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Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal II (遊☆戯☆王ZEXAL II (セカンド) Yūgiō Zearu Sekando?) is the continuation of the Yu-Gi-Oh! television anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, produced by Nihon Ad Systems and TV Tokyo. Like the original, this series is directed by Satoshi Kuwahara and produced by Studio Gallop. The anime aired in Japan on TV Tokyo between October 7, 2012 to March 23, 2014, in a different time slot from that of the original series, while the English-language adaptation by Konami began airing in North America on The CW's Vortexx programming block from August 17, 2013.[1] Due to Vortexx's re-airing of Zexal II episodes, new episodes have been moved to Hulu since July 14, 2014, beginning with Episode 114.[2] Since then, most of the episodes have aired on Mondays on Hulu. On December 14, the episodes on Hulu began to be uploaded on Sundays instead of Mondays, with the exception of December 6, which saw Episode 135 being uploaded on a Saturday, because the following Sunday was National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. The regular airing pattern was broken again when the series finale (Episode 146) aired on February 21, a Saturday, instead of on a Sunday. Following the end of the first series, Yuma and his friends now find themselves up against the evil forces of Barian World.

Six pieces of theme music are used for the series: three opening and three ending themes. For episodes 74–98, the opening theme is "Unbreakable Heart" (折れないハート Arenai Hāto?) by Hideaki Takatori, while the ending theme is "Artist" (アーティスト Ātisuto?) by Vistlip. For episodes 99–123, the opening theme is "Dualism of Mirrors" (鏡のデュアルイズム Kagami no Duaruizumu?) by Petit Milady (Aoi Yuki and Ayana Taketatsu), while the ending theme is "Go Way Go Way" (ゴーウェイゴーウェイ Gō Wei Gō Wei?) by FoZZtone. For episodes 124–145, the opening theme is "Wonder Wings" (ワンダーウィングス Wandā Wingusu?) by Diamond☆Yukai, while the ending theme is *"Challenge the GAME" (チャレンジザゲーム Charenji za Gēmu?) by REDMAN. However, for Episode 146, the Season 3 Japanese opening theme was not used. For the Konami English Dub version, the opening theme is "Halfway to Forever" for all episodes that air in the US.

Episode list[edit]

Season 1 (2012–13) Barian Invasion[edit]

No. in series No. in season English dub title/Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English airdate
74 1 "Attack of the Barians: Part 1" / "Barian Invasion! The Frightening Chaos Xyz Evolution"
"Barian Shūrai! Kyōgaku no Kaosu Ekushīzu Chenji!!" (バリアン襲来! 驚愕のカオス・エクシーズ・チェンジ!!) 
October 7, 2012[1] August 17, 2013
As peace returns to Heartland City following the World Duel Carnival, Astral, who has collected 50 of the 100 original Number cards at this point, receives a strange vision from within Yuma's key. Meanwhile, an emissary sent by Dumon from the Barian World, named Girag, arrives in Heartland City, and brainwashes a gang of bikers to follow under him, using the spell card Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force. His appearance prevokes a reaction from Shark's sister, Rio. As Yuma, Shark and Tori go to check up on Rio, she utters something about someone planning to take something important, reminding Yuma of the words he heard when first activated the powers of his key. Just then, Yuma receives word that the biker gang's leader, Fender, has attacked his school, demanding he brings his Numbers. Fearing Astral could be put in danger, Yuma leaves his key with Tori as he heads to the school and confronts Fender. As the duel begins, Fender instantly summons his Xyz monster, Mechquipped Angineer. As Astral senses Yuma is in danger, Utopia sends itself over to Yuma, allowing him to summon it and deal some damage. Just then, Fender activates the spell card Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force to perform a Chaos Xyz Evolution on his Angineer, to upgrade it to the Chaos Xyz Monster Mechquipped Djinn Angeneral, and steal Utopia's Overlay Units. 
75 2 "Attack of the Barians: Part 2" / "The Winning Formula: Crush the Chaos Xyz"
"Soroe Shōri no Hōteishiki: Uchikudake Kaosu Ekushīzu" (揃え勝利の方程式 打ち砕けカオス・エクシーズ) 
October 14, 2012 August 24, 2013
Angeneral manages to destroy Utopia, despite not being a Number, causing real damage to both Yuma and Astral. Astral makes contact with Tori, asking her to bring the key to Yuma. As Kite and Shark hold off Fender's lackies, Yuma takes more damage from Fender. Tori delivers the key to Yuma, who explains the dreams he's been having to Astral. Encouraging Yuma to stand up and fight with him, Astral gives him the advice needed to bring out Utopia Ray and defeat Fender. After the duel, Kite and Shark reveal they have dealt with all of Fender's allies, while Orbital knocks Fender out, removing the control that Barian World had on him. As Yuma, Shark, and Kite decide to team up to face this new enemy, a mysterious student watches them from the shadows. 
76 3 "Hard Knox" / "Here I am, for the Greater Good! My Name is Ray Shadows"
"Yokare to Omotte Tadaima Sanjō! Shingetsu Rei to Mōshimasu" (よかれと思ってただいま参上! 真月零と申します) 
October 21, 2012 August 31, 2013
On his way to school, Yuma encounters an overly-positive, well-meaning transfer student named Ray Shadows and ends up getting dragged around by him. Meanwhile, a pro duelist named Devon Knox visits the school to have duels with the students. When Yuma expresses his interest in dueling him, Ray takes it upon himself to try to find Devon and convince him to duel. However, Devon is possessed by Girag and violenty duels against Ray to get Yuma's attention. Yuma begins a duel with him and summons out Number 34: Terror-Byte whilst Devon summons out his ace monster, Coach King Giantrainer. After using its effect damaging abilities, one of which backfires against him, Devon uses Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force on Giantrainer to upgrade it into the Chaos Xyz monster Coach Lord Ultimatrainer, using its ability to test Yuma's drawing luck. Yuma manages to survive the effect and use the monster cards he was forced to discard against Devon before bringing out Utopia Ray and winning the duel, freeing Devon from the Barians' control. 
77 4 "Rule Duel" / "Dueling Is Against School Rules!? Sally Forth! The Chief Disciplinarian"
"Dyueru no Midare wa Kōsoku Ihan!? Shutsugeki! Tokumei Fūki Komandā" (デュエルの乱れは校則違反!? 出撃! 特命風紀コマンダー) 
October 28, 2012 September 7, 2013
After Ray nominates him, Yuma is chosen as the next class president, much to Caswell's dismay. The Student Council President, Carlyle Chesterton, who is under Girag's command, assigns Caswell as a "Special Disciplinary Commander", who begins enforcing harsh rules on the students. As Yuma decides he has had enough and confronts Carlyle, he challenges him to a duel, with Caswell as the referee, throwing in all sorts of rules which obstruct Yuma's dueling. Carlyle summons his Xyz Monster, Norito the Moral Leader, and deals some damage to Yuma, though he manages to find a workaround to Caswell's rules. As Caswell laments how he isn't class president anymore, Yuma reminds him of his true self, allowing him to throw away the role of disciplinary commander. Carlyle then uses Barian's Force to upgrade Norito into the Chaos Xyz monster, Simon the Great Moral Leader, but Yuma manages to bring out Utopia and win the duel. Afterwards, Yuma relinquishes his role as class president back to Caswell while Girag finds a new target to put under his control. 
78 5 "The Adventures of Artimus Stanleyus" / "Shark's Rage!! Save The Captured Sister!"
"Shāku Gekkō!! Torawareta Imōto o Sukue!" (シャーク激昂!! 捕らわれた妹を救え!) 
November 4, 2012 September 14, 2013
A manga artist named Art Stanley requests that Yuma and Shark be models for his manga, but Shark refuses. Unknown to them, Art is under the Barians' control, tailoring Shark to report his weakness to Girag. The next day, Shark discovers that Rio has gone missing and is confronted by Art, who challenges him to a duel. Art quickly summons his Xyz monster, Comics Hero King Arthur, and uses Rio as a means to stop Shark from fighting back, claiming she will become trapped forever if he is defeated. Believing Art's sketchbook may provide a hint to his weakness, Yuma and Ray set off in search for it. Meanwhile, Art forces Shark to summon out Shark Drake and deals a lot of damage before activating Barian's Force, ranking up Comics Hero King Arthur into the Chaos Xyz monster, Comics Hero Legend Arthur, using it to destroy Shark Drake. After some encouragement from Yuma, Sharks calls out to Rio and manages to both free her from captivity and awaken her. Shark soon regains his resolve and brings out Shark Drake Veiss to win the duel. 
79 6 "Doom in Bloom" / "Frozen Fury!! Rio Kastle, the Ice Queen"
"Hyōketsu Ranbu! Kōri no Jyoō Kamishiro Rio" (氷結乱舞!! 氷の女王 神代璃緒) 
November 11, 2012 September 21, 2013
Rio starts attending Duel Academy, instantly becoming popular with the boys and proving embarrassing for Shark. As Rio manages to overwhelm any club offers with her amazing talent, she and the others are approached by the Flower Arrangement Club's president, Lotus Henazoe, who soon start putting everyone besides Yuma into a trance, revealing herself to be under Girag's control. As Lotus challenges Yuma to a duel, Rio decides to take her on in his place. Lotus summons her Xyz Monster, Battlecruiser Dianthus, and soon uses Barian's Force to upgrade it to the Chaos Xyz monster, Battleship Cherry Blossom, bringing Rio's life points down to 200. Rio soon summons her own Xyz monster, Ice Beast Zerofyne, and manages to use her cards to beat Lotus. 
80 7 "Rivals in the Ring" / "A Fierce One-on-One Battle!! Yuma Vs. Alito, the Determined Fighter"
"Mōkō Taiman Batoru!! Yūma vs Fukutsu no Tōshi Arito" (猛攻タイマンバトル!! 遊馬 VS 不屈の闘士アリト) 
November 18, 2012 September 28, 2013
Noticing Girag's repeated failures, Dumon sends another one of his disciples, Alito, to the Duel Academy, where he ends up getting a crush on Tori. Alito tries to make various attempts to woo Tori, but all of them are inadvertently thwarted by Yuma. Wanting to prove himself, Alito challenges Yuma to a duel, quickly summoning out his Xyz monster, Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke, and soon realizes who he is up against. Yuma summons his Xyz monster, Gauntlet Launcher, and manages to win by countering Alito's own counters. After the duel, Alito takes a shining to Yuma and declares him his rival. 
81 8 "The Friendship Games" / "Tori's Chaos Xyz Evolution!? The Tumultuous Sports Duel Tournament"
"Kotori ga Kaosu Ekushīzu Chenji!? Haran no Supōtsu Dyueru Taikai" (小鳥がカオスエクシーズ・チェンジ!? 波乱のスポーツデュエル大会) 
November 25, 2012 October 5, 2013
When Ray makes an innocent suggestion to have a mascot girl for the Numbers club, the resulting arguments causes Tori, Cathy and the others to fall out with each other. Seeing an opportunity, Girag approaches Yuma, who is unaware of his connection to Barian World, and suggests they hold a sports duel tournament to help them make up. The tournament begins the next day, with Yuma and Shark's team pushing ahead while the team consisting of Tori and Cathy lags behind, though they manage to get over their fighting. As Girag arranges a duel between Yuma and Tori's teams, he puts Tori and Cathy under the Barian's control. With Shark going home for the day, Girag ends up getting drafted into Yuma's team, putting him in an awkward situation. Tori summons out her Xyz Monster, Fairy Cheer Girl, and uses Barian's Force to upgrade it to the Chaos Xyz Monster, Dark Fairy Cheer Girl. However, Yuma manages to summon Utopia and power it up with Girag's trap to win the duel, freeing the girls from the Barians' control. 
82 9 "Sphere Cube Calamity: Part 1" / "The Lone Barian Knight: Mizar, the Galaxy-Eyes Master Appears"
"Kokō no Barian Naito Gyarakushī Aizu Tsukai Mizaeru Arawaru" (孤高のバリアン騎士 銀河眼使いミザエル現る) 
December 9, 2012 October 12, 2013
As Dumon sends yet another Barian emissary, named Mizar, to Earth, Yuma continues to be plagued with nightmares about losing Astral. Noticing Yuma's lack of energy, Haru asks Tori to take him to Roku's place, where they again meet Kaze, who gives Yuma some spell cards from Roku. The next day, as Rio suddenly prophesises about a fearsome dragon, Yuma is confronted by Mizar, who traps him in a Sphere Field, forcing him into a duel. Determined to protect Astral, Yuma instantly summons Utopia, using one of Roku's cards to protect his overlay units from Barian's Force. To both Yuma and Astral's surprise, however, Mizar summons an Over-Hundred Number card, Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, resembling the dragon from Yuma's nightmares. 
83 10 "Sphere Cube Calamity: Part 2" / "The Astronomical Dimensional Dragon!! Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon"
"Chōdokyūjigenryū!! Gyarakushī Aizu Takion Doragon" (超弩級次元竜!! 銀河眼の時空竜) 
December 16, 2012 October 19, 2013
Using Tachyon Dragon's abilities, Mizar destroys Utopia, knocking Yuma back into the Sphere Field, which deals real damage to him. As Yuma is too weak to continue the duel, Kite arrives on the scene and takes Yuma's place in the duel. Kite summons Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, but struggles against Tachyon Dragon's abilities. However, he manages to survive Mizar's attack and summon out Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, managing to destroy Tachyon Dragon. Just then, Mizar revives Tachyon Dragon and reveals his true form, using Barian's Force to evolve it into Chaos Number 107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon. This, however, turns out to be too powerful for the Sphere Field to contain and Mizar is forced to cancel the duel. As the Sphere Field disintegrates, Shark attempts to catch Yuma, but ends up falling into a crater with him. 
84 11 "Playing Defense" / "Rise Up! Yuma Vs. Shark, A Healing Duel"
"Yomigaere!! Yūma VS Shāku Fukkatsu no Dyueru" (蘇れ!!遊馬VSシャーク復活の決闘) 
December 23, 2012 October 26, 2013
As Yuma and Shark are hospitalized following their fall, Yuma becomes downhearted about his duel with Mizar. Irritated by his behavior, Shark decides to steal Yuma's key to lure him into a duel. Shark instantly brings out both Aero Shark and Black Ray Lancer, dealing a lot of damage to Yuma. Insulted by Yuma's defensive play, Shark brings out Shark Fortress to break through Yuma's defenses. As Shark makes his final attack, Yuma's wishes to keep dueling with Astral brings him to his side, giving Yuma the tactics to turn the duel around, summoning out Heroic Champion - Excalibur and winning the duel with its abilities. 
85 12 "Counter Offensive: Part 1" / "A Lightning–Speed Counter Battle! Alito, The Determined Fighter!"
