Ytre Arna

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Ytre Arna

Ytre Arna is a settlement in the borough of Arna in Bergen, Norway. Ytre Arna is principally associated with A/S Arne Fabrikker, the country's first mechanised cotton mill. Ytre Arna Church (Ytre Arna kirke) is also located in the village.[1][2]

On January 1, 2008, the Ytre Arna urban settlement, as defined by Statistics Norway, had a population of 2513. The urban settlement covered a land area of 1.52 square kilometres (0.59 sq mi), and the population density was 1,653 inhabitants per square kilometre (4,280/sq mi).[3]


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Coordinates: 60°28′N 5°26′E / 60.467°N 5.433°E / 60.467; 5.433