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Map of Ypsonas Municipality within Limassol Cyprus
Map of Ypsonas Municipality within Limassol Cyprus

Ypsonas (also spelled Ipsonas) is a municipality in Limassol prefecture of the Republic of Cyprus. It is one of the largest villages in the Limassol District of Cyprus and is located about 7 kilometers west of Limassol city. The southern part of the village is within the administrative borders of the British military base of Akrotiri - Episkopi. It has 10,916 residents as recorded in the Census of 2011.[1]


Ypsonas has existed since the Middle Ages. Farmers from Lofou used to migrate seasonally to Ypsonas. Permanent settlement began during British rule.[2] Today traces of churches built in the medieval time are to be seen related to the saint Agios Sylas.[3]


Ypsonas has three churches for its predominantly Greek Orthodox community.[4]

  • ΙΕΡΟΣ ΝΑΟΣ ΑΓΙΟΥ ΣΑΒΒΑ (Holy Church of Agios Savvas)
  • Ιερὸς Ναὸς Παναγίας Χρυσοπολιτίσσης (Holy Church of Saint Mary Chryssopolitissa)
  • Ιερὸς Ναὸς Ἁγίου Γεωργίου (Holy Church of Saint George)

Politics and government[edit]


Ypsonas has schools for pupils of all stages in the Cyprus education system.

Cement Plant in Ypsonas, Limassol Industrial Area.jpg
Cement Plant in Ypsonas, Limassol Industrial Area


Ypsonas is served by local Limassol bus lines 17 and 16. In this way Ypsonas is connected to Limassol centre. Large avenue Elias Kannaourou and the main Cyprus highway connect Ypsonas to Limassol and other cities.


Ypsonas is built at an altitude of 90 meters. The village area has an inclination from north to south. The altitude decreases from 479 in north to 90 in the village level and to 20 towards southern parts.


Cultivated agricultural field in Ypsonas Industrial Area, Limassol
Cultivated agricultural field in Ypsonas Industrial Area, Limassol

Ypsonas has an annual rainfall of 440 cm. The open cultivated fields of Ypsonas Industrial area do not have any tall buildings and thus the temperature in summer can be higher than within the shaded (due to buildings) city of Limassol. Ypsonas also may have more wind than Limassol city for the same reason.[2]


The Industrial Area of Ypsonas has a lot of cultivated fields which produce ready-made grass, vines, citrus fruits, almonds, olives, carobs, and milk from goat herds.

In the same area, large cement factories operate, as well as a lot of used car parts processing.

Cultivation houses in Ypsonas Industrial Area
Cultivation houses in Ypsonas Industrial Area

Ypsonas has a blooming industry development. The number of people that work in industries in this area are the fourth largest in Limassol. The main industrial factories are charcuteries, cheese and cured meat factories, saw factories, boat manufacturing factories, and wooden furniture factories as well as product and packing of fruit and vegetable products. There are since 2000s more restaurants of notable internationally known fast foods chains, like KFC, Costa Cafe and more and supermarkets like LIDL, Papantoniou, Pop Life.


The population of Ypsonas has increased steadily since the late 19th century.[2]


Ypsonas has gyms, soccer stadiums and teams such as Digenis FC, tennis academy Ioannides.


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