"Shippū Jinrai no Kauntā Batoru! Ketsui no Tōshi Arito" (疾風迅雷のカウンターバトル!決意の闘士アリト) 
January 6, 2013 November 2, 2013
As Yuma and Ray make their way to school, they are pursued by a group of Barian-possessed students and are forced to run. They become cornered, but are assisted by the arrival of Shark, Tori and Rio, who help Yuma fight off the forces of Barian World. Just then, Alito arrives and protects Yuma, defeating all the other students in the process, as he wanted to battle Yuma fair and square. With his alliance to Barian World revealed, Alito challenges Yuma to a duel, activating a Sphere Field along with it. Alito instantly summons Battlin' Boxer Lead Yoke while Yuma summons out Utopia, and the two engage in a battle of counter traps. Yuma eventually manages to destroy Lead Yoke by countering its ability. As Yuma and Alito become excited by the duel, Astral detects something amiss with the Sphere Field. 
86 13 "Counter Offensive: Part 2" / "Roar! Chaos Number: The Final Blow to Yuma"
"Unare! Kaosu Nanbāzu: Yūma ni Muketa Fainaru Burō" (唸れ!カオス・ナンバーズ 遊馬に向けたファイナルブロー) 
January 12, 2013 November 9, 2013
Alito summons his Over-Hundred Number monster, Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Star Cestus, while Yuma and Astral enter ZEXAL and summons Utopia Ray, both reaching a stalemate. Alito then reveals his true form and upgrades Cestus to Chaos Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus. Yuma then summons the Zexal Weapon - Eagle Claw to equip to Utopia Ray and, after a barrage of counters from both side, manages to win the duel, using the effects of Eagle Claw. As Astral finds he cannot take Alito's Number card (since Over-Hundred Numbers are not a part of his memories), prompting Alito to take his leave, Astral's body suddenly weakens from the exposure to the Barian Sphere Field. Later on, Girag finds a severely beaten Alito, who claims that Ray attacked him before passing out. 
87 14 "Dual Duel: Part 1" / "Girag's Brutal Assault! Explode Forth, Bukotsu the Pressure Point-Striking Delinquent"
"Gilagu Mōshū! Sakuretsu, Hikō Shibaku Bukotsu" (ギラグ猛襲!炸裂、秘孔死爆無惚) 
January 20, 2013 November 16, 2013
As Mizar takes Alito back to Barian World to recover, Girag vows to take revenge against Ray. He issues a duel challenge to Yuma the next day, demanding that he brings Ray with him, believing him to be the one who beat Alito. Deciding to have faith in Ray, Yuma goes to face Girag alone. However, Ray hears about the duel from Tori and Bronk and goes to join Yuma, facing against Girag in a battle royale duel. As the duel begins, with Girag revealing his true form, Yuma immediately brings out Utopia. Girag soon summons out his Over-Hundred Number card, Number 106: Giant Hand, dealing some massive damage to Ray despite Yuma's efforts to protect him. After Astral urges Yuma that protecting Ray is risky, he passes out from the damage caused by the Sphere Field. 
88 15 "Dual Duel: Part 2" / "The Pulse of V: A Super Rebirth, Utopia Ray V!!"
"Bui no Kodō: Chōshinsei Hōpurei Bui!!" (Vの鼓動 超新生ホープレイV!!) 
January 27, 2013 November 23, 2013
Weakened by the Sphere Field, Astral is forced to retreat to the key, which Yuma gives to Tori to look after. Just then, Giant Hand's effect destroys Utopia and deals damage to Yuma, forcing him to play on the defensive. Girag then uses Barian's Force to evolve Giant Hand into Chaos Number 106: Giant Red Hand, with Ray taking damage in order to protect Yuma from its attack. Ray then proceeds to help defend Yuma from Girag's attacks, as well as revive Utopia, before giving Yuma a card called Rank-Up-Magic Limited Barian's Force. Yuma uses this card to evolve Utopia into Utopia Ray V, using it to destroy Giant Red Hand and defeat Girag. Because of the severe injuries Girag suffered during the duel, he is forced to retreat back to Barian World to recover. After the duel, Ray reveals himself to Yuma as a Barian's Guardian tasked with defeating the evil Barians, asking him to keep it a secret from everyone. 
89 16 "Darkness Dawns" / "The United Front Against Dark Astral: A Challenge to the Giant of Shadows!!"
"Kyōtō Dāku Asutoraru Kage no Kyojin-e no Chōsen!!" (共闘ダークアストラル 影の巨人への挑戦!!) 
February 3, 2013 November 30, 2013
As Astral recovers he is again confronted by Number 96, who tells him he cannot win against the Barians without accepting his evil side. As Astral refuses this and looks into the Numbers, a mysterious Shadow Giant appears before him, saying he must be tested, summoning Yuma inside the key and challenging him to a duel. The giant quickly summons out his Xyz Monster, Unformed Void whilst Yuma summons out Number 61: Volcasaurus and Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis, but the giant is able to use Unformed Void's ability to counter Yuma's attack and destroy Atlandis. Number 96 appears again to remind Astral of his advice, saying that something may happen to Yuma if he loses inside the key. Fearing for Yuma's safety, Astral decides to undo the seal on Number 96, with Yuma reluctantly summoning out Dark Mist, using its abilities to defeat the giant. After the duel, Yuma and Astral are shown Astral's true memories, learning his mission is to obtain a powerful card known as the Numeron Code that can shape worlds. Yuma and Astral then return to the real world while Number 96 disappears to somewhere else. 
90 17 "You Give Love a Bot Name"" / "Operation: Save Lillybot!? I, Who Am In Love, Am Invincible, Roger"
"Obomi Dakkan Sakusen!? Koisuru oira wa Muteki de Arimasu" (オボミ奪還作戦!?恋スルオイラハ無敵デアリマス) 
February 10, 2013 December 7, 2013
After coming across a romantic movie, Orbital ends up falling in love with Lilybot. Upon misreading a dropped shopping list, believing it to be a cry for help, Orbital assumes Lilybot has been abducted by Yuma and challenges him to a duel. Orbital summons out his Xyz Monster, Googly-Eyes Drum Dragon, whilst Yuma summons out Muzurhythm. Although Yuma initially destroys Googly-Eyes, Orbital revives it and powers it up to deal Yuma some big damage. However, Yuma then summons out Temtempo and Melomelody and combines the power of his Musical Djinn monsters to defeat Orbital. After a failed attempt at getting back at Yuma, Tori manages to help Orbital become friends with Lilybot. 
91 18 "Take a Chance [3]" / "Shark Vs. Rio: The 100th Dueling Squabble"
"Shāku bāsasu Rio: Hyakku-senme no Kenka Dyueru!!" (シャークvs璃緒 100戦目の喧嘩デュエル!!) 
February 17, 2013 December 14, 2013
Bronk gets the idea that he'll be able to impress Rio if he beats Shark in a duel. After Shark turns down his offer of a duel, saying he is not even at Yuma's level, Bronk jumps to conclusions and soon a rumor spreads around the school that Yuma and Rio are dating. Believing Shark to be the cause of these rumors, Rio challenges him to a duel, which turns out to be their 100th Dueling Squabble between siblings. Shark summons out Aero Shark whilst Rio summons Zerofyne. However, Rio is put in a pinch when Shark counters her strategy by summoning out Black Ray Lancer. As Shark shows little faith in Rio's confidence as a duelist, Bronk gives her words of encouragement, giving her the courage to summon out Ice Princess Zereort and deal damage to Shark. However, Shark responds by turning her field spell against her summoning out the powerful Shark Caesar and winning the duel. After the duel, it is revealed the rumor was all due to Flip and Caswell's misunderstanding, prompting a swift revenge from Rio. 
92 19 "An Imperfect Couple: Part 1" / "A Fierce Couple Duel: "That Anna Chick" and I are a Tag Team!?"
"Gekisen Kappuru Dyueru "Anna Yatsu" to Ore ga Taggu!?" (激戦カップルデュエル 「アンナ奴」と俺がタッグ!?) 
February 24, 2013 January 11, 2014[4]
At the wedding of pro duelist Brook Walker, Anna catches the bouquet containing the spell card, Devoted Love, but she assumes is useless. As Anna decides to visit Yuma during his school's culture festival, Ray informs them of a Couple Duel tournament Brook and her new husband, Mayday, are hosting, which is said to be Brook's last duel. Wanting to find out more, Anna borrows Tori's school uniform so she can enter the tournament, forcing Yuma to be her partner. Prior to the duel, Brook is approached by Vector in energy form. As Anna confronts Brook over why she wants to quit dueling, they decide to settle things with a tag duel. The duel starts with Brook and Mayday summoning their monsters Unsinkable Titanica and Indestructible Airship Hindenkraft whilst Anna uses Yuma's monster to summon out Gustav Max. Mayday responds by summoning out his Xyz monster, Skypalace Gangaridai, destroying Gustav Max and launching a direct attack at Yuma. 
93 20 "An Imperfect Couple: Part 2" / "Self Sacrificing Love: Yuma, I've Entrusted You With My Last Draw!!"
"Kenshinteki Ai: Yūma ni Takuta Rasuto Dorō!!" (献身的な愛 遊馬に託したラストドロー!!) 
March 3, 2013 January 18, 2014
Yuma manages to survive the direct by utilizing his trap card well, and summons Gauntlet Launcher, but Anna ends up using it to bring back Gustav Max, much to Yuma's irritation. Just then, Brook is possessed by Vector and uses Barian's Force to rank up Gangaridai into the Chaos Xyz monster, Skypalace Babylon, with Yuma forced to take damage to protect Anna's life points. As Mayday prepares to launch an attack towards Yuma, Anna uses the spell she received from Brook, Devoted Love, protecting Yuma and allowing him to draw a card at the cost of her own life points. Yuma uses Limited Barian's Force to bring out Utopia Ray V to defeat both Brook and Mayday. Following the duel, Brook reveals to Anna that she isn't quitting dueling but is instead taking a break from it due to being pregnant. Meanwhile, Astral grows concerned about the card Yuma used. 
94 21 "Enter Vector" / "Shadows's Crisis! The Attack of Vector, the Manipulator!"
"Shingetsu no Kiki! Anyakusha Bekutā no Shūgeki" (裏目の危機!暗躍者ベクターの襲撃) 
March 10, 2013 January 25, 2014
Yuma comes across Ray facing off against a Barian emmissary named Vector, who flees when Yuma arrives on the scene. Ray warns Yuma about Vector, giving Yuma some more Barian cards, reminding him not to tell Astral about them. The next day, Vector appears before Yuma and Astral and forces them to duel him, revealing himself to be the Barian emissary that possessed Dr. Faker. Vector summons out Number 66: Master Key Beetle and seals away Yuma's Limited Barian's Force card. Yuma summons out Utopia and manages to destroy Master Key Beetle and recover his card, but Vector manages to revive it, recover his life points and summon tokens to destroy Utopia. As Ray arrives to give Yuma support, Yuma uses one of the cards he received from Ray, V Salamander, to revive Utopia and evolve it into Utopia Ray V, using V Salamander's effects to defeat Vector. Just then, Vector captures Ray and takes him to the Barian World, leaving Astral with Number 66: Master Key Beetle, which Vector said is the key to their final battle. 
95 22 "The Search for Shadows" / "Let's Go, To the Land of the Final Battle! Airship of the Emperor's Key, Liftoff!!"
"Iza Kessen no Chi e! Ō no Kagi no Hikōsen, Hasshin!" (いざ決戦の地へ!皇の鍵の飛行船、発進!!) 
March 17, 2013 February 1, 2014
Kite arrives just as Ray is taken to Barian World. After cowering and whining before Kite, Yuma is slapped to the ground, being told to toughen up. Later on, Astral discovers that the Master Key Beetle is the final key to start up the Emperor's Airship. Meanwhile, Shark, Yuma and Kite discuss what to do about Ray. In the middle of their discussion, they are alerted by Orbital 7 that a new anomaly is forming over Heartland City. Just as they arrive at the anomaly, Yuma's key bursts with light and a portal opens above them. The Emperor's Airship passes through the portal and crashes onto the top of the building. Astral then explains what happened with him and the ship. Determined to find Ray, Yuma prepares for the trip to Barian World. Meanwhile, Rio begs Shark to take her, and Shark obliges. The next day Yuma attempts to leave without the family noticing, but instead is surprised and helped by them. The three regroup at the crash site, however the whole gang offers to go on behalf of Ray. Yuma is then appointed captain and each person takes a different station to operate the airship. After entering the portal, they are attacked by rogue duel monsters and soon after sucked into a black hole. Yuma and the others wake up in the interstellae graveyard, Sargasso, where Vector, Mizar and Dumon await. Vector claims that Ray is dead, which enrages Yuma as he prepares to face off against him, with Shark and Kite facing off against Dumon and Mizar respectively. As Kite, Shark, and Yuma summon out their Xyz monsters however, they are suddenly hit by a field effect that inflicts 500 points of damage to each of them. 
96 23 "Shadows of Deception" / "The Mad Vector - Battle Atop the Ominous Sargasso!"
"Kyouki no Bekutā: Makyou Sarugasso no Tatakai!" (狂気のベクター 魔境サルガッソの闘い!) 
March 24, 2013 February 8, 2014
Sargasso is revealed to be a field spell which inflicts damage to players using Xyz Monsters. Vector, Dumon, and Mizar summon their Over-Hundred Numbers: Number 104: Masquerade, Number 102: Star Seraph Sentry, and Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, while also protecting themselves from Sargasso's effects through the spell card Sargasso's Lighthouse, though Mizar refrains from doing so, in order to fight on equal grounds with Kite. Blinded by his rage, Yuma brings out Utopia Ray V and destroys Masquerade. Just then, Vector seemingly disappears and Ray appears to come back to life, only for him to reveal he was Vector all along. Then, Vector undergoes Barian Battlemorph, transforming into his true Barian form. Then, Vector uses a trap to banish Yuma's V cards, restore his life points, and subject Yuma's deck to deck destruction, leaving Yuma with only three cards left in his deck. 
97 24 "Sinister Shadows" / "Countdown to Defeat! The Terror of Deck Destruction!"
