Yuchang Tunnel

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Yuchang Tunnel

The Yuchang Tunnel (Chinese: 玉長隧道; pinyin: Yùzhǎng Suìdào) is a 2,660 m (1.653 mi) long tunnel located in east Taiwan. The tunnel leads through the Coastal Range.[1] The tunnel is part of the Yuchang Highway, which links Hualien County and Taitung County. The western entrance of the tunnel is located at 23°16′07″N 121°21′50″E / 23.2687°N 121.364°E / 23.2687; 121.364, and the eastern entrance is at 23°15′52″N 121°23′13″E / 23.2644°N 121.387°E / 23.2644; 121.387


It is started construction on 1 September 2001 and was opened to the public on 16 June 2007.

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