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Lake Ypacaraí
Lake Ypacaraí
Ypacaraí is located in Paraguay
Coordinates: 25°23′S 57°16′W / 25.383°S 57.267°W / -25.383; -57.267Coordinates: 25°23′S 57°16′W / 25.383°S 57.267°W / -25.383; -57.267
Country  Paraguay
Department Central Department
Elevation 64.1 m (210.3 ft)
Population (2004)
 • Total 330,150
Climate Cfa

Ypacaraí is a town in the Central Department of Paraguay on Lake Ypacarai. On the road system, it is located between Asunción and Caacupé. In 2004, the village had a population of 30,150, and is 64.1 m above sea level. Notable agricultural crops of the area include tobacco and cotton. Lake Ypacaraí is popular with tourists and locals in the landlocked nation of Paraguay.

Footballer Carlos Gamarra is from Ypacaraí.

According to a legend, a man (referred to as Karai-the Spanish equivalent of Señor) walked into a despensa (neighborhood-run mini market sometimes operated in the front room of a house) and asked for water (Y in Guaraní). The pa suffix in guaraní suggests that it is a question. So, put together the phrase Ypakarai means "Water sir?" Supposedly the question posed by the despensa owner was somewhat rude.[citation needed]

Another meaning of the city name is from the two words, "ypa" meaning lake and "karai" meaning Lord or blessed. Thus we have the Lord's Lake or Blessed Lake.

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