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Ypióca Gold.

Ypióca Group is a Brazilian traditional manufacturer of cachaça located in the state of Ceará. The Ypióca Group consists of seven companies which include mineral water production and farming.

At end of 2012 the Ypióca brand was bought by Diageo for $450 million.[1][2]


The Groups have many products, most of it uses the name Ypióca followed by a name (like Ypióca Gold, Ypióca Crystal, Ypioca 150 etc...). Sapupara is the name of another famous product of the Group, being sold with the names Sapupara Ouro (gold) and Sapupara Prata (silver).

There are also many other Ypióca Group products, like mixed drinks (Ypióca Limão, Sapupara Limão), wines (Catuaba Garanhão and Catuaba Vinhagrinha) and Naturágua, a famous mineral water brand in Ceará.


The Group has five production plants, with its own fields for production of sugar cane, located in the countryside of the states of Ceará.

In the transformation and distillation of the sugarcane the Ypióca Group uses technology imported from England and Scotland. For the ageing the group uses the traditional wooden barrels. It uses four lines of automatic machines for bottling the final product.[citation needed]

One of the largest wood barrel in the world: 8 m tall, 7.85 m wide, capacity of 374,000 liters (98,800 US gallons), made in 2002.


The Ypióca Group has, at its Museum of Cachaça in Maranguape, Ceará, Brazil, the largest wooden barrel in the world, with a capacity of up to 374,000 litres (82,000 imp gal; 99,000 US gal).[3]


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