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Yue or Yueh (Yüeh) /ˈjuː/ may refer to:


  • Guangdong, abbreviated 粵 Yuè, a province of China
  • Yue Nan (Chinese: 越南) or Vietnam
  • Zhejiang, informally abbreviated 越 Yuè, a province of China


  • Yue Chinese, a branch of Chinese, spoken primarily in and around Guangdong
  • Cantonese, a dialect of Yue Chinese, spoken in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau


  • Baiyue, a collection of ancient peoples in coastal southern China.
  • Shanyue, a tribe resided in the Yue area during Han Dynasty


  • Yue (state), a state in modern northern Zhejiang during the Spring and Autumn Period
  • Minyue, an ancient kingdom located at modern Fujian.
  • Nanyue, an ancient kingdom consisting of modern Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, and northern Vietnam
  • Wuyue, a state in modern Zhejiang during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period


  • Yueqin, a traditional Chinese string instrument
  • Yue (Chinese: ), an ancient Chinese wind instrument


  • Yue (surname) (岳 and 樂), Chinese surname
  • Yue Fei, Song Dynasty patriot and general
  • Shawn Yue, actor/singer based in Hong Kong
  • Yuè, a Chinese given name, including 悦 (happy), or 越 (beyond), 玥 (precious stone), or 月 (moon)


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