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Yuanpei College (Chinese: 元培学院) is an elite liberal undergraduate college of Peking University. Initially launched in 2001 as the Yuanpei Program, the college was formed to host the program in 2007. The Yuanpei Program allows students to choose their undergraduate program of study, a rarity in China and similar East Asian countries. The program's key differences from other undergraduate programs are its "free selection of major, tutorial system, flexible credit system with 3 to 6 years’ education span, mixed accommodation with full-length administration," and unique student environment. Shortly before the program's 10th anniversary, it also got its own campus, the newly renovated Yuanpei Building.[1][2]

Similar liberal programs have emerged from neighboring countries' top universities. Four such select programs, Seoul National University College of Liberal Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong S.H. Ho College, and Tokyo University College of Arts and Sciences, and Peking University Yuanpei College, have met annually since 2011 in Seoul.[3]

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