue, 1950)
    • Buffalo Bill (8 issues, 1950–1951) — continues numbering of Super Western Comics
  • Youthful Love (1 issue, 1950)
    • Truthful Love (1 issue, 1950) — continues numbering of Youthful Love


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