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Ysgol Morgan Llwyd is a Welsh-medium comprehensive school in Wrexham, in north-east Wales. It is the first, and only Welsh Language Secondary school in Wrexham County Borough. It is named after the renowned seventeenth century Welsh author Morgan Llwyd. The school has been open at its present location in Cefn Road, Wrexham, since 2000. Previously it was located on Stockwell Grove, Wrexham. The current Headmaster is Mr. Carwyn Davies and the current Deputy Headmaster is Ms. Eleri Lewis (Currently Acting as Headmaster)

Presently there are six houses or forms into which the approximately 800 pupils are divided. These are Alun, Bers, Clywedog, Dyfrdwy, Erddig and Gwenfro. These are named after local rivers and places - the River Alun, Bersham, River Clywedog, River Dee, Erddig and the River Gwenfro.

According to the latest Estyn inspection report conducted in 2014, forty per cent of pupils come from homes in which Welsh is spoken by one or both parents.[1]

History of Ysgol Morgan Llwyd[edit]

Ysgol Morgan Llwyd opened in the 1960s, as the first Welsh medium secondary school in Wrexham. Originally on Stockwell Grove, Wrexham, the school became popular and its student population grew. In the 1990s a new home for the school was found - Cartrefle, the site of a former teacher's training college. Building work to expand its facilities were carried out and in 2000 the school finally re-opened. A nearby school sang for members of the council and the then First Minister, Rhodri Morgan, was also present. Ysgol Morgan Llwyd is now regarded as one of the most modern schools in Wrexham. St. Christopher's school moved to the old site of Ysgol Morgan Llwyd.

Notable former pupils[edit]

Head of Year[edit]

The following teachers are Head of that particular year:

  • Year 7 - Miss E. Owen
  • Year 8 - Mrs. M Sheil
  • Year 9 - Mr. S Morris
  • Year 10 - Mr. A P Hughes
  • Year 11 - Mr. T Derbyshire
  • Sixth Form - Mrs. E L Jones

Head of Key Stage[edit]

The following teachers are Head of that particular Key Stage and also Assistant Heads:

  • Key Stage 3 - Mrs. H Blackwell
  • Key Stage 4 - Mr. I Ellis
  • Key Stage 5 - Mrs. E L Jones

Primary schools[edit]

The feeder schools for Ysgol Morgan Llwyd include:

and the majority of the pupils from these schools transfer to Ysgol Morgan Llwyd. However many pupils from other schools, with either Welsh language or English language background, also attend the school.

Activities and Sport[edit]

Ysgol Morgan Llwyd is proud to be part of many activities and sporting events in and around Wrexham. Year 7 pupils have the opportunity to visit Glan Llyn, an Urdd Gobaith Cymru owned Welsh Language camp. Years 10 to Year 13 (Sixth Form) can study for the Duke of Edinburgh award. All pupils have the opportunity to compete in Urdd events in the National Eisteddfod and the County Eisteddfod. Ysgol Morgan Llwyd has also made excursions to Germany, France, the Czech Republic, America and Belgium on different occasions.

Previously the drama club, Theatr y Ddraig, was running in the school which produced many successful performances of "Grease" and "Blind Date". This year, applicants can take part in their production of "Grease". Every year a School Eisteddfod takes place, usually on St. David's Day. This is open for Years 7 - 10 and is a tradition in the school. Pupils participate in many competitions that range from Form Choir, Garage/Kitchen band to Whistling. A pupil is selected for the chair each year also.

Ysgol Morgan Llwyd pupils compete in sport - namely football and netball - against other Wrexham schools. There is also a Tae Kwon Do club participating in the Ysgol Morgan Llwyd Sports Hall.

Subjects Available[edit]

  • Welsh - (split to Language and Literature at GCSE; as a Welsh A-Level)
  • English - (split to Language and Literature at GCSE; only available as Literature at A-Level)
  • Mathematics - (at GCSE; at A-Level Pure Maths is taken, but can specialise for Statistics or Mechanics)
  • French - (at GCSE, NVQ(Level 1&2) and A-Level)
  • Spanish - (GCSE and NVQ(level 1&2))
  • Science (Biology/Chemistry/Physics)- (Single/Double/Triple Award at GCSE; available at A-Level)
  • Art - (at GCSE and A-Level)
  • Geography - (at GCSE and A-Level)
  • History - (at GCSE and A-Level)
  • Religious Education - (compulsory until Year 11 for all students, can study further at GCSE and A-Level)
  • Politics - (A-Level only)
  • Child Development - (at GCSE and A-Level)
  • Physical Education - (compulsory until Year 11 for all students, can study further at GCSE and A-Level)
  • Information Technology - (at OCR and A-Level)
  • Design and Technology (GCSE courses) - Resistant Materials, Graphics, Systems, Textiles and Food.
  • Design and Technology (A-Level courses -Product Design)
  • Leisure and Tourism (GCSE)
  • Media Studies (GCSE and A-Level)
  • Construction (BTEC level 1)

Twilight Courses[edit]

  • Law (at GCSE)
  • Psychology (at GCSE)
  • French (at GCSE and NVQ)
  • Spanish (at GCSE and NVQ)

The Welsh Baccalaureate[edit]

From 2005 Ysgol Morgan Llwyd became involved in the pilot scheme of the Welsh Baccalaureate, a qualification that amplifies the use of the key skills needed for a job. A pass can mean a lower entrance grade for University - a pass is 120 UCAS points, or an "A" grade. The scheme was a success, so from September 2007 it will be made compulsory for sixth form students in Welsh schools to take the qualification.

Library Staff[edit]

  • Miss Rowlands
  • Ted Roberts


  1. ^ "Report on Ysgol Morgan Llwyd" (PDF). Estyn. Estyn. January 2014. Retrieved 4 November 2016. 

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