Yuchi, Nantou

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Yuchi Township
Sun Moon Lake in Yuchi Township
Sun Moon Lake in Yuchi Township
Yuchi Township in Nantou County
Yuchi Township in Nantou County
LocationNantou County, Taiwan
 • Total121 km2 (47 sq mi)
 (July 2018)
 • Total15,857
 • Density130/km2 (340/sq mi)
Yuchi Township
Traditional Chinese魚池鄉
Literal meaningFish Pond

Yuchi Township (Chinese: 魚池鄉) is a rural township in the center of Nantou County, Taiwan.


The area is home to the Thao people who live near Sun Moon Lake. The township was formerly called Go-sia-po (Chinese: 五城堡; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Gō͘-siâⁿ-pó)[1]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The township comprises 13 villages: Dalin, Dayan, Gonghe, Riyue, Shuishe, Toushe, Tungchi, Tungguang, Wucheng, Wudeng, Xincheng, Yuchi and Zhongming.

Tourist attractions[edit]


Notable natives[edit]


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Coordinates: 23°54′N 120°56′E / 23.900°N 120.933°E / 23.900; 120.933