Yu Aw Synagogue

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Yu Aw Synagogue
Basic information
Location Momanda
Afghanistan Herat, Afghanistan
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
Country Afghanistan
Status Abandoned
Architectural style Persian
Direction of façade West
Materials Mud brick

The Yu Aw Synagogue is located in the Momanda neighbourhood of the old city of Herat, Afghanistan. The area was once known as Mahalla-yi Musahiya, or the "Neighbourhood of the Jews". It is the only synagogue in Herat that has been preserved with most of its original characteristics, although it is currently in a state of disrepair. Researchers date the Synagogue to 1393.[1]


The remains of the building on the east, north and south sides of the courtyard are now used as family housing. A room in the basement of the structure on the west side of the courtyard is used for housing by one of the employees of the Herat Department of Historic Monuments Preservation. The remainder of the building is in a precarious condition.

A preliminary survey carried out by Annette Ittig in 1998 notes that:

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