"Haiboku-he no Kauntodaun! Dekki Hakai no Kyoufu" (敗北へのカウントダウン! デッキ破壊の恐怖) 
March 31, 2013 February 15, 2014
Yuma continues to be put under pressure by Vector as he decreases his deck size even further and revives Masquerade. Meanwhile, Shark and Kite summon Shark Drake Veiss and Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon respectively, while Mizar uses Barian's Force to summon Chaos Number 107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, even though doing so means he loses 500 more life points due to Sargasso's effect. Just then, a black hole appears, threatening to swallow up the spaceship along with Tori and the others inside. Vector suggests that Yuma may be able to save them if he relinquishes all of his Numbers. As Yuma becomes conflicted between saving Astral and saving his friends, Tori urges him to keep dueling, while Orbital 7 arrives to assist them in getting the ship to safety. Yuma and Astral attempt to perform ZEXAL. Unfortunately, Astral was tainted with the power of Chaos and falls under its control, and forces Yuma to fuse with him, resulting in Dark ZEXAL. 
98 25 "Shadows End" / "Break Through the Limit!! "King of Wishes, Utopia Ray Victory""
"Genkai Toppa!! "Kibō Ō Hōpurei Vikutorī"" (限界突破!!「希望皇ホープレイ・ヴィクトリー」) 
April 7, 2013 February 22, 2014
Yuma's conscience wakes up before a large Astral-shaped tower believed to be Astral's heart, facing danger due to Astral believing he had betrayed him. Meanwhile, Astral, in control of the Dark ZEXAL, summons a Dark ZEXAL weapon, Chimera Clad, to power up Utopia Ray V and deal damage to Vector, who activates a trap locking them in an eternal loop. Yuma arrives before Astral, who is becoming enveloped by the power of evil, and embraces him, forcing them out of the Dark ZEXAL union and ending the battle before he loses all of their life points. Vector uses Barian's Force to evolve Masquerade into Chaos Number 104: Umbral Horror Masquerade, though Yuma manages to defend himself by discarding Utopia Ray V and resummoning Utopia, as well as taking advantage of the cards Vector sent to his Graveyard. Regaining their bonds, Yuma and Astral fuse into a new ZEXAL form, ZEXAL II. Then, Yuma uses his new powers to change Limited Barian's Force into Rank-Up-Magic Numeron Force, and evolve Utopia into Chaos Number 39: Utopia Ray Victory, defeating Vector. ZEXAL II's appearance causes Sargasso to self-destruct, forcing Mizar and Dumon to postpone their respective duels and retreat alongside Vector, while Yuma and the others return to Heartland City. 

Season 2 (2013) Mythrian Number Wars[edit]

No. in series No. in season English dub title/Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English airdate
99 1 "A Duel in Ruins: Part 1" / "Restart the Airship! Aim for the Legendary Numbers!!"
"Hikōsen Saikidō! Densetsu no Nanbāzu wo Mazase!!" (飛行船再起動! 伝説のNo.を目指せ!!) 
April 14, 2013 March 1, 2014
Frustrated by his loss against Yuma, Vector dives into the center of his planet, into the Sea of Ill Intent, in order to free the Barian God, Don Thousand. Then, Vector offers his life to Don Thousand, and uses his power to resurrect him. Don Thousand grants Vector his power in exchange for locating the seven Mythyrian Number cards that sealed him away long ago. To achieve his plans, Don Thousand merges with Vector, and briefly possesses him, while restoring his injured body. Vector uses Don Thousand's powers to revive Mr. Heartland as a fly, who had fallen into Barian World since the events of the previous series, and he manages to locate some of the Mythyrian Numbers with assistance from Mr. Heartland. Then, Vector uses his new powers to accelerate the healing of Alito and Girag. Meanwhile, Astral brings Yuma, Tori, Shark and Rio aboard the spaceship, informing them of the Numbers scattered across the world. He also shows Yuma a message from Kazuma, saying they will need to obtain the Mythyrian Numbers before the Barians can. As they head to their first location, they end up crashing into Dumon and breaking his Baria Lapis, who ends up in a jungle, injured and stuck in his human form. Yuma doesn't recognize him, and wants to help him out despite Shark's warning to not trust others so easily. They soon come across a temple. After inadvertently activating a trap, Shark and Dumon, who decides to use the alias Nash (the name of one of the 2 missing Barian Emperors), become separated from Yuma and the others, forced to go down separate paths. Yuma's group ends up in the Mythyrian Number's chamber, where it is protected by its guardian, Mach, who challenges Yuma to see if he is worthy. Making matters worse, the walls in the room Shark and Dumon are trapped in start closing in, requiring Yuma to win quickly in order to save them. 
100 2 "A Duel in Ruins: Part 2" / "Recollection Toward Antiquity - Dumon and the White Steed, A Legendary Vision"
"Inishie e no Tsuioku: Dorube to Hakuba Densetsu no Gen'ei" (古への追憶 ドルベと白馬伝説の幻影) 
April 21, 2013 March 8, 2014
Yuma's attacks help open the way for Shark and Dumon to escape to safety, but come at the risk of receiving damage from Mach's traps and spells. After Yuma summons out Utopia, Mach brings out his own Number, Number 44: Sky Pegasus, which forces Yuma to take more damage to keep Utopia on the field. As Shark and Dumon make their way through each room, they find murals depicting a tragic legend about a white pegasus. Wanting to learn how the legend ends, Dumon urges Yuma to keep protecting Utopia, believing the legend is about protecting your friends. Although Dumon reveals his true form, after Shark's power repairs his Baria Lapis and he recovers his energy, Yuma chooses to protect Utopia. With Astral helping Yuma find a loophole in Mach's combo, Yuma manages to bring out Utopia Ray Victory and win the duel. Mach explains the rest of the legend before revealing himself as Number 44: Sky Pegasus and leaving himself in Yuma's care. Afterwards Dumon states he will settle things with Yuma next time. Yuma also finds a coin, which he believes is a memento from Kazuma. 
101 3 "The Dark Mist Rises: Part 1" / "The Cunning Vector - Astral Vs. Number 96"
"Kōkatsu-naru Bekutā: Asutoraru bāsasu Nanbāzu Kyū-jū-roku" (狡猾なるベクター アストラル VS No. 96) 
April 28, 2013 March 15, 2014
As Yuma and company head towards the location of the second sealed Number, Vector goes to see Number 96, who has been possessing a corrupt official, and convince him to join up with him in his search for the Numbers. Arriving at an abandoned castle, Vector feels an odd connection to the place, like he had been there before. As Yuma's group arrives, Rio feels a similar sensation, speaking of a legend behind the castle. Vector and Number 96 reach the central colosseum, where Number 96 comes face to face with the Number's guardian. After accidentally triggering some traps, Yuma's group also wind up in the colosseum, where Vector arranges for a duel between Astral and Number 96, who had obtained the sealed Number. Number 96 instantly summons out Dark Mist whilst Astral summons Utopia, managing to use Dark Mist's ability against him. However, Vector reveals that damaging Number 96 activates some of the colosseum's deadly traps, which are aimed right at Yuma. 
102 4 "The Dark Mist Rises: Part 2" / "Realm of Chaos - Number 96, the Incarnation of Insanity!!
"Kaosu no Ryōiki: Nanbāzu 96 Kyōki no Keshin!!" (混沌(カオス)の領域 No.96狂気の化身!!) 
May 5, 2013 March 22, 2014
Number 96 summons out the sealed Number he obtained, Number 65: Djinn Buster, managing to destroy Utopia deal a lot of damage to Astral by taking advantage of his wish not to hurt Yuma. As Astral turns to defensive play, Number 96 uses Barian's Force to evolve Djinn Buster into Chaos Number 65: King Overfiend, with Astral managing to survive by reviving Utopia. Receiving some encouragement from Astral and another one of Kazuma's coins, Yuma manages to use the trap aimed at him to his advantage and move to safety, allowing Astral to fight without hesitation. Astral summons Utopia Ray, but Number 96 uses Barian's Force again to upgrade Dark Mist to Chaos Number 96: Dark Storm, using its abilities to force the match into a draw. Vector then sets the castle to self-destruct as he and Number 96 escape, but Yuma and the others safely escape thanks to Kite's arrival. As Kite is informed of the situation, Girag and Alito awaken from their slumber. 
103 5 "Barian Vengeance: Part 1" / "Alito, the Silent Fighter - Reunion of the Passionate Duelists!"
"Chinmoku no Tōshi Arito Atsuki Dyuerisuto-tachi no Saikai!" (沈黙の闘士アリト熱き決闘者たちの再会!) 
May 12, 2013 March 29, 2014
Yuma and the others travel to Spartan City in Rome, where they learn of a duel tournament that Nistro is participating in, with Dextra serving as his manager. Nistro explains to Yuma how he and Dextra, who both grew up on the streets, found hope in Duel Monsters and wanted to give that same hope to children using his new "Star Voyager" persona. They then tell them about a legend involve a fighter who made friends with a rival, but was ultimately betrayed and executed, stating that the colosseum where the sealed Number lies is somewhere at the bottom of a lake. Later that night, Alito sets off some bombs to drain the lake, revealing the hidden colosseum. Alito enters the colosseum and defeats the sealed Number's guardian, claiming the Number just as Yuma and the others arrive at the colosseum. Alito, who seems to have no recollection of his friendship with Yuma, puts Nistro under his control and challenges Yuma and Dextra to a tag duel. Yuma summons out Utopia while Nistro summons Alito's new Number, Number 54: Lion Heart, dealing a large amount of damage to both Yuma and himself. 
104 6 "Barian Vengeance: Part 2" / "Be Revived! The Duelist Soul That Transcends Life!!"
"Yomigaere! Inochi o Koeshi Dyuerisuto Tamashii!!" (よみがえれ! 命を超えし決闘者魂!!) 
May 19, 2013 April 5, 2014
Dextra manages to protect Yuma after Alito forces Lion Heart's effect to activate again, bring Nistro's life points to 0, but he is revived due to Lion Heart's overlay effect which restores his life points, though this causes damage to his body. Alito then summons out Battlin' Boxer Cheat Commissioner, which again forces Utopia to fight against Lion Heart, but Dextra manages to redirect the attack to herself. Dextra then summons out her Xyz Monster, Photon Night Papilloperative, and, unable to prevent Alito from forcing her to fight against Lion Heart, puts all her feelings into her attack in the hopes that Nistro would remember his true desire, getting knocked out in the process. Nistro, regaining control of his fighting spirit, forgoes powering Lion Heart up with Barian's Force in order to fight Yuma fairly. Yuma then summons out Heroic Champion - Excalibur in order to fight a heated duel against him. When Alito tries to interfere and force Nistro to use Barian's Force, Yuma counters with a trap that knocks Alito out. When he is defeated, Alito experiences flashes of a past memory as the legendary fighter, while Nistro is freed from Barian control. Nistro then gives Yuma Lion Heart, before returning to the tournament scene to bring hope to children. 
105 7 "Put to the Test: Part 1" / "The Trial of the Galaxy-Eyes User! Kite's Do-Or-Die Duel"
"Garakushīaizu Tsukai e no Shiren! Kaito Kesshi no Dyueru" (銀河眼使いへの試練!カイト決死のデュエル) 
May 26, 2013 April 12, 2014
While examining the two sealed Numbers they have obtained so far, Astral sees a visions depicting the people in their respective legends as Dumon and Alito. The group soon arrive at the base of a tall rock structure, the top of which lies the fourth sealed Number. As they start climbing the structure, they hear a strange roar that resonates with Kite's Galaxy-Eyes. They arrive at a strange dojo where they meet a man named Jinlon, who guards the sealed dragon Number. As Jinlon mentions that he knows of Mizar, Astral reveals his findings to the other, believing that the Barian Emperors were once human long ago. Kite then challenges Jinlon to a duel with their dragons on the line, with Jinlon summoning his number, Number 46: Dragluon, also summoning out Armed Protector Dragon, which keeps Dragluon from being attacked. When Kite summons Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, its effects are negated by Dragluon, but Kite manages to use other means to destroy Armed Protector Dragon. As Mizar arrives at the bottom of the structure, Jinlon uses Dragluon's ability to summon Soul Drain Dragon, which uses its effect to add Kite's life point value to its attack points, raising its attack points to 8000. Soul Drain Dragon also has an effect that deals half of its ATK points as damage when it is destroyed. 
106 8 "Put to the Test: Part 2" / "The Legend of Mizar! The Divine Dragon That Became a Number"
"Mizaeru Densetsu! Nanbāzu Tonatta Kami no Ryū" (ミザエル伝説! No.となった神の龍) 
June 2, 2013 April 19, 2014
Kite sacrifices some of his own life points, so that he can weaken Soul Drain Dragon and destroy it with Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon without losing to Soul Drain Dragon's effects. Jinlon then uses Dragluon's ability to take control of Galaxy-Eyes, but Kite manages to stop its attack and reobtain Galaxy-Eyes so he can summon Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and defeat Jinlon. After the duel, Jinlon tells the others about Mizar's legend, who had formed a bond with Dragluon. When the village wanted to sacrifice Dragluon to ward off rainy weather, Mizar prepared to sacrifice himself to save Dragluon, but they were both struck down by the king's army. Mizar overhears this legend and denies it, preparing to fight against Kite. However, their resonance causes the dojo to collapse, forcing Mizar to retreat. The dojo then disappears, with Jinlon leaving Dragluon in Astral's hands, warning them of a potential disaster that resonates all too well, who feels his mission is to destroy Barian World, but he decided to give the number to Kite, so that he can defeat Mizar, and to see who was the true Galaxy-Eyes Master. 
107 9 "Furry Fury" / "Yuma Confused!? The Unreliable Account of Girag, the Tanuki"
"Bakasareta Yūma!? Giragu Tanuki no Kawazan'yō" (化かされた遊馬!? ギラグ狸の皮算用) 
June 9, 2013 April 26, 2014
Yuma returns home and watches a news report about a stone statue of Commander Kiraku from the Warring States period discovered at Roku's Duel Sanctuary. The statue bears a striking resemblance to Girag, and believing there is a Number card to be found, Yuma, Astral, and Tori go check it out. Girag, having returned to the human world, also sees the report and gets to the statue before Yuma and his friends. A Number card pops out of the statue, but then a tanuki spirit emerges from the statue and possesses Girag. When Yuma and company finally arrive, they are surprised to see that the tanuki spirit, Ponta, is in control of Girag's body while Girag himself is in the statue. Ponta is in fact the Number's Guardian, and Yuma challenges him to a duel with the Number card and Girag at stake. After Xyz Summoning Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu, Ponta temporarily possesses Yuma and proceeds to waste all of Yuma's cards in a series of misplays. Nonetheless, Yuma manages to win the duel and claim the Number. It is revealed that in the legend of Girag, Ponta was just a stray animal picked up by Girag and had the ability to transform himself into a duplicate of Girag, allowing Ponta to act as his double for battles. However, Ponta was betrayed by Girag, who sent him away before a big battle, making Ponta angry, and his spirit had been sealed in the statue ever since then. Girag defends himself by saying that he drove Ponta away because he knew he was entering a losing battle, and he wanted Ponta to stay alive. Girag, in spirit form, then bursts out of the statue and swallows Ponta, reclaiming his body. He then departs back to Barian World, with Ponta's spirit resting inside him. 
