Yu Haoming

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Yu Haoming
Chinese name 俞灏明
Origin China
Born (1987-11-14) 14 November 1987 (age 29)
Guangzhou, Guangdong
Occupation Singer, Actor
Genre(s) Mandopop, R&B
Label(s) Record Label(s):
DoReMi Media
Manage Label(s):
Years active 2007–present
Website [2]

Yu Haoming is a Chinese Mandopop singer from Guangzhou, Guangdong. He debut in 2007 on the Chinese singing competition Super Boy, on which he placed sixth nationwide. On 22 October 2010, Whilst filming the television series I Have a Date with Spring (我和春天有个约会) in Shanghai, Yu was injured in an explosive accident with co-star Selina. He suffered third degree burns over 39% of his body.[1]

Television appearances[edit]

  • Yu Haoming was on the singing competition Superboy (快乐男声) AKA Kuai Le Nan Sheng, a popular guys singing competition, and received 6th place. (2007)
  • He was on Wu Dong Qi JI (舞动奇迹) Season 2, a celebrity dancing competition similar to the American version Dancing With The Stars. It was broadcast on both Hunan TV and TVB, and the English name of the show is Strictly Come Dancing. (2008) He received championship.
  • He also hosts Tian Tian Xiang Shang on Hunan TV, a Chinese comedy show.
  • He is an actor in the show Meteor Shower as Duanmu Lei
  • Yu Haoming is in the new drama "8090向前冲"


  • June 2007,Superboy Top 13 (快乐男声13强合集)
  • July 2007, Love is one's problem (爱是一个人的事)
  • December 2007, If I Could Love You (如果可以愛你) (EP Single)
  • March 2008,Fall In Love (陷入愛裡面)
  • May 2008, Hero in My Heart (心中的英雄)
  • August 2009, One's Romance (一个人的浪漫)(a single from Meteor Shower OST)
  • November 2009, Hug (拥抱) (EP 3 Tracks)
  • December 2009, Hug (拥抱) Album

Other music works[edit]

  • January 2008, Superstar (大明星)(chorus with Wang Yuexin 王栎鑫)
  • October 2008, Happiness Hunter(幸福捕手)(chorus with Ren Xi 任曦)
  • June 2009, Let Me Sing A Song For You(让我为你唱首歌)(chorus with Zhang Han 张翰 and other people)
  • July 2009, Sing Accompanied By Hand Drum Beaten(打起手鼓唱首歌)(included in Red Star Shines 红星闪闪, which is a compilation album on Red Songs'cover version); Touch My Heart (cellphone music of Anycall); Starry Tales(星空物语)(chorus with Zhang Han and other people); Love's Waltz(爱的华尔兹)(chorus with Zheng Shuang 郑爽)
  • October 2009, I'm Not That Cool(我没那么帅)



Superboy History[edit]

Songs sung at each level:

  • Guangzhou 10 out of 50: My Way
  • Guangzhou 1 out of 10: 心在跳,叹息桥,不可能错过你
  • National Preliminaries Round 1: Uptown Girl
  • National Preliminaries Round 2: 眼泪,天黑黑,如果爱
  • Nationals 11 out of 13: My Love My Fate
  • Nationals 9 out of 11: 决战二世祖
  • Nationals 7 out of 9: Don't Stop, 深海,Monica
  • Nationals 6 out of 7: 想你的365天, 人在雨中,Memory, 月光
  • Nationals 5 out of 6: 半个月亮,红日,爱在深秋,灰色空间

Strictly Come Dancing History[edit]

Dances performed at each level:

  • Men's Solo 1st Round: 《酒醉的探戈》(Tango)
  • Men's Solo 2nd Round: 《法老降临》(Mummy Theme)

(Paired up with Grace Wong, Miss HK 2007 1st runner-up)

  • Paired 1st Round: 《激情夏日》(Samba+ChaCha+Jive)
  • Paired 2nd Round: 《机场风波》(Airport Theme)
  • Paired 3rd Round: 《重建家园》(Rebuilding Home)
  • Paired 4th Round: 《花舞天使》(Wedding Theme)
  • Paired 5th Round: 《红场舞斗》(Fandango)
  • Strictly Come Dancing Finals:
    • Round One (Men's Solo): 《哈利波特》(Harry Potter Theme)
    • Round Two (Paired): 《伊甸园》(Storyline: Prince and Princess Reunite)
    • Round Three (Paired): 《猫猫咪呀》(Cats Theme)


  • May 11, 2007: Superboy 快乐男声 Guangzhou Singing District Singing Competition 2nd Place
  • June 22, 2007: Superboy 快乐男声 National Singing Competition 6th Place
  • December 21, 2007: Modern Shanghai Reputation Awards "Modern Fashion Person of the Year Award"
  • March 11, 2008: (9+2 Music Awards)
    • 2007 Mainland Pioneer Rookie Award
    • 2007 Mainland Pioneer Award Top 10 hits - "如果可以愛你" (If I Could Love You)
    • Most Popular Online Song "如果可以愛你" (If I Could Love You)
  • July 14, 2008: Season 2 Strictly Come Dancing 舞动奇迹 Championship (Along with partner Grace Wong)[3]
  • July 31, 2008 Hong Kong Metro Mandarin Singer Award[4]