Yu County, Shanxi

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Not to be confused with Yu County, Hebei.

Yu County or Yuxian (Chinese: 盂县; pinyin: Yú Xiàn) is a county located in Yangquan in the east of Shanxi, China.

It is best known for its production of black pepper and coal.

Yu Xian is an ancient place, which is known to contain many mysteries and treasures. It was apparent that during the Spring and Autumn period, this land once formed an individual kingdom.

In 2005, the county's GDP is approximately 3.0 billion, Government Finance Income has exceeded the 600 million yuan mark. The GDP per capita equal to 3,646 yuan income for farmers and the total retail sales of consumer goods has reached 970 million yuan. Furthermore, there is 100 million kg of crop output and 10.71 million tons of coal production.


Yu Xian literally translates into ‘cup county’. The name is derived from the shape of the county’s location. For the territory is surrounded by mountains, the area forms a concave dip which resembles the shape of a "cup", in Chinese, cup translates to “Yu” (盂).

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Coordinates: 38°05′17″N 113°24′48″E / 38.08806°N 113.41333°E / 38.08806; 113.41333