108 10 "A Sea of Troubles: Part 1" / "Temptation from the Bottom of the Sea! Shark's Dream-like Memory"
"Kaitei kara no Sasoi! Shāku Mugen no Kioku" (海底からの誘い!シャーク夢幻の記憶) 
June 16, 2013 May 3, 2014
As the gang arrive at the location of the final two sealed Numbers, above a stormy ocean, Rio suddenly starts hearing a voice in her head and is drawn towards the ocean; and she dives into it. Shark, Yuma and Astral dive in after her and wind up in a mysterious world underneath the sea, following Rio's footprints to a strange labyrinth, where Shark becomes separated from the others. Arriving at a temple in the center of the labyrinth, Shark finds Rio, who has been possessed by the Number's guardian, Abyss, and is challenged to a duel. Sharks summons out Black Ray Lancer while Abyss summons out Gorgonic Guardian, using its powers to destroy Black Ray Lancer. When Abyss projects a strange light, Shark sees a vision in which he and Rio were rulers of an ancient civilization, which was attacked by Vector. As Shark's life points are knocked down to 200, Dumon appears before Yuma and Astral. 
109 11 "A Sea of Troubles: Part 2" / "Shark Vs. the Raging Waterfall God - Abyss! Collision, the Two Numbers!!"
"Shāku Bāsasu Gekirōshin Abisu! Gekitō, Futari no Nanbāzu!!" (シャークvs激瀧神アビス!激突、2体のNo.!!) 
June 23, 2013 May 10, 2014
Dumon states his desire to find the two missing Barian Emperors, Nash and Marin, while Astral responds that his mission is to destroy the Barian World. Meanwhile, Shark encounters more visions while Abyss summons his namesake, Number 73: Abyss Splash. Astral and Dumon are brought into one of Shark's visions, in which Rio sacrificed herself to help Shark fight off Vector, leading to the realization that both Shark and Rio are the missing, former Barian Emperors. As Abyss attempts to sacrifice Rio in the same manner, Yuma manages to save her while Shark becomes able to summon Rio's Number card, Number 94: Crystal Zero, and win the duel. As Shark receives Abyss' card, everyone returns to the ship, but Rio remains unconscious. 
110 12 "A World of Chaos: Part 1" / "The Three Worlds That Will Be Destroyed! Ultimate, Rampaging Number 96!!"
"Horobi-yuku Santsu no Sekai! Kyūkyoku Bōsō Nanbāzu Kyūjūroku!!" (滅びゆく3つの世界! 究極暴走No.96!!) 
June 30, 2013 May 17, 2014
Number 96 finally obtains and masters the power of Chaos, and as a result, he begins to destroy Astral World, Barian World, and the Human World. Don Thousand informs Vector that Number 96 had gone out of control, and that his newfound powers are allowing him to destroy Barian World along with Astral World. As a result, Vector head off to find Number 96. As various supernatural disasters occur across the Earth, Number 96 appears and brings Yuma, Astral, Tori, Shark, and Kite to a Chaos Field, forcing Yuma and Astral into a Sphere Field that barrages them with lightning. As the duel goes on, Number 96 manages to summon Chaos Number 96: Dark Storm, before using the field spell Chaos Field to steal Yuma's Number 69: Heraldry Crest and Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon, and rank them up into Chaos Number 69: Heraldry Crest of Horror and Chaos Number 92: Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon. This allows Number 96 to effectively negate the effects of Yuma's Utopia Ray Victory. Number 96 then uses the ability of Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon, which prevents Yuma from activating card effects of cards on the field until the End Phase, making Yuma unable to avoid Number 96's attacks. 
111 13 "A World of Chaos: Part 2" / "Moment of Doomsday! Bonds Entrusted to a Partner"
"Shūen no Toki...! Aibō ni Takushita Kizuna" (終焉のとき...! 相棒に託した絆) 
July 7, 2013 May 24, 2014
After barely managing to survive Number 96's attack, with the ability of Bacon Saver, Astral helps Yuma with his duel. Using the special ability of Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon, Dark Mist raises his Life Points to 7,500, while Yuma only has 500 Life Points remaining. Meanwhile, Vector watches on from a hidden vantage point, believing that Yuma and Astral would lose the duel, although it would be interesting to watch it happen. Being unwilling to give up, Yuma and Astral merge into ZEXAL II, and bring out Utopia Ray and two new Zexal Weapons: Sleipnir Mail and Asura Blow. This allows Yuma to overpower Number 96's monsters and defeat him. In a last-ditch attempt, Number 96 uses the last of his strength to try and take over Astral's body, but Astral chooses to sacrifice himself to destroy Dark Mist, leaving Yuma horrified. This action severely drains Astral and forces him to retreat to Astral World, and he entrusts Yuma with the Numbers they obtained, before fading away. Then, Astral takes the Emperor's Key with him, before sending Yuma and his friends back to Earth, causing Yuma to scream in despair. 
112 14 "Memory Thief: Part 1" / "A Pure-Hearted Duelist! Start Up the Chronomaly!!"
"Junshin-naru Dyuerisuto! Ōpātsu Shidō!!" (純真なる決闘者! 先史遺産」始動!!) 
July 14, 2013 May 31, 2014
As Yuma remains reclused following Astral's disappearance, Don Thousand gives Vector the remnants of Number 96's power, who is revealed to be a shard of Don Thousand's malice that was trapped inside of Astral, during Astral's ancient battle with Don Thousand. Number 96 is also revealed to be a "Forbidden Number." Then, Don Thousand reveals his plan to use his new powers from Number 96 to make a Fusionizer, to merge the Human World with Barian World, once the level of evil in the Human World reaches that of Barian World. This would increase Don Thousand's power by a thousandfold, giving him enough power to destroy Astral World. In order to create more Fuzionizers, Don Thousand emerges from Vector's body in a black energy form resembling his true likeness, and fuses Vector to his throne, in order to concentrate their energy on making more Fusionizers. Then, using his newly enhanced powers, Vector returns Mr. Heartland to his human form, grants him four Fake Number cards, and gives him a group of 3 Barian servants, who, along with Mr. Heartland, make up the Fearsome Four of the Dark Dueling World. Mr. Heartland distributes 3 of the Number cards among the other members of the Fearsome Four, while he keeps Number 1. Soon afterwards, a servant named Erazor begins attacking duelists and stealing their memories. When Tori and the others try looking into the incident to cheer Yuma up, they are caught by Erazor, who steals their memories and uses them as bait to lure Yuma into a duel. Heartland attempts to coerce Yuma into giving up his Numbers to save his friends, but he remains determined to cling onto the Numbers that Astral had left him. He is soon joined by Trey, who offers to support Yuma in a 2-on-1 duel against Erazor. However, Mr. Heartland uses Don Thousand's power (which manifests in a crest-like form of Don Thousand's Barian Emblem) to activate a field effect, which puts Yuma and Trey at a distinct disadvantage against Erazor, by reducing their Life Points to 2000, and raising Erazor's Life Points to 8000. Then, Erazor shows his true Barian form: a large cicada-like creature. 
113 15 "Memory Thief: Part 2" / "The Power of a New Hope!! Combination of Friendship - Atlandis Utopia"
"Atarashiki Kibō no Chikara!! Yūjō Gattai Atorantaru Hōpu" (新しき希望の力!! 友情合体「アトランタルホープ) 
July 21, 2013 June 7, 2014
Erazor quickly summons out the Number he received from Vector, Number 3: Cicada King, using its ability to negate a combo Yuma had planned to use with Utopia. Trey summons Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech, managing to damage Erazor with help from Yuma's cards. However, Erazor deals a lot of damage to Trey, who took the hit for Yuma, and activates a trap that would ensure Yuma's victory on his next turn. As Yuma struggles to think of a comeback, Tori and the others regain some of their memories and show their support, reminding Yuma that he is not alone. Yuma then sets the stage for Trey to summon Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis, equip it with Utopia, and use Atlandis to win the duel, destroying Erazor and returning Tori and the others to normal. Afterwards, Yuma decides to give Cicada King to Trey as a sign of their friendship. 
114 16 "Tentacles of Terror: Part 1" / "Duelists of Sorrow: The Gimmicks Puppets' Rumble of Darkness!!"
"Hiai-naru Dyuerisuto "Gimikku Pappetto" Meidō" (悲哀なる決闘者地獄人形ギミックパペット冥動!!) 
July 28, 2013 July 14, 2014 (Hulu)[2]
As Yuma, Tori and Trey decide to visit the hospital, they discover another one of Heartland's lackies, Chironex, who sucks Rio's blood and poisons her, putting her in a critical condition, before heading off in search of Shark. Meanwhile, Shark heads towards his family's mansion, in order to try and regain his memories, recalling the tragic day in which a traffic accident took his parents' lives. He arrives at his old house, where he recalls a scar he got while protecting Rio from a falling suit of armor. Shark is then confronted by Chironex, who reveals he has poisoned both him and Rio, and must be defeated in order to obtain the antidote. Quattro, who had learned about Rio's condition, steps in to join Shark in a duel against Chironex. Chironex summons Number 4: Stealth Kragen, using its ability to deal damage to Shark. Quattro then summons Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder, using its ability to destroy Stealth Kragen. However, Chironex still has a trick up his sleeve. 
115 17 "Tentacles of Terror: Part 2" / "Shark and Quattro's World-Shaking Mayhem!! The Hell-Shark Tag Team"
"Shāku to IV Tenka Sōrin!! Jigoku Zame Taggu" (シャークとⅣ 天下騒乱!! 地獄ザメタッグ) 
August 4, 2013 July 21, 2014 (Hulu)
Chironex uses Number 4: Stealth Kragen's ability to summon two Kragen Spawns, bringing back Stealth Kragen and another Spawn when Quattro uses Giant Grinder's ability again. As the poison continues to worsen Shark's condition, Quattro summons Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings, but it has its abilities blocked by Chironex's trap card. After receiving encouragement from Quattro to stand up, Shark manages to summon Abyss Splash and works together with Quattro to defeat Chironex. This allows Shark and Rio to be cured of the poison, and earns Quattro the Stealth Kragen card. Before disappearing, Chironex remembers that he was responsible for the car accident that killed Shark's family. However, he muses that Shark and Rio shouldn't be here, because he remembered that they were killed in the accident. Afterwards, Shark finds an emblem in his family's mansion, similar to the one he saw in his visions of his past life (the Barian Emblem), implying that he and Rio had died in that accident. 
116 18 "Now or Never: Part 1" / "Stern Duelists: The Dyson Sphere Upheaveal!!"
"Reigen Dyuerisuto "Daison Sufia" Gekidō!!" (冷厳なる決闘者 ダイソンスフィア激動!!) 
August 11, 2013 July 28, 2014 (Hulu)
As Yuma continues to put on a brave face around the subject of Astral, Flip builds a memorial for him to show everyone's respects. However, Yuma still refuses to acknowledge Astral's death, even when the others try to confront him about it. Just then, Kite appears before him, stating that they may find a way to bring Astral back, if they can find a way into Astral World to search for the Numeron Code. He states that they could use the coins left by Kazuma, which are believed to be fragments of Astrite crystals, to power an interdimentional gate to Astral World. He takes Yuma and Tori to the location of an interdimensional gate he and Quinton built, where they manage to convince Quinton to let him go, despite the dangers involved. As the preparations are made to send Yuma to Astral World, Heartland's third minion, Scritch, attempts to interrupt the experiment, challenging Kite and Quinton to a handicap duel. Quinton and Kite summon Number 9: Dyson Sphere and Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon respectively, while Scritch summons his monster, Number 2: Ninja Shadow Mosquito, which is hidden from sight. 
117 19 "Now or Never: Part 2" / "Kite In a Frenzy: The Ultimate Teacher-And-Student Bloody Battle!!"
"Gyakujyō no Kaito Kyūkyoku no Shitei Kessen!!" (逆上のカイト 究極の師弟血戦!!) 
August 18, 2013 August 4, 2014 (Hulu)
After Kite and Quinton discover that Ninja Shadow Mosquito is literally as small as a mosquito, Scritch uses its ability to make Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon attack Quinton. Meanwhile, Kite is affected by a mosquito bite he received from Scritch during his journey, which is causing him to confuse his allies with his enemies. Recalling his training days with him, Quinton manages to awaken Kite's inner fire and break him free of the Scritch's influence. With help from Quinton, Kite manages to power up Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and defeat Scritch, and obtain his Number card. After the duel, the interdimensional gate is fully charged, allowing Yuma to go to Astral World. 
118 20 "Mission: Astral World, Part 1" / "Deity of the Holy Azure Land - Eliphas, the Radiant"
"Aoki Seichi no Kami Senkō no Erifas" (青き聖地の神 閃光のエリファス) 
August 25, 2013 August 11, 2014 (Hulu)
Arriving in Astral World, Yuma is guided by a Rainbow Kuriboh Kazuma built towards a strange town, where he is attacked by a strange being named Eliphas. Escaping thanks to Rainbow Kuriboh, Yuma receives a message from Kazuma, telling him to save Astral. Meanwhile, Shark, who is conflicted between his childhood memories and Barian memories, is approached by Dumon, who reveals to Shark that he is one of the Seven Barian Emperors, Nash. Yuma is rescued by an Astral being named Ena, who states Yuma can use the power of Chaos to restore the damage done to Astral World, and help its people fight against Eliphas, who has put the town under his control. With Ena's help, Yuma finds where Astral is laying, with Eliphas standing in his way. As the two begin to duel, Eliphas summons his Xyz monster, New Order 4: Etheric Anubis, while Yuma summons Utopia. However, Yuma is soon pushed into a corner when Eliphas exhibits the ability to perform a Shining Draw. 
119 21 "Mission: Astral World, Part 2" / "Transcendental State! The Threatening Double Rank-Up!!
"Kōjigen no Kyōchi! Kyōi no Daburu Ranku Appu!!" (高次元の境地! 脅威のダブル・ランクアップ!) 
September 1, 2013 August 18, 2014 (Hulu)
Eliphas uses his Shining Draw to draw Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force, and double ranks up Anubis to New Order 6: Etheric Apophis, while also putting pressure on Yuma by holding Ena and the others hostage. Yuma manages to draw Numeron Force and bring out Utopia Ray Victory to destroy Apophis, but Eliphas activates a trap to summon out New Order 8: Etheric Sebek, before using the effects of his 2 Astral Force cards to upgrade it to New Order 10: Etheric Horus and New Order 12: Etheric Mahes respectively, summoning the previous two forms alongside it. Eliphas uses his monsters to bring Yuma's life points down to 100, and is poised to wipe out the rest of Yuma's life points with his next attack. Meanwhile, Dumon shows Shark the rest of Nash's memories as he battled against Vector to avenge Rio's death, eventually coming across an orphaned girl that looked just like Rio. 
