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Ytterlännäs is a parish in the Diocese of Härnösand in Västernorrland County, Sweden. Ytterlännäs parish contains Sweden's oldest continuous choir.


Ytterlännäs parish, in the province of Ångermanland, belonged to the Archdiocese of Uppsala in the Middle Ages, but has been part of the Diocese of Härnösand since the diocese's formation in 1647. The two churches of the parish, the old one from the early 13th century, and the new one, built from 1848 to 1854, are located between the communities of Nyland and Bollstabruk, within Kramfors Municipality.[1]

The Ytterlännäs Old Church dates from the 13th century and features medieval vaults, wall-paintings and wooden sculptures. It has baroque furnishings that include two galleries. The Ytterlännäs Madonna is an example of the work from the Hälsingland workshop of Haaken Gulleson. The church is in an excellent state of preservation from being unused since 1854.[1]

The Ytterlännäs New Church was completed in 1854 and is an example of the Tegnér barn style.

Assistant vicars[edit]

"Komministrar i Ytterlännäs" [2]

# 30em Term Notes
1 Herr Lars I 1542 to 1557
2 Herr Nils 1582
3 Olaus Nicolai 1593 to 1596
4 Johannes Claudii 1599
5 Sanderus Erici 1599 to 1607
6 Herr Lars II 1613 to 1633
7 Nils Persson 1636 to 1637
8 Olaus Erici Rufinius 1637 to 1672
9 Laurentius Christophori Hornæus (1645–1719) 1672 to 1719 In 1675 he was responsible for the Torsåker witch trials which was the largest witch-hunt in Sweden's history.
10 Lars Larsson Hornæus 1719 to 1751
11 Jöns Hornæus 1773 to 1778
12 Petrus Jonæ Öman (1719–1796) 1780 to 1796
13 Israel Edenmark 1796 to 1812
14 Daniel Orstadius 1812 to 1820
15 Per Nordenmark 1820 to 1833
16 Olof Grafström 1833 to 1835
17 Nils Erik Höglund (1781–1838) 1836 to 1838
18 Israel Israelsson Näslund III (1796–1858) 1841 to 1858 He was born on January 28, 1796, the son of Israel Israelsson Näslund I (1755–1837), a juryman; and Brita Persdotter (1766–1788). He was ordained June 6, 1819 to curate in Hede, vacancy preacher in Hede 1822, again curate 1826, appointed preacher temporarily in Sveg on May through August 1828, in September 1828, he was appointed reverend in Hede, where he was then appointed assistant vicar March 3, 1830, entered 1831. He was vicar in Frösön, November 25, 1835, entered May 1, 1836, got the title "vice vicar", honor and dignity the August 17, 1836 the same year named; empowered vicar in Torsåker-Ytterlännäs February 13, 1839, entered May 1, 1841, was at head of the pastoral custody in Torsåkers gäll April 10, 1844 through October 31, 1846. He died May 15, 1858 of smallpox.[3]
19 Carl Gustaf Isak Jonas Oscar Stjernberg (1812–1901) 1862 to 1901

Music directors[edit]

"Kyrkomusiker i Ytterlännäs"[1]

# Image Cantor Term Notes
1 Anton Julius Winblad I.jpg Anton Julius Winblad(1828–1901) 1851 to 1866 He was the first schoolteacher, choir leader, and church organist at Ytterlännäs from 1851 to 1866. He was born on October 8, 1828 in Stockholm. Anton was born on October 8, 1828 in Stockholm, Sweden to Lars Magnus Vingblad (1797-?), a carpenter journeyman; and Brita Christina Ökneberg (1799-?). Anton was baptized on October 11, 1828 in Stockholm at Maria Magdalena Church (Mariakyrkan). By 1851 Anton was the primary school teacher and he was leading the church choir in Ytterlännäs, Sweden. He married Margareta Kristina Höglund (1819–1854) aka Greta Höglund, on June 24, 1852 in Högsjö. On April 17, 1853: Antonette Kristina Winblad I (1853); and Johanna Maria Winblad (1853), their twin daughters were born. Johanna died on June 30, 1853; and Antonette died on July 18, 1853. On June 11, 1854 their third child, Antoinette Kristina Winblad II (1854-after1900) was born. Margareta Höglund, his wife, died in childbirth on June 11, 1854 giving birth to Antonette Kristina Winblad II. After his wife's death Anton traveled to Härnösand to take the exam to be certified as an organist. Each teacher was now required to be the church organist. When Anton returned from Härnösand, he began a courtship of Elsa Maria Elisabeth Näslund (1829–1907). Elsa's father was Israel Israelsson Näslund III (1796–1858) the reverend of Ytterlännäs. Anton and Elsa married on August 7, 1855 in Ytterlännäs. In 1858 grade 1 and 2 became "småskola" and children began school at the age of seven. On January 24, 1866 Anton moved the family to the "prästbordet" (church house), Anundsjö, Västernorrland, Sweden and it appears that Johan, his first born son, didn't move with the family. Johan would have been in a boarding school in Härnösand. Anton appears in the 1890 Sweden census working as a school teacher and living in Anundsjö with his wife and his two unmarried children: Antonette Kristina Winblad from his first marriage; and Frideborg Winblad. In 1900 the family was living in the prästbordet, and the only child still living at home was Antonette Kristina Winblad II. Frideborg was living and working in Härnösand, as a teacher. Anton died on October 30, 1901 in Anundsjö, Sweden.[1]
2 Erik Olof Boding 1866 to 1875
3 Per Olof Bernhard Wahlberg 01d.jpg Per Olof Bernhard Wahlberg (1852–1927) 1876 to 1912 He was born in Grfbyn in Loos parish (now Hälsingland) on May 17, 1852.[1]
4 Nikolaus Bölin 1913 to 1947
5 Thorvald Johannesson 1948 to 1978
6 Ulla-Marie Nilsson 1979 to 2016

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