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Yu Rongguang
Born (1958-08-30) 30 August 1958 (age 61)
Beijing, China
ResidenceBeijing, China
Alma materBeijing Fenglei Peking Opera Troupe
OccupationActor, martial artist
Years active1982–present
ChildrenA son
Parent(s)Yu Mingkui (于鸣魁)[1]
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese于榮光
Simplified Chinese于荣光

Yu Rongguang (Chinese: 于荣光; born 30 August 1958), also known as Ringo Yu, is a Chinese actor and martial artist who started his career in Hong Kong. He is best known for the title role in Iron Monkey along with Donnie Yen as well as being featured in films such as The East Is Red, My Father Is a Hero, and Musa.

Yu is also known for appearing in roles for films with Jackie Chan such as New Police Story and The Myth and in North America Shanghai Noon and the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid.


Yu Rongguang was born on August 30, 1958, to Yu Mingkui (于鸣魁), a Peking opera actor. He has two younger brothers.[2]



Year Title Role Notes
1985 Holy Robe of the Shaolin Temple
1987 Mirage
1989 Fight and Love with a Terracotta Warrior Bai Yunfei
1991 Red Fists
1992 Deadend Of Besiegers
1993 Iron Monkey Yang Tianchun / Iron Monkey
1993 Once a Cop David Chang
1993 The East Is Red Gu Changfeng
1993 Taxi Hunter
1994 From Beijing with Love Agent killed by Golden Gun cameo
1994 A Gleam of Hope
1994 The Green Hornet
1994 Rock 'n Roll Cop
1994 The Third Full Moon
1995 Fox Hunter
1995 Heart of Killer
1995 Lover of the Last Empress
1995 Man Wanted Lu Chan-feng
1995 My Father Is a Hero Po Kwang
1995 Red Zone
1995 Wind Beneath My Wings
1996 18 Shaolin Golden Boys
1996 Big Bullet
1996 Combo Cops
1996 The Killer has No Return
1996 Midnight Train of the Orient
1997 Enjoy Yourself Tonight
1998 Ballistic Kiss
1998 Leopard Hunting
1998 The Storm Riders Striding Sky
1998 Shanghai Affairs
1998 Wipe Out
1999 Big Spender
1999 Prince Charming
2000 Never Compromise
2000 Shanghai Noon Imperial guard
2000 The Warning Time
2001 Musa Rambulwha
2002 Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters
2003 Internet Disaster
2003 The Boxing King
2004 New Police Story Commander Chiu
2005 Divergence Inspector Mok
2005 The Myth Rebel general Zhao Kuang
2007 Brothers Cheung Man-wah
2008 Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon Han De
2008 Champions
2008 The Underdog Knight
2009 Mulan Hua Hu
2010 Little Big Soldier Deputy general Yu
2010 Just Another Pandora's Box Gan Xing
2010 East Wind Rain
2010 The Karate Kid Master Li
2011 Cold Steel
2012 Refresh 3+7
2013 School Bus
2013 Police Story 2013
2015 Highway of Love
2015 Who Am I 2015
2019 Spy Wolf Chameleon
2019 Magic Circle


Year Title Role Notes
1993 Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Han Fu
1996 The Unbeatables II Zhuang Weicheng
2000 Lanse Yaoji
Dongfang Hongfei
2000 Zhenyan
Chang Rong
2000 Cema Xiao Xifeng
Ximen Chuixue
2001 Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng 2
Gong Jiu
2001 The Grand Mansion Gate
Bai Hua
2002 Jingwu Yingxiong Chen Zhen
Xi Feiyang
2002 Zhenqing Meigui
Shen Jie
2003 Heroic Legend
Ming Wang
2004 Bingshan Shang De Laike
Ma Zhanjiang
2004 Youlei Jinqing Liu
Xu Linfeng
2005 Yijiang Chunshui
2005 Tianhe Ju
2005 Jin Mao Xiang
Bai Biao
2006 Romance of Red Dust
Qiu Ran Ke
2007 Langdu Hua
Chang Fa
2008 Seven Days that Shocked the World
An Weimin
2010 Three Kingdoms
Guan Yu
2010 The Legend of Incorruptible Stone
Lu Ji
2011 1911 Revolution
Cai E
2012 The Advisors Panel
Cheng Jiu 成就
2012 The Patriot Yue Fei
Zhou Tong
2013 Ip Man
Yu Fengjiu
2016 God of War, Zhao Yun
Zhao An
2018 Battle Through the Heavens
Xiao Zhan
2019 Joy of Life
Xiao En

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