120 22 "Mission: Astral World, Part 3" / "Clash of the Two Kings! An Ancient Duel - Shark Vs. Vector"
"Nidaiō Gekitō! Inishie no Kettō Shāku Bāsasu Bekutā" (二大王激突! 古の決闘シャークVSベクター) 
September 8, 2013 August 25, 2014 (Hulu)
Yuma is protected from Eliphas' attack thanks to Rainbow Kuriboh. Meanwhile, Shark continues living through Nash's memories, where he looks after the orphaned girl, Iris, as he goes into battle against Vector. There, Shark is contacted by Rio's spirit, who reminds him his fate is his own to make. Going on his own to face up against Vector, Nash arrives at the labyrinth he visited before and confronts him in a Shadow Game using stone tablets. Vector deals a lot of damage to Nash with his Gorgonic Guardians, but Nash manages to summon Abyss Splash and defeat him. After the duel, however, Nash discovers his men, along with Iris, had all been killed as a result of the shadow game, their souls ascending to Barian World. Having seen all of this, Shark comes to accept the truth that he is Nash, bitterly realizing that Yuma, Astral, and Kite would soon become his enemies. Back in Astral World, Eliphas makes preparations for summoning his Rank 13 monster. 
121 23 "Mission: Astral World, Part 4" / "Inheritor of the Light!! King of Wishes, Utopia Roots"
"Hikari o Tsugumono!! Kibō'ō Hōpu Rūtsu" (光を継ぐ者!! 希望皇ホープルーツ) 
September 15, 2013 September 1, 2014 (Hulu)
Eliphas summons the powerful Rank 13 monster, New Order 13: Etheric Amon, using its effect to take cards from Yuma's deck and turn them into overlay units, growing more powerful. This in turn causes the interdimensional transporter to overload, forcing Tori, Kite, and Quinton to leave it behind. Yuma manages to defend himself by banishing Utopia Ray Victory and defending himself with Rainbow Kuriboh, resummoning Utopia at the end of the turn. Refusing to give up, Yuma gains the power to perform his own Shining Draw, drawing the card Rank-Down-Magic Numeron Fall, using it to 'rank down' Utopia and devolve him into a new form, Number 39: Utopia Roots. Then, Yuma uses the effects of Utopia Roots to steal Ethric Amon's overlay units and power it up to incredible amounts, defeating Eliphas. To show their gratitude, the people of Astral World lend their power to revive Astral, and purge him of the corruption that resulted from Vector's mechinations, reuniting him with Yuma. After Astral receives a card from Eliphas, Yuma and Astral return home, with Kazuma and Mira watching from afar. Meanwhile, Dumon takes Shark and Rio to Barian World, where Shark comes to accept his destiny as its protector, with Rio choosing to follow him. Determined not to let tragedies befall his people again, Nash betrays Yuma and his friends in favor of Barian World. Meanwhile, Don Thousand and Vector have finished making the Fusionizers, and Don Thousand tells Vector that it is time to put his plan into motion. 
122 24 "Assimilation: Part 1" / "A Sign of the World's Collapse!! Mr. Heartland's Grand Revolt"
"Sekai Kanraku no Zenchō!! Misutā Hātorando no Daihanran" (世界陥落の前兆!! Mr.ハートランドの大反乱) 
September 22, 2013 September 8, 2014 (Hulu)
Vector is freed from Don Thousand's throne, and sends a million fake Number cards to Earth from the Fusionizers, turning anyone who picks one up into a servant of Barian World. Vector uses his power to choke Mr. Heartland, and threatens him to recover the 3 Number cards that he lost; if he succeeds, Vector will give him a spot among the Seven Barian Emperors, but Vector warns him that this is his last chance. Don Thousand claims that this will be the end of both Earth and Astral World, and that after the destruction of both worlds, he would claim the Numeron Code for himself. Mr. Heartland appears before Kite and the others, revealing he intends to use the energy from the Fake Numbers to connect Earth with the Barian World. Barian World begins to merge with the Human World, and energy from Barian World begin to appear in the form of red spheres. Also, the Earth becomes saturated in Barian energy. Flip picks one of these cards up himself (Number 10: Dark Illumiknight), hoping to become stronger and help Yuma. The others realize that someone had taken a fake Number, and Quattro realizes that Flip had taken one of the fake Numbers, even as he falls under the control of Barian World. Soon afterwards, Flip and other people begin to vanish, and are absorbed into the conduit between Barian World and the Human World. Kite realizes that once the Human World has been merged with Barian World, the Barians would be able to attack Astral World directly, just like how Hart was able to attack Astral World. Desiring to stop Mr. Heartland, Kite challenges Heartland to a duel. Heartland summons the number he received from Vector, Number 1: Infection Buzz King, and deals a lot of damage to Kite. At the same time, Kite also reels from the effects of the fake Number 2: Ninja Shadow Mosquito he got from Scritch. Back in Barian World, Shark and Rio appear before Vector as the 2 leaders of the Seven Barian Emperors, Nash and Marin (in their true Barian forms), much to Vector's shock and horror. Kite falls unconscious from the damage he took, and Mr. Heartland claims Fake Numbers 3 and 4 from both Trey and Quattro. Just then, Yuma and Astral return to face Mr. Heartland. 
123 25 "Assimilation: Part 2" / "The Hero's Triumphant Return! Carrying On a Friend's Will!!"
"Yūsha no Gaisen! Tomo no Ishi o Hikitsugu!!" (勇者の凱旋! 友の意志を引き継げ!!) 
September 29, 2013 September 15, 2014 (Hulu)
Nash and Marin overlook Vector's past aggressions and unites the Barian leaders. Dumon reveals that Nash and Marin had lost all of their memories after ending up on Earth, prior to their return. Vector nearly panics, thinking that with Nash's memories back, Nash had returned to kill him, but Don Thousand tells Vector to calm down, telling him that Vector's blood was not on Nash's mind. In an effort to prove his loyalty, Nash gives Vector the permission to kill him if he sensed any hint of betrayal. Nash then gives each of the Barian Emperors new powers and tells Vector not to underestimate Yuma and Astral. Then, following Vector's advice, Nash decides that it is time for the Seven Barian Emperors to attack. Yuma takes Kite's place in the duel with Kite's remaining 1750 Life Points as Heartland reveals his true fly-like form, revealing that he had been reborn as a Barian. Yuma summons Utopia and manages to destroy Infection Buzz King, but Heartland summons several Infection Bug Tokens in its place, which he uses to destroy Utopia and deal damage to Yuma. However, Yuma summons Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and fuses with Astral to create a new ZEXAL transformation, ZEXAL III, allowing him to summon Zexal Server - Banish Sage and equip it to Galaxy-Eyes. Yuma uses ZEXAL III's power of "Zexal Field" to counter Mr. Heartland's Barian Field. Banish Sage's effect allows Galaxy-Eyes to Banish all of the Bug Tokens and defeat Mr. Heartland, causing him to revert to his human form. Then, Fake Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 surround Mr. Heartland and burst into black flames, burning him alive, even as he begs Vector for mercy. Then, the flames briefly turn red and coalesces into the form of Don Thousand, whom Astral recognizes, before vanishing. After Mr. Heartland's defeat, all of the remaining Fake Numbers are destroyed as well. As Yuma learns of Flip's disappearance, he notices something amiss with the large flow of energy coming from Barian World. 

Season 3 (2013–14) Barian Emperor Onslaught[edit]

No. in series No. in season English dub title/Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English airdate
124 1 "Battle with the Barians" / "The Seven Barian Emperors! Soldiers of the Crimson World!!"
"Barian Nanakō! Akaki Sekai no Senshi!" (バリアン七皇! 紅き世界の戦士!!) 
October 6, 2013 September 22, 2014 (Hulu)
Nash and the other Barian Emperors appear before Yuma and the others, revealing Nash's true allegiance. When Yuma denies this, his key and Nash's Barian Emblem suddenly react to each other, allowing both of them to see each other's memories. When Yuma falls unconscious as a result, Yuma and the others are barely able to escape, thanks to the arrival of Kaze and Roku, who use smoke bombs to cover their escape. Then, Anna, Nelson, Nistro, Dextra, Roku, and Kaze decide to duel against the Barian Emperors. They are joined by Bronk, who stays behind to face Marin, and Quattro, who faces Nash. Vector, however, decides to watch the duels from a rooftop, in order to gauge Nash's power. Marin summons her Over-Hundred Number, Number 103: Ragnazero. Quattro summons his Giant Grinder, but Nash summons his new Number card, Number 101: Silent Honor ARK, using its effect to turn Giant Grinder into one of its Overlay Units. Quattro manages to reclaim Giant Grinder and uses Rank-Up-Magic Argent Chaos Force, a card made by his father, Vetrix, to evolve Giant Grinder into Chaos Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Hunter, and destroy ARK. However, Nash and the other Barian Emperors use their power to perform a simultaneous Chaos Draw, which shocks Vector. 
125 2 "Fight for a Friend" / "The Immortal Spearman - Silent Honor Dark Knight"
"Fujimi no Sōjutsushi Sairento Onāzu Dāku Naito" (不死身の槍術士 S・H・Dark Knight) 
October 13, 2013 September 29, 2014 (Hulu)
The Seven Barian Emperors use their Chaos Draw to draw Rank-Up-Magic The Seventh One, which allows them to evolve their Over-Hundred Numbers into Chaos Numbers, from their field, Graveyard, or Extra Deck. The Emperors use Rank-Up-Magic The Seventh One to summon their Chaos Over-Hundred Numbers, including Chaos Number 102: Archfiend Seraph, and Chaos Number 103: Ragnafinity. Then, with their new Chaos Numbers, they are able to defeat their opponents. Nash uses Rank-Up-Magic The Seventh One to evolve ARK into Chaos Number 101: Silent Honor DARK. Nash uses DARK's ability to turn Giant Hunter into one of its Overlay Units, before attacking Quattro directly. Quattro manages to survive Nash's attack, and uses Argent Chaos Force to evolve his Gimmick Puppet of Strings into Chaos Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Dark Strings, and destroys DARK in an attempt to reach Shark's feelings. However, Nash uses DARK's effect to bring it back and restore his own life points, before using DARK's ability again to turn Dark Strings into its Overlay Unit. Nash then enrages Quattro by showing him footage of his allies as they are defeated by the Barian Emperors one by one and their souls sent to Barian World. 
126 3 "Farewell for a Friend" / "Farewell, My Friend... Feelings Fallen into the Void!!"
"Saraba Tomo yo... Kokū e Chiru Omoi!!" (さらば友よ... 虚空へ散る想い!!) 
October 20, 2013 October 6, 2014 (Hulu)
Quattro brings out Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo, and uses Argent Chaos Force once more to evolve it into Chaos Number 88: Gimmick Puppet Disaster Leo. Then, Quattro uses Disaster Leo's effect to inflict 4000 points of damage to Nash, reducing his life points to 1300. However, Nash uses a trap card to attach one of Chaos Number 101's Overlay Units to Disaster Leo, preventing Quattro from scoring an automatic win with its effect. Nash uses a chain of effects to power up DARK to 3800 attack points, even though his life points are reduced to 900 in the process. Then, Nash destroys Disaster Leo and defeats Quattro, whose soul is sent to Barian World after having a few final words with Nash. Meanwhile, Yuma regains consciousness and learns what happened to his friends. As Yuma tries to think of a way to stop the Barians without fighting his friend, Nash, Astral suggests that they may be able to return them to normal if they defeat Don Thousand. However, Kite chooses not to get involved, while Trey and Quinton become determined to avenge Quattro. With Yuma and Astral preparing to head off to Barian World alone, Cathy encourages Tori to go with them, while Trey and Quinton prepare to face off against Mizar. 
127 4 "Settling the Score, Part 1" / "The Unflinching Brother Combo - Tachyon Dragon Imprisoned!!
"Fukutsu no Kyōdai Konbo Takion Doragon Yūhei!!" (不屈の兄弟コンボ 時空竜幽閉!!) 
October 27, 2013 October 13, 2014 (Hulu)
Mizar takes on both Trey and Quinton at once. Vector uses the diversion of the Emperors to his advantage, putting Alito and Girag under Don Thousand's mind control, as part of his plan to overthrow Nash, even while Alito calls Vector a fool for resurrecting Don Thousand. Meanwhile, Caswell and Cathy tell Yuma's family where he has gone. Quinton immediately brings out Dyson Sphere, the massive monster's presence alerting Dumon and Marin to the duel. Mizar, despite being prevented from summoning his Chaos Number immediately, tells Marin and Dumon to go after Yuma and Kite, forcing the brothers to trap the three Emperors in a Sphere Field. Mizar summons Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon and destroys Dyson Sphere. In their respective locations, Kite and Yuma dwell on Trey and Quinton's situation. Girag alerts Nash to Yuma's departure in order to trick him, and Nash promptly returns to Barian World to pursue him. Trey summons Atlandis and attempts to use Dyson Sphere to gain its ATK, but Mizar uses a trap to negate this effect. But the brothers have planned for this, and use Argent Chaos Force, ranking Atlandis up to Chaos Number 6: Chronomaly Chaos Atlandis and attacking Tachyon Dragon. Mizar's trap is destroyed to preserve Tachyon Dragon, allowing Trey to equip Tachyon Dragon to Chaos Atlandis, denying Mizar the conditions necessary to use The Seventh One. 
128 5 "Settling the Score, Part 2" / "Tears of Separation... The Tyranny of Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon!!"
"Wakare no Namida... Neo Gyarakushīaizu Takion Doragon no Bōi!!" (別れの涙... 超銀河眼の時空龍の暴威!!) 
November 3, 2013 October 20, 2014 (Hulu)
Quinton brings back Dyson Sphere and uses Argent Chaos Force to evolve it to Chaos Number 9: Chaos Dyson Sphere, before using Chronomaly Chaos Atlandis to bring Mizar's life points to 1. However, Mizar than uses a trap to survive their attack, and return Tachyon Dragon to his side, allowing him to use The Seventh One to bring out Chaos Number 107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, which prevents Trey and Quinton from defending themselves. Meanwhile, Girag captures Nash during their travel and brings him to Don Thousand, saying that he couldn't allow Nash to duel Yuma, "in the name of Don Thousand." Before their defeat, Trey and Quinton reveal to both Mizar and Yuma that their mission was to buy time for Kite to head towards the moon, so that he can search for the Numeron Code and fulfill The Legend of the Dragons of Light and Time. Saying their goodbyes to Yuma, the two are defeated by Mizar as he destroys their Chaos Numbers, and their souls are sent to Barian World. Mizar decides to head to the moon to confront Kite. 
