Yuanchang, Yunlin

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Coordinates: 23°38′31″N 120°19′22″E / 23.642008°N 120.322899°E / 23.642008; 120.322899

Yuanchang Township in Yunlin County

Yuanchang Township (Chinese: 元長鄉; pinyin: Yuánzhǎng Xiāng) is a rural township in Yunlin County, Taiwan.


The Yuanchang came from a person named Fu Yuan-chang. He taught his clan people to farm the land, to set the path for water and to build their houses here. He was passionate, generous and loved to help people. Therefore, the people named this township by his name to honor him. The Yuanchang name was known from that time and was widely used.


It has a population total of 27,307 and an area of 71.59 square kilometres (27.64 sq mi)

Administrative divisions[edit]

Zhangnan Village, Zhangbei Village, Zimao Village, Houhu Village, Shannei Village, Gehe Village, Wukuai Village, Tanxi Village, Tantung Village, Kecuo Village, Zhuoyun Village, Dingliao Village, Xialiao Village, Longyan Village, Xizhuang Village, Lubei Village, Lunan Village, Wayao Village, Neiliao Village, Lunzi Village and Xinji Village.

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