Yuan Yi (Han dynasty)

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Yuan Yi
Traditional Chinese 袁遺
Simplified Chinese 袁遗

Yuan Yi (died 192), styled Boye, was an official and scholar during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history. He was also an older cousin of the warlords Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu. He participated in the campaign against Dong Zhuo in 190, and was stationed in Suanzao with Zhang Miao, Liu Dai, and Qiao Mao.

After the coalition dissolved due to internal conflict, Yuan was sent to govern Yang Province by Yuan Shao since the previous governor Chen Wen had died. However, Yuan Shu attacked him in Yang Province and defeated him. Yuan Yi fled to Pei and was killed by his own soldiers.

He was one of the few people highly praised by Cao Cao, who called Yuan his equal in scholastic arts.

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