129 6 "Fists of Fury, Part 1" / "The Shadow of Chaos - Yuma Vs. Alito the Tenacious Fighter"
"Konton no Kage Yūma Bāsasu Shūnen no Tōshi Arito" (混沌の影 遊馬VS執念の闘士アリト) 
November 10, 2013 October 27, 2014 (Hulu)
Yuma and Astral are confronted by Alito, who challenges them to a duel with Tori's life at stake. As Alito uses The Seventh One to bring out Chaos Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus, Astral notices he is being possessed by Don Thousand. Don Thousand reveals his presence to Yuma and Astral, and reveals that by collecting the 7 Mythyrian Numbers, they released the seal placed on him. He also reveals to them that he revived the 7 humans depicted in the ruins of the Mythyrian Numbers as the Seven Barian Emperors, because their souls were connected to their corresponding Mythyrian Numbers. Despite taking a lot of damage from Alito's attack, Yuma senses that his passionate dueling still resides within him. Wanting to bring Alito back to his old self, Yuma summons Heroic Champion - Excalibur, but his attack is stopped by Alito, who then summons Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk, which he equips to Comet Cestus. Managing to defend against his attacks, Yuma prepares to bet on Number 54: Lion Heart to awaken Alito's memories, despite the dangers that would be involved. 
130 7 "Fists of Fury, Part 2" / "Fiery Fist of Awakening!! Alito's Time of Revival"
"Kakusei no Netsuken!! Arito Fukkatsu no Koku" (覚醒の熱拳!! アリト復活の刻) 
November 17, 2013 November 3, 2014 (Hulu)
Yuma brings out Lion Heart, which reawakens Alito's memories of his past life, in which he was allegedly betrayed by his best friend and sentenced to death. Yuma then uses Lion Heart's power to have Alito discard Rhapsody in Berserk, dispelling Don Thousand's hold on him. Although no longer under control and freeing Tori, Alito demands that they see their duel through to the end as he still holds hatred over his past. Alito brings back Rhapsody in Berserk and uses Barian's Force to evolve it into Chaos Number 80: Requiem in Berserk and equip it to Comet Cestus to negate Lion Heart's effect, but Yuma manages to survive thanks to his trap card. Feeling Alito may be under a different curse altogether, Astral encourages Yuma to destroy Comet Cestus with Lion Heart and win the duel. This in turn shows Alito the true nature of his memories, in which Don Thousand had taken control of Alito's friend, causing him to turn against Alito so he could be revived as a Barian Emperor. Having learned the truth, Alito decides to join Yuma's team and help them pursue Vector who, at that point, appears before Marin and Dumon. 
131 8 "Power Play" / "Vector’s Scorn - The Sundered Seven Emperors!!
"Bekutā no Chōshō Hikisakareta Nanakō!!" (ベクターの嘲笑 引き裂かれた七皇!!) 
November 24, 2013 November 10, 2014 (Hulu)
Don Thousand, whose power resides in Vector's body, reveals that he had revived the Seven Barian Emperors for his own gains: to become his "food" in order to restore him to his full power. Although Dumon and Marin tell Vector that this means that he will also become Don Thousand's "food," Vector doesn't care, because he insists that because he has merged with Don Thousand, he has become a god. Vector, now wielding Don Thousand's power, challenges Dumon and Marin to a duel, using the power he absorbed from Number 96 to summon out Dark Mist. Marin and Dumon summon out Number 103: Ragnazero and Number 102: Star Seraph Sentry respectively, using their combined abilities to destroy Dark Mist. However, Vector summons Number 43: Manipulator of Souls, and equips Dark Mist to it. Then, Vector recovers his life points using the continuous spell Don Thousand's Throne, which draws its power from Nash, who is held captive within an energy barrier. This effect combo in turn increases Manipulator of Souls's attack points, and deals damage to Marin. Vector then reveals he had attempted to kill Nash and Marin before, by throwing them into a pit. However, they were rescued by Abyss, who had their memories removed and their souls reborn in the human world, in the bodies of Shark and Rio. Marin, enraged by Vector's words, uses Rank-Up-Magic The Seventh One to bring out Chaos Number 103: Ragnafinity. Meanwhile, Yuma's group is stopped in its tracks by Girag. 
132 9 "Barian vs. Barian" / "My Body as a Shield! Dumon’s Final Vow!"
"Wagami wo Tate ni! Dorube Saigo no Chikai!" (我が身を盾に! ドルベ最後の誓い!) 
December 8, 2013 November 17, 2014 (Hulu)
Marin attempts to wipe out Vector's life points with Ragnafinity, but he manages to survive her attack, restoring his life points back to normal with Don Thousand's Throne, though she does manage to put a stop to his effect combo. Vector then reveals he had been drawing life from Nash, enraging Dumon who brings out Chaos Number 102: Archfiend Seraph, but his attack also fails to bring Vector's life points to zero. When Vector then activates a trap, Evil 1, which threatens to wipe both Dumon and Marin's life points, Dumon activates the trap Sacred Shield, which saves Marin and powers up her Ragnafinity, but at the same time results in his own defeat. Then, Dumon reverts to his human form and vanishes, as his soul is absorbed into Marin. Angered by Vector's actions, Marin attacks him with Ragnafinity. Meanwhile, Alito decides to face up against Girag to put an end to his brainwashing. Girag brings out Chaos Number 106: Giant Red Hand and Number 58: Burner Visor (which he equips to Giant Red Hand), which has Don Thousand's power, and deals a lot of damage to Alito. 
133 10 "Vector the Victor" / "A Goodbye is Only For a Moment... The Sad Fate of the Siblings"
"Wakare wa Setsuna... Kanashiki Kyōdai no Shukumei" (別れは刹那... 哀しき兄妹の宿命) 
December 15, 2013 November 24, 2014 (Hulu)
Marin's attempt to defeat Vector fails when he activates a hidden effect of Don Thousand's Throne, protecting himself from damage and allowing him to Rank-Up Manipulator of Souls into Chaos Number 43: High Manipulator of Chaos. From his prison, Nash begs Vector to spare Marin and kill him instead, but he is horrified when Vector decides to kill Marin. Vector then uses the abilities of High Manipulator of Chaos to defeat Marin. Before disappearing, Marin's spirit appears to Nash, telling him to live on without her and become stronger. Then, Vector absorbs Marin's and Dumon's souls, along with their power. Meanwhile, Alito summons Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu, freeing Ponta from Girag's body and he activates the counter trap Last Counter to power up Sandayu. Then, Sandayu destroys Giant Red Hand, allowing Girag to recover his true memories, and freeing him from Don Thousand's influence. However, Alito loses his last life points from the effects of Last Counter, and disappears as a result, leaving behind his soul, which is absorbed by Girag. Girag declares that he will never forgive Vector or Don Thousand for what they did. Just then, Vector attacks Yuma with High Manipulator of Chaos, but Girag sacrifices himself to protect Yuma. As a result, Vector is able to absorb the souls of Girag and Alito, along with Ponta's, giving Vector even more power. Enraged by Marin's death, Nash breaks out of his imprisonment, regains his Barian form, and goes to confront Vector. This causes Vector to leave Yuma and head back to Barian World. Meanwhile, Kite lands on the Moon and discovers various stone tablets that rise from its surface, but he is confronted by Mizar. Kite begins to explain his research on the legend of the Galaxy-Eyes Dragons, revealing that the battle mentioned in the legend was actually a ritual necessary for breaking a spell cast by the original Galaxy-Eyes Dragon, which was responsible for creating the Numeron Code. Kite also reveals that the winner of the duel between the two Galaxy-Eyes users would break the spell, and obtain the key to use the Numeron Code itself. Then, Kite and Mizar commence their duel. 
134 11 "Dragon Strife, Part 1" / "The Legend of the Revived Dragon Emperor!! Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon"
"Yomigaeru Ryūkō Shinwa!! Gyarakushīaizu Puraimu Foton Doragon" (甦る竜皇神話!! 銀河眼の光子竜皇) 
December 22, 2013 December 1, 2014 (Hulu)
Kite and Mizar immediately bring out Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon respectively. As Kite struggles with his vision following his previous encounter with Mr. Heartland, Orbital 7 uses his power to help him focus. Drawing power from the tablets surrounding him, Kite manages to bring out Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon's true form, Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon, and destroys Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon. However, Mizar activates Tachyon Trap Hole, which removes it from play, along with Kite's set card. As Mizar brings back Neo Tachyon Dragon and attacks on his next turn, Kite manages to bring out Number 46: Dragulon to block its attack and destroy both dragons, resulting in Mizar recovering his memories. Refusing to believe that Tachyon Dragon was the embodiment of Don Thousand's curse on him, or that it would betray him, Mizar brings back Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon using Re-Galaxy, which halves its attack points. Then, Mizar launches a direct attack at Kite, determined that he would defeat Kite. 
135 12 "Dragon Strife, Part 2" / "The Future Is in This Hand! The Climax of the Galaxy Showdown!!"
"Mirai wo Kono Te ni! Gyarakushī Kessen Shūketsu!!" (未来をこの手に! 銀河決戦終結!!) 
December 29, 2013 December 6, 2014 (Hulu)
Orbital 7 generates an energy shield to protect Kite, using his Baria Crystal. However, the attack from Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon eventually breaks through, injuring both Kite and Orbital 7. After taking a large amount of damage from Mizar's attack, Kite and Orbital combine their strength to draw a monster to help them survive Mizar's next turn, but leaving them with critical damage. Yuma and the others try to convince Mizar to stop fighting for Don Thousand. When Mizar replies that he was fighting to protect his fellow Barians, Yuma and his friends inform him of the other Barian Emperors' defeats and absorption by Vector. He also tells Mizar that Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon was the embodiment of Don Thousand's curse on him, much to Mizar's horror and disbelief. However Kite remains determined to finish the fight, and claims that he would free Mizar from his curse. When Mizar learns that there he can no longer fight for his fellow Barians because they had been absorbed by Vector, Mizar becomes horrified. Mizar uses Tachyon Downfall Cannon to halve Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon's attack points repeatedly to launch multiple attacks at Kite. However, Kite uses the effects of the monster he set, Galaxy Mirror Sage, to survive the onslaught before it is destroyed, reducing Kite's life points to 100. Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon then reappears due to its effect, and its attack points double, due to that effect having activated when Prime Photon Dragon was banished. Kite acknowledges Mizar as the true Galaxy-Eyes Master, before defeating him with Prime Photon Dragon. After the duel, the cards of Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, Dragulon, and Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon combine their power to revive the hundredth Original Number card, Number 100: Numeron Dragon, the very creator of those dragons and the Numeron Code itself, which transforms into a card in Kite's possession. Kite gives the card to Mizar before dying due to his injuries and the lack of oxygen in space, due to Orbital 7's system failure. As a result, Mizar mourns Kite's death, while vowing revenge on Don Thousand. Meanwhile, Vector raises the ruins of a coliseum for his upcoming duel, stating that this would be the location of both his final brawl with Nash, and his graveyard. Meanwhile, Nash heads back to Barian World in order to confront Vector, screaming at Vector and Don Thousand to wait for him. 
136 13 "The Forsaken Palace" / "Sinister Memories! Nash Vs. Vector, the Devil!!
"Kyōki no Kioku! Nasshu Bāsasu Majin Bekutā!!" (凶気の記憶! ナッシュVS魔人ベクター!!) 
January 12, 2014 December 14, 2014 (Hulu)
In Vector's sleep, he flashes back to his past life, where he is being chased down a corridor by angry ghosts. A ghost grabs Vector's leg, causing him to trip. As the ghosts close in, Vector insists that he wasn't the one who killed them, before screaming in terror. Then, Vector wakes with a startle, but when Don Thousand asks him if something was wrong, Vector insists that he was fine. Before Nash arrives, Don Thousand has a brief talk with Vector, saying that he could sense Nash's overwhelming anger, and that this duel would be the finale. However, Vector entangles Don Thousand in energy tentacles, and smirks, saying that this wasn't Don Thousand's time, and that he would be the one to finish off Nash. Then, Don Thousand screams as Vector seals him away within himself. Nash soon arrives, and fires a bolt of lightning at Vector, only for him to teleport and dodge the attack. Then, the two of them commence their duel, and Vector activates Don Thousand's contract, which removes 2000 of Nash's life points in order to activate, and allows both of them to draw 1 card each. It also forces players to reveal all cards that they draw, and prevents players from Normal Summoning if they draw a spell card. Nash brings out Silent Honor DARK with Rank-Up-Magic The Seventh One and deals some damage, but Vector uses that damage to summon Chaos Number 65: King Overfiend, with the trap card Chaos Rising. He then uses a spell card, Chaos Mad Feast, to send Don Thousand's Contract to the Graveyard to Special Summon Chaos Number 104: Umbral Horror Masquerade, along with Dumon's Archfiend Seraph and Marin's Ragnafinity. As Yuma's group arrives on the scene, Vector fully absorbs the souls of the Barian Emperors that he had defeated, causing him to transform to a form similar to Don Thousand. Vector then attacks Nash with all 3 of his Chaos Over-Hundred Numbers and King Overfiend, reducing Nash's life points to 100. However, Nash manages to take control of King Overfiend, power it up, and destroy Umbral Horror Masquerade, which drops Vector's life points to 1000. This causes Vector to revert to his human form and witness his true memories. 
137 14 "Clash of the Emperors" / "Vector's Trifling! Bonds of Trapped Friendship!!"
"Bekutā no Honrō! Torawareta Nakama no Kizuna!!" (ベクターの翻弄! 捕われた仲間の絆!!) 
January 19, 2014 December 21, 2014 (Hulu)
In Vector's memories, it is revealed he was the kind prince of a kingdom, who lost both his parents due to Don Thousand's manipulation and became swayed by his evil. Realizing his folly, Vector transfers control of all his Xyz Monsters to Nash, asking him to stop him. When Vector reveals his intent to kill Don Thousand, Don Thousand tries to absorb Vector, only to be stopped by Vector's energy shield. However, just as Nash attacks, Vector reveals he was just putting on an act and activates another trap to destroy all of his monsters. Then, Vector Barian Battlemorphs back to his new Barian form, and engulfs Don Thousand in energy flames, seemingly destroying Don Thousand. Vector then uses Rank-Up-Magic Admiration of the Thousands to revive all 3 of his Over-Hundred Numbers, steal Nash's DARK, and overlay them to Xyz Summon his ultimate monster, Chaos Number 5: Chaos Chimera Dragon. However, Nash manages to summon Abyss Splash and evolve it into Chaos Number 73: Abyss Supra Splash, using Rank-Up-Magic Quick Chaos. Then, Nash destroys Chaos Chimera Dragon and wins the duel, which causes Vector to revert to his human form, muttering that his loss to Nash was impossible. 
