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Ytre Rendal Church

Ytre Rendal is a former municipality in Hedmark county, Norway.

It was originally (from 1837) a part of Rendal formannskapsdistrikt. On January 1, 1880 Rendal was split in two to create the municipalities Ytre Rendal and Øvre Rendal. At the point of creation Ytre Rendal had a population of 1,661.

After border adjustments in the municipalities Ytre Rendal and Øvre Rendal, Tolga og Trysil, the new municipality Engerdal was created on January 1, 1911. Ytre Rendal ceded a district with 311 inhabitants to Engerdal.

On January 1, 1965 the new municipality Rendalen was created by merging Ytre and Øvre Rendal. Before the merger Ytre Rendal had a population of 1,913.

Notable people include Peder E. Vorum, mayor from 1913 to 1934.[1]


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Coordinates: 61°46′06″N 11°10′26″E / 61.76833°N 11.17389°E / 61.76833; 11.17389