Yubari King

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Cucumis melo 'Yubari King'
Half cut of Yubari melon.JPG
Section of a fresh Yūbari King melon
Genus Cucumis
Species C. melo
Hybrid parentage Cucumis melo
Earl's Favourite × Burpee's "Spicy" Cantaloupe
Cultivar 'Yubari King'
Origin Yūbari, Hokkaidō, Japan

The Yubari King (夕張メロン, Yūbari Meron, Yūbari melon) is a cantaloupe cultivar farmed in greenhouses in Yūbari, Hokkaido, a small city close to Sapporo.[1]

The Yubari King is a hybrid of two other cantaloupe cultivars: Earl's Favourite and Burpee's "Spicy" Cantaloupe.[2] The hybrid's scientific name is Cucumis melo L. var. reticulatus Naud. cv. Yubari King.

Three pairs of Yubari King melons packed in cardboard for transport

A top-grade melon is to be perfectly round and have an exceptionally smooth rind. A portion of the stem, which is snipped with scissors, is left on top for aesthetic appeal.[3] Some Japanese people present Yubari King melons as gifts during Chūgen (中元).[4]

At a Japanese auction in 2008, two Yubari King melons sold together for ¥2.5 million.[5] In 2016, Konishi Seika, a fruit and vegetable market in Amagasaki, bought a pair of Yubari King melons at auction with a winning bid of ¥3 million.[6][7][8]


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