138 15 "The New World" / "A Being of Chaos - "Don Thousand" Emerges!!"
"Kaosu-taru Mono "Don Sauzando" Kōrai!!" (混沌たる存在 『ドン・サウザンド』光来!!) 
January 26, 2014 December 28, 2014 (Hulu)
Vector is shocked that Nash was able to beat him, while Nash taunts him, saying that it was just like their second duel in their past lives. Nash reveals that after Vector had escaped upon losing their first duel, Nash had pursued him to Vector's kingdom, and found all of its inhabitants dead. He had challenged Vector to another duel and defeated him, and upon losing, Vector was overwhelmed by the ghosts of those he had murdered, pulling him down to Hell. Then, in the present, Vector is attacked by the ghosts of those he had killed, frightening him and causing him to scream, with Nash remarking that no matter the place or time, the wicked who revel in their own power will end up destroying themselves. Vector yells that it won't be the same this time, and he throws up an energy shield to repel their attack. Refusing to accept defeat, Vector tries to unleash his full power in an attempt to destroy everything. At the same time, the ruins rise higher into the sky, and Vector claims that he's become more powerful than the Seven Barian Emperors, and even Don Thousand. Vector continues to protect himself, until Don Thousand reemerges from below, towering above the ruins, which shocks Vector. Don Thousand calls Vector a fool for thinking that he could kill him, and that his power doesn't belong to Vector. Don Thousand tells Vector that he was merely waiting for the right opportunity, and now Vector has outlived his usefulness. Then, the eye on Don Thousand's abdomen glows and begins sucking Vector towards him, with Nash barely escaping the force of its pull. Vector screams and tries to scramble away, but the force of suction is too powerful and Vector loses his grip on the cobblestones. However Yuma comes to save Vector, shocking him and the others, but then Vector cackles and tries to drag Yuma with him. But Yuma's words allow Vector to finally understand the sincerity of his kindness, causing him to flash back to the times he spent with Yuma as "Ray Shadows," even while Don Thousand's influence over him is broken. Having reverted to his original, kind personality, Vector tells Yuma that he is an idiot, and that he cannot drag Yuma with him. Then, Vector decides to let go, allowing Don Thousand to absorb him in order to save Yuma, causing Yuma to scream "Ray!" Then, Yuma weeps over the death of Vector, and he tries to attack Don Thousand, only to be repelled by Don Thousand's energy wave. As the merging of the Barian and Human Worlds finishes, Don Thousand begins to shed his Barian form, and he is engulfed by a Barian flower on a gigantic Barian tree that sprouts up nearby. Barian World is transformed dramatically before Yuma's and Nash's eyes, with new Barian plants sprouting up, and the power of chaos surging through new channels that appear, originating from the location of Don Thousand's transformation. Then, the flower opens and unveil's an energy version of Don Thousand's original form. Don Thousand then reveals that he has fully merged the Human World with Barian World. Twisted parts of Heartland City begin to appear in the background, shocking Yuma and his friends. Just then, Mizar arrives and gives "Number 100: Numeron Dragon" to Yuma, before challenging Don Thousand himself to a duel, saying that he would be the one to destroy him. When the duel between Mizar and Don Thousand starts, Don Thousand ends his turn without making any actions, and when Mizar tries to kill both of them using Dragon King's Demise, Don Thousand changes Mizar's card into Card of the Dragon King using the counter trap, Numeron Spell Revision, which causes Mizar's plan to backfire and wipes out all of Mizar's Life Points. As Mizar lies dying, he urges Nash and Yuma not to let everyone else's sacrifice be in vain, before his body dissolves and his soul is absorbed by Don Thousand. Don Thousand levitates off the ground, telling Nash that it was time for Nash to return to him as well. Then, Don Thousand re-transforms. This time into his true form, with the illuminated parts of his body solidifying into a dark color scheme similar to Number 96's, his grey hair turning into a luminescent yellow, and his eyes solidifying into blue and red. A third eye also appears on his forehead, similar to the eye on the abdomen of Number 96's Chaos form. Don Thousand tells Nash and Yuma that they will not escape, and that they are simply worms who will become his feast. Don Thousand then takes on simultaneously Yuma and Nash, again ending his first turn without any actions. Yuma summons Utopia, but Thousand destroys it and replaces it with Ganbara Knight, with its effects negated (with the counter trap, Numeron Xyz Revision), revealing that he has used a mysterious field spell, Numeron Network, which allows Don Thousand to activate his "Numeron" cards from his Deck. This was the same card that Don Thousand had used to change Mizar's card. This leads them to realize that Don Thousand possesses the power of the Numeron Code, which is drawing its power from the worlds connected to Barian World, with Astral World next on the list. Then, Don Thousand reveals his true plan: since he did not know where the Numeron Code was, other than the fact that it was on Earth, he fused the Barian World and Earth together to control the Numeron Code, much to Astral's shock and dismay. It is also revealed that once Don Thousand obtains the Numeron Code, he plans to use it to reshape all worlds to his image. Then, Don Thousand opens a portal to Astral World, and reveals that each time Nash or Yuma takes damage, he will be able to attack Astral World directly. 
139 16 "The Source Code" / "Cut Open a Path to the Future: Astral's Determination!!"
"Kirihiraku Mirai Asutoraru no Ketsudan!!" (切り開け未来 アストラルの決断!!) 
February 2, 2014 January 4, 2015 (Hulu)
Don Thousand uses Numeron Direct to summon Numbers 1 through 4: Numeron Gate Ekam, Dve, Trini, and Catvari, which destroys the gigantic Barian tree in the process. Believing that destroying the Numeron Network is the key to winning, and surmising that the actual card was embedded deep within the Chaos channels, Astral decides to dive into the Numeron Network himself. Don Thousand calls them fools, saying that even if they managed to destroy Numeron Network, they cannot win. Then, Don Thousand combines the 4 Numbers into a gigantic gate, from which emerges a dragon, the true form of the 4 "Numeron Gate" Numbers. Then, Don Thousand attacks Nash and Yuma with Numbers 1-4, with their all of their attack points doubling each time one of them makes a successful attack. Yuma and Nash barely manage to survive Don Thousand's attacks, by utilizing their trap cards. However, their life points are depleted to 500, and Don Thousand uses the damage they took to attack Astral World. The attack points of Numbers 1-4 also increase to 16,000 through their effects. Then, Don Thousand evolves Ekam into Chaos Number 1: Numeron Chaos Gate Shunya, which banishes all of Don Thousand's monsters including itself. This threatens to eliminate Yuma and Shark on Don Thousand's next turn, because Shunya's effect will allow it to return on Don Thousand's next Standby Phase, and inflict damage equal to the total attack points of the monsters Banished by Shunya's effect - 50,000. Nash takes advantage of Numeron Network's weakness (being that it could only be used once each turn) by causing Don Thousand to waste Numeron Spell Revision on a decoy spell that Nash activates, before he uses Rank-Up-Magic The Seventh One to bring out Silent Honor DARK, and using its ability to summon Silent Honor ARK. Meanwhile, Don Thousand attacks Astral with dark energy tentacles within the Numeron Network, attempting to ensnare him, but Astral's determination allows him to break free. Then, Nash attacks Don Thousand with both ARK and DARK. However, after his life points are reduced to 1,900, Don Thousand prevents DARK's attack from finishing him off by summoning Numeron Wall. Nash then uses DARK's ability to turn Numeron Wall into one of its Overlay Units. Then, Astral reaches the location of the Numeron Network card, a red-black energy sphere at the very heart of the Chaos channels, and Don Thousand informs Astral in that in order to destroy it, he would have to sacrifice the Human World, because the backlash of energy resulting from the card's destruction would destroy the Human World. Rejecting both of these ideas, Astral puts himself at risk by destroying the card, which bringing the card to the surface and allows Numeron Network to be destroyed. Nash uses Depth Eruption to destroy all cards on the field, including Numeron Network. Astral prepares to sacrifice himself to protect Yuma's world from the energy that would be released by Numeron Network's destruction, but Eliphas appears, forces Astral out of the energy sphere and tells him that he cannot let Astral die yet. Then, he sacrifices himself in Astral's place, leaving him with a card. Then, Nash activates Silent Honor DARK's ability to revive it from the Graveyard, raising Nash and Yuma's Life Points to 3,300. 
140 17 "A Thousand Ways To Lose" / "Our Feelings Are As One! The Dragon of Creation, "Numeron Dragon"
"Omoi wa Hitotsu ni! Souzouryuu "Numeron Doragon"" (想いはひとつに! 創造龍 ヌメロン・ドラゴン) 
February 9, 2014 January 11, 2015 (Hulu)
Chaos Number 1: Numeron Chaos Gate Shunya returns, but because Numeron Network in no longer on the field, it self-destructs, sparing Nash and Yuma the 50,000 points of damage that would have finished them. Don Thousand calls them fools and says that this is a "Duel of the gods" - all roads here will lead mortals to despair. Then, Don Thousand activates Numeron Chaos Ritual, which lets him overlay Numeron Network and his four Numeron Gate Numbers to Xyz Summon his ultimate monster, Chaos Number 1000: Numerronius the Divine Giant, inflicting more damage to Yuma, Nash, and Astral World, and taking control of Silent Honor DARK. Yuma and Astral combine into ZEXAL to summon Utopia, but Don Thousand uses the effect of Numerronius to destroy it and replace it with Utopia Ray Victory. Don Thousand reveals that Numerronius the Divine Giant negates the effects of their Chaos monsters, and that it also prevents those monsters from attacking. Then, Yuma and Astral fuse into ZEXAL II to summon Zexal Server - Ouroburos Sage, which unites the powers of Utopia Ray Victory and ARK, allowing them to reduce Don Thousand's life points to 900. However, Don Thousand sends DARK to the Graveyard to prevent Numerronius from being destroyed, before using its ability to take control of Yuma and Nash's monsters. Yuma is shocked that ZEXAL has failed them, and he cancels the fusion. Don Thousand tells them that humans cannot fight against the power of Chaos, because they are the power of Chaos, and he adds that the power of Chaos will always revive him. Don Thousand reveals that at the end of his battle with Astral, the shock of the battle had fragmented Astral's power into 50 of the original Number cards (including the 4 Numeron Gate Numbers), which detailed the location of the Numeron Code and scattered across the world, seven of which sealed away Don Thousand's power. When Yuma had met Astral for the first time, his remaining power was divided into 50 more Number cards, which had scattered across the Earth as well, containing Astral's memories. Don Thousand reveals that immediately after the battle, the 7 Mythyrian Numbers chose their own owners, and attached themselves to the souls of heroes and sages of the Earth (the Seven Barian Emperors). Don Thousand explains that he had cursed those humans by giving them the power of Chaos, so that they would become his fuel. Don Thousand claims that humanity is weak, and because of that weakness, Chaos can consume them easily, and that no one was immune. Don Thousand shows them that he had brainwashed the 3 knights who had killed Dumon into murdering their comrade, and that he had influenced Marin into sacrificing herself during Vector's attack on their homeland. Nash curses, but Don Thousand reminds him that Nash himself is guided by his curse, and that he'll soon realize why he was reborn as a Barian. Nash is infuriated, but Yuma says that despite the weakness of humans, they can use the power of Chaos in other ways, to help and protect others, and he adds that there's no way they will lose the duel. Don Thousand is surprised that they are still clinging to such a dim hope, and he uses Numeron Storm to destroy all of their spell and trap cards, and reduce their life points to 100. Just as Don Thousand prepares to destroy them using Numerronius, Kite's spirit returns and chides Yuma, asking if he intended to give up. This shocks Yuma and Don Thousand, but Kite goes on to ask what had happened to Yuma's persistent spirit, and he tells Yuma that he is an idiot. Kite tells Yuma that he has entrusted everything to Yuma, so they can't lose the duel. Then, the card text of Number 100 clears, and Yuma realizes that it was the card that Kite had left for him, and he declares that they can continue. Yuma uses the effect of Number 100: Numeron Dragon to Special Summon it, since he had no cards. Don Thousand calls this absurd, saying that filthy maggots like them shouldn't have been able to awaken the Numeron Dragon. However, Don Thousand determines that it doesn't matter, and he orders Numerronius to attack. Yuma uses Numeron Dragon's effect to reduce Numerronius' attack points to 0 and destroy both of them. Then, since Numeron Dragon was removed from the field, all of Don Thousand's cards are destroyed, and all of Yuma and Nash's spell and trap cards return to the field. However, Don Thousand calls them fools, stating that no matter what they do, they simply open another door to despair. Because Numerronius was destroyed, this allows Don Thousand to summon his true ace monster, the Rank 13 Chaos Imaginary Number 1000: Numerronius Numerronia, which has an attack power of 100,000. Although Numerronius Numerronia can't attack, it will force all of Yuma's and Nash's monsters to attack it, and if they don't, Don Thousand will automatically win the duel during Nash's End Phase. After Yuma fuses with Astral into ZEXAL III, Nash brings out Abyss Splash, while Yuma uses Rising Hope to revive Utopia. Then, Nash uses Yuma's trap, Hope Bond, to revive Numeron Dragon, and give their abilities and all of Abyss' overlay units to Utopia to represent their united bonds. Yuma tells Don Thousand that this time, he will really feel the force of all of their hopes and dreams. 
141 18 "The Fate of Three Worlds" / "The End of Chaos: The Deadly Final Hope Sword Slash"
"Konoton Shūen: Hissatsu no Fainaru Hōpu Ken Surasshu!!" (混沌終焉 必殺のファイナル・ホープ剣・スラッシュ!!) 
