Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Centre

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Coordinates: 21°2′0.38″N 89°37′46.39″W / 21.0334389°N 89.6295528°W / 21.0334389; -89.6295528

Salon Chichen Itza in the Siglo XXI Convention Centre

Yucatán Siglo XXI (Spanish for "21st century") is a convention centre located in northern Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. Halls in Siglo XXI have names referring to Maya heritage sites in the region such as "Salón Chichén Itzá", "Salón Uxmal", and "Salón Ek Balam". All of the halls except for Salon Chichen Itza have chandeliers. Salon Chichen Itza, however, is the largest room in the complex with 80,297 square feet of space and can seat up to 12,000 for concerts, ice shows, sporting events including basketball, hockey, etc.

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