Yu Quan

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Yu Quan
Yu Quan performing on the stage.jpg
Background information
Chinese name羽泉
PinyinYǔ Quán (Mandarin)
JyutpingJyu5 Cyun4 (Cantonese)
Years active1999-present
Genre(s)Mandopop, Soft rock
Chen Yufan
Hu Haiquan (胡海泉)

Yu Quan (Chinese: 羽泉; pinyin: Yǔ Quán) is a soft rock duet from Mainland China. They were founded in June 1998 as a duo between Chen Yufan and Hu Haiquan. They are from Beijing and Shenyang, respectively. Both members were born in 1975. They were signed with Taiwanese music distributor Rock Records in 1999. Since then the duo has published a total of nine albums, with over seven million records sold. The duo is very well received in mainland China.[1]

In 2013, the duo competed in the first season of Chinese reality TV show called I Am a Singer, and they won the competition. They tried to use their way to recall Chinese music among the young generation, and encourage Chinese young musicians to remember and rebuild Chinese music culture. They were in the show Lets Sing Kids.

They are currently mentors in the song writing show Sing My Song. (2014-2015) During fall 2016, they were the judges for a music show Sound of My Dream. The show ran from November 2016 to January 2017. Before the ending of the show, Yu Quan held their seventh consecutive Christmas concert Tree New Bee (树新峰 in Chinese).


Studio album[edit]

No. English title Chinese title Released Notes
1 The Most Beautiful 最美 10 November 1999
2 Callous to the End 冷酷到底 2000
3 Ardently Love 热爱 2001
4 I can't Live without You 没你不行 2003
5 Thirty 三十 2005
6 Friends are Difficult 朋友难当 2006
7 Everyone Has a Yu Quan in His Heart 每个人心中都有一个羽泉 2009
8 @Myself @自己 2011
9 Regenerate 再生 2013
10 Dare to Love 敢爱 2014
11 Recalcitrate 不服 2015


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