February 16, 2014 January 18, 2015 (Hulu)
Yuma attacks Numerronius Numerronia with Utopia, after using both Abyss' and Numeron Dragon's abilities to boost Utopia's attack points to 102,000 points. However, Don Thousand uses Numerronius Numerronia's ability to negate the attack and boost his life points to 102,900. But then, Yuma uses Double or Nothing to double Utopia's attack points to 204,000 points, which also allows it to attack again, finally destroying Numerronius Numerronia and defeating Don Thousand. Kite's spirit disappears as Yuma thanks him for his help. The portal to Astral World closes, and the fusion between Barian World and the Human World appears to be undone. However, with his final breath, Don Thousand transfers his soul into Nash, along with the souls of the other Barian Emperors, and all of his Number cards, which are infused with Don Thousand's malignant essence. Nash becomes covered in an evil aura, and he forces Yuma and Astral out of the ZEXAL III fusion, and sends all of them to an arena between Astral World and Barian World. It is then revealed that Human World and Barian World are still fused together, and that both worlds were beginning to merge with Astral World. Additionally, the suns of all 3 worlds appear in the sky of Astral World. Nash explains that Barian World and Astral World were about to collide, and that Astral World in its current state was too weak to live by itself. It turns out that Nash had used Don Thousand's power to force the 3 worlds into a collision. However, Nash states that he cannot allow the loss of Barian World. Nash claims that out of all the Seven Barian Emperors, he was the only one who chose to be a Barian of his own will, because all of his friends in his past life were sent to Barian World. Nash tells Yuma that his very existence was the curse of Don Thousand, and that since he willingly became a Barian, that curse can't be undone. Also, he refutes Yuma's claims that a coexistence between the two worlds was possible, with Astral agreeing that if both worlds were to reunite, Astral World would perish in its current state. Then, Nash challenges Yuma and Astral to a duel, with all 3 worlds and the Numeron Code on the line. As the duel progresses, Nash summons 4 of the Chaos Over-Hundred Numbers onto his side of the field: Silent Honor DARK, Archfiend Seraph, Ragnafinity, and Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon, while Special Summoning the other 3 to Yuma's side of the field: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus, Umbral Horror Masquerade, and Giant Red Hand. 
142 19 "The Battle of Three Worlds" / "Final Hope!! We are "Beyond"
"Saigo no Kibō!! Ware wa "Biyondo"" (最後の希望!! 我は「ビヨンド」) 
February 23, 2014 January 25, 2015 (Hulu)
Nash overlays all of the Chaos Over-Hundred Numbers to summon Chaos Xyz Barian Hope, which is able to use each of their special abilities. Nash pays his life points until they drop to 1,100, in order to use the Chaos Over-Hundred Numbers' effects without detaching Overlay Units. Nash then attacks repetitively, destroying Utopia and reducing Yuma's life points to 1,200. After managing to survive Barian Hope's attack, Yuma comes to understand that Nash, refusing to use his Overlay Units, desires to fight alongside the souls of his friends. As Yuma and Astral enter ZEXAL III, Yuma discovers that the power coming from their duel is accelerating the fusion of the three worlds. As Hart encourages the people in Heartland City to support Yuma, Vetrix gets into contact with Kazuma, and the two of them use their power to hold back the worlds for as long as they can. Yuma uses the card he received from Eliphas, Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force, to evolve Utopia into Number 39: Utopia Beyond. Then, Yuma raises its attack points to 8,000 using a trap, and lowers Barian Hope's attack points to 0, using Utopia Beyond's ability. Yuma manages to destroy Barian Hope using Utopia Beyond; however, Barian Hope's destruction causes Nash to scream with rage at both Yuma and Astral. 
143 20 "The Future of Three Worlds" / "The Aloof Duelist "Nash": The Destined Final Duel"
"Kokō no Dyueristo Nasshu Shukumei no Rasuto Dyueru!!" (孤高の決闘者『ナッシュ』 宿命のラストバトル!!) 
March 2, 2014 February 1, 2015 (Hulu)
Just when it seems that Yuma destroyed Barian Hope, Nash activates a trap card, Reincarnation of the Seven Emperors, to Banish Barian Hope and all of its Overlay Units instead, to reduce the Battle Damage he would take to 0. Then, Nash uses the other effect of Reincarnation of the Seven Emperors to Special Summon Black Ray Lancer, and inflict its attack points as damage to Yuma. However, Yuma uses the effects of Utopia Beyond to Banish it and Special Summon Number 39: Utopia, in its place, and then gain life points equal to half of Utopia's attack points. This allows Yuma to survive with only 350 life points. The force of the damage sends Yuma and Astral out of ZEXAL III and Nash reverts to his human form due to his exhaustion. When Yuma attacks Black Ray Lancer with Utopia, Nash uses Friller Shark's effects to negate the attack and remove 500 attack points from Utopia. Nash tells Yuma that although he considers him to be his friend, he is now a Barian, and he must do whatever he must to protect the souls of his other friends, the Barians. Yuma recalls that when he allowed Astral to come to Earth, the Door told him that he must give up what he held dearest, now realizing that the Door had meant that he had to give up his friends. Resolving to defeat Yuma and Astral, and to obtain the Numeron Code, Nash Barian Battlemorphs back into his Barian form. Nash summons Submersible Carrier Aero Shark, and attempts to finish Yuma with its effects, but Yuma uses the trap Damage Take-Over to reduce Utopia's attack points to 1600 in order to reduce the damage he would have taken to 0, and then it becomes an Overlay Unit for Utopia. Then, Nash attacks Yuma with both Black Ray Lancer and Submersible Carrier Aero Shark, but Yuma uses Utopia's ability to negate Black Ray Lancer's attack, which results in Aero Shark reducing his life points to 50. Remembering their fallen comrades, Yuma and Astral merge into ZEXAL III again, allowing Yuma to summon Zexal Weapon - Sylphid Wing, which he equips onto Utopia to raise its attack points to 2400. Yuma attacks Aero Shark, but Nash activates Rebirth of the Seven Emperors to tribute his Xyz Monsters, in order to Special Summon Chaos Xyz Barian Hope, and attach Silent Honor DARK, Archfiend Seraph, and Ragnafinity to Barian Hope as Overlay Units. This gives Barian Hope 3000 attack points. Also, during the End Phase, Rebirth of the Seven Emperors will inflict 300 points of damage to each player for every card in their respective hands. Yuma then uses Sylphid Wing's effect to increase Utopia's attack points to 4000, since Nash summoned an Xyz Monster, but Nash counters this by activating the trap Draw of Fate, which negates the attack and forces both players to draw 1 card. However, during the End Phase, if any player didn't use the drawn card, that player would automatically lose the Duel. Yuma and Astral perform a Shining Draw while Nash performs a Chaos Draw. When Yuma sees the card he drew, he hesitates to use it because he doesn't want to kill his friend, Nash, but he also knows that if he doesn't use that card, he will lose the Duel. However, Astral reminds him that outcome of this duel hangs on the balance of that draw. Yuma activates Double or Nothing to raise Utopia's attack points to 8000, and to allow it to attack again. However, Yuma can't bring himself to finish Nash, and as a result, he cancels the ZEXAL III fusion with Astral. Then, Yuma uses Sylphid Wing's effect to turn it into an Overlay Unit for Utopia, which he then uses to negate his own attack. Yuma's words reach Nash, and Nash finally accepts Yuma as his friend. But then, Nash activates the spell Glory of the Seven Emperors, which attaches the rest of the Banished Chaos Over-Hundred Numbers to Barian Hope as Overlay Units, raising its attack points to 7,000. However, Glory of the Seven Emperors prevents Barian Hope from being destroyed that turn, and it also makes Yuma take any Battle Damage that Nash would take that turn. But during the End Phase, Glory of the Seven Emperors will make Nash's life points become equal to the change in Yuma's life points during that turn. Since neither player has any cards in their hands, Rebirth of the Seven Emperors inflicts no damage to either of them. Then, during the End Phase, Glory of the Seven Emperors' final effect activates, but since Yuma's life points didn't change that turn, Nash's own life points become 0, resulting in his own defeat. Chaos Xyz Barian Hope vanishes, and the ensuing explosion knocks Nash backwards, causing him to revert to his human form, even as Yuma screams, "Shark!" This also destroys Don Thousand's essence in the process, ending Don Thousand's curse for good. When Astral asks if Nash was planning this the whole time, he responds by saying that he was serious the whole time, but Yuma and Astral infected him with their words, and now he has no regrets. He also tells them that they were too good-hearted to follow through with their attack. Nash tells Yuma that most people throw away the most important thing as they grow up, and he urges Yuma not to do that, to keep believing in others and to keep his pure heart and soul that never gives up. Nash says that he wants to see the future that they will create, but he doesn't think he'll be able to. Nash's body glows, and Astral is able to absorb all of his Numbers, allowing him to obtain all 100 of the Original Numbers. Nash begins to fade, and calls Yuma and Astral his best friends. He also says that this was the greatest duel he ever had, and the one he had enjoyed the most, until the final moment. Nash then bids them farewell before fading completely into the light, causing Yuma to scream, "Shark!" Then, light breaks through the pink Barian clouds and seagulls fly around, and Yuma, Astral, and Tori find themselves back at the docks of Heartland City. The arena between worlds fades into the distance, even as Yuma screams in anguish. 
144 21 "Last First Duel" / "The Ceremonial Battle!! Yuma Vs. Astral"
"Tatakai no Gi!! Yūma VS Asutoraru" (闘いの儀!! 遊馬VSアストラル) 
March 9, 2014 February 8, 2015 (Hulu)
Astral World and Barian World avoid the collision and begin to separate, and Kazuma parts ways with Vetrix. While Yuma is saddened by Nash's death, he is pleased to find that Flip, along with all the others who sent to Barian World, have returned safely as a result of Nash's and Don Thousand's defeat (with the exception of Kite). Then, the fusion between Barian World and the Human World is undone, allowing both worlds to finally separate. Yuma's happiness is short-lived, however, because Astral reveals that since he has gathered enough Numbers to obtain the Numeron Code, he intends to carry out his mission to destroy Barian World. Refusing to let him do such a thing, Yuma challenges Astral to a duel to decide who will possess the Numeron Code, with Astral stating he will destroy Barian World and remove Yuma's memories of him should he win. Later that day, Yuma's friends come by to help him construct a deck to face against Astral's Numbers, but Yuma decides he wants to duel him with his own strength. Before the duel, Yuma informs Tori about the true stakes of the duel, asking her to keep quiet about it so as to not cause any worry. The duel soon begins, with Astral quickly assembling Utopia, Utopia Ray, Utopia Ray V, Utopia Ray Victory, and Utopia Beyond, and boosting his life points to 5,250. However, Astral attacks Yuma with each of his Utopia monsters, with Utopia Ray V eventually getting through and depleting Yuma's life points to 1,400. 
145 22 "Outclassed And Outmatched" / "My Name is Astral" – The Ultimate Duelist"
"Waga Na wa Asutoraru Saikyō no Dyuerisuto" (『わが名はアストラル』 最強の決闘者!!) 
March 16, 2014 February 15, 2015 (Hulu)
Yuma summons Gagaga Cowboy and Gagaga Samurai, and then he uses their abilities to boost their attack points to destroy Utopia Ray, Utopia Ray V, Utopia Beyond, and Utopia Ray Victory, which reduces Astral's life points to 1,050. Astral counterattacks by destroying Gagaga Cowboy with Number 39: Utopia, using Absolute Buster to prevent Yuma's Half Unbreak from negating Gagaga Cowboy's destruction. Yuma and Astral reflect on the time they had spent together as friends, and Yuma asks Astral why he wants to destroy Barian World in order to "rank-up" Astral World. Yuma insists that there is another way, but Astral remains determined in his decision to use the Numeron Code to destroy Barian World. Yuma uses Gagagarevenge to revive Gagaga Cowboy and attacks Utopia, but Astral senses that Yuma has a combo planned with his set cards, uses Utopia's ability to negate the attack. Yuma activates Light Wing Bumper, which reduces Utopia's attack points to 800 since his attack was negated, and Yuma destroys Utopia with Gagaga Samurai, lowering Astral's life points to 850. However, Astral activates Rank-Down-Magic Utopia Fall, which allows him to revive Utopia and use it as an Overlay Unit to Special Summon Number 39: Utopia Roots. Astral then equips Utopia Roots with Number Fortification, which raises Utopia Roots attack points to 2000, and allows Astral to attach 2 Number monsters from his Extra Deck to Utopia Roots as Overlay Units: Number 32: Shark Drake and Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon. Astral attacks Gagaga Cowboy with Utopia Roots, but Yuma uses Gagaga Samurai's ability to switch it into defense mode and intercept Utopia Root's attack. However, Astral activates Rank Revolution to negate the effects of monsters Yuma controls with higher Rank/Levels than Utopia Roots, which negates the activation of Gagaga Samurai's effects. The attack follows through and Gagaga Cowboy is destroyed. Then, Astral activates Overlay Accel, which allows him to detach an Overlay Unit from Utopia Roots to attack again. Astral detaches Number 32: Shark Drake, and attacks Gagaga Samurai, which causes Yuma's life points to fall to 300. 
146 23 "Forever ZEXAL" / "Our Bonds Are Forever... Let's All Feel The Flow!"
"Kizuna yo Towa ni... Kattobingu daze, Ore-tachi!" (絆よ永遠に... かっとビングだぜ、オレたち!!) 
March 23, 2014 February 21, 2015 (Hulu)
Remembering the promise he made to Astral to go full force with his duels, Yuma manages to pull off a Shining Draw to not only protect himself from Astral's attack, but also manage to summon his own Number, Future Number 0: Utopic Future. Astral responds by using his own Shining Draw to draw Hyper-Rank-Up-Magic Ultimate Force and evolve Utopia Roots into Number 99: Utopic Dragon, which Yuma eventually manages to destroy. Just as Yuma prepares to make a direct attack, Astral brings out Door of Destiny, reminiscent of The Door where they first met. Pushing through, Yuma destroys the Door of Destiny with Utopic Future and wins the duel. After saying their goodbyes, Astral returns to Astral World, using the Numeron Code to bring Nash and the other Barian Emperors back to life as humans, as well as reviving Kite, Orbital 7, Ponta, and Eliphas. Astral also uses the Numeron Code to bring Yuma's parents back home. Finally, Astral uses the power of the Numeron Code to merge Barian World with Astral World, finally reuniting the 2 worlds. Some time later, word reaches Yuma that Astral is about to fight the force of Chaos approaching Astral World, due to his decision not to destroy Barian World. Since Barian World has been reunited with Astral World, the power of Chaos has returned and gathered, which is threatening the very existence of Astral World. Yuma and all of his friends set off to Astral World to help him out, including Vetrix's family, the Seven Barian Emperors, Ponta, Kite, Orbital 7, and Tori. Along the way, Vector is shown to be on good terms with the other Barian Emperors, waving off a remark about his new demeanor, and Tori finally confesses to Yuma about her feelings for him. 


No. Title Original airdate
Special #2 "Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal II Special: A Basic Lecture of Dueling from Yuma and Astral"
"Yugiō Zearu Sekando Midokoro Tenko Sakari Supesharu" (「遊戯王Zexal II」みどころ てんこ盛りスペシャル) 
December 6, 2012
In this special, Yuma Tsukumo and Astral teach dueling to beginners. The episode features a thorough dissection and analysis of the world of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal II. Also, the true nature of the mysterious Barians, and the mysterious power of the strange "Chaos Xyz" monsters are examined. 

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