Yu Xuezhong

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Yu Xuezhong in KMT uniform

General Yu Hsueh-chung (simplified Chinese: 于学忠; traditional Chinese: 于學忠; pinyin: Yú Xuézhōng; 1890–1964) was an officer in the armed forces of the Republic of China during World War II.

He was involved in the early conflicts with the Japanese in the North of China, but was removed from command in Hebei by the He-Umezu Agreement. He commanded 51st Corps in the Battle of Tai'erzhuang, Battle of Xuzhou, Battle of Wuhan. He was in command of the guerrilla forces in the Shandong-Jiangsu War Area from 1939 to 1941. He was involved in the 1939-40 Winter Offensive and other operations against the Japanese and later against Communist Chinese forces when the united front ended.

Positions held[edit]

  • 1927: General Officer Commanding VIII Corps
  • 1927–1928: General Officer Commanding XX Corps
  • 1930–1931: General Officer Commanding Peiping & Tientsin Garrison Command
  • 1932–1935: Chairman of the Government of Hebei Province
  • 1932–1935: General Officer Commanding LI Corps
  • 1935–1937: Chairman of Gansu Provincial Council
  • 1935–1936: General Officer Commanding Sichuan-Shanxi-Gansu Border Area
  • 1937: Military Affairs Commissioner Jiangsu Province
  • 1938: General Officer Commanding V Corps
  • 1938–1941: General Officer Commanding LI Corps
  • 1938: Commander in Chief 3rd Army Group
  • 1939–1941: Commander in Chief Shandong-Jiangsu War Area
  • 1941: Chairman of the Government of Shandong Province
  • 1942: Commander in Chief North-eastern Army
  • 1944–1945: Vice-President of the Military Advisory Council