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Directed by Yaar Kannan
Produced by Creative Force Team
Written by E. Ramdoss
Jeeva Kannan
(Additional Dialogue)
Screenplay by "Yaar" Kannan
Jeeva Kannan(assistant)
Story by "Yaar" Kannan
Starring Richard Rishi
Music by Dhina
Cinematography M. Sibiyon
Edited by Anthony
Creative Force Media P. Ltd
Distributed by Creative Force Media P. Ltd
Release date
  • 14 July 2006 (2006-07-14)
Country India
Language Tamil
Budget 100 million

Yuga is a 2006 Tamil fantasy thriller film directed by Yaar Kannan and produced by Creative Force Media P. Ltd. "Yaar" Kannan and Jeeva kanna wrote screenplay and dialog written by E. Ramdoss. soundtrack and background score by Dhina, cinematography handled by M. Sibiyon,film edited by Anthony,art directed by Remiyan and while produced designed by Easwar Babu and A. Azad, Stunt co-originted by Kanal Kannan and Anal Arasu, Visual supervised by M. Arul Moorthy at Digital Magic


The story is about a scientist who stays at Kollimalai Hills to find ways and means to tackle the rocks that are to fall from moon and destroy the earth. The problems that he encounters in his mission forms the crux. It is a convoluted story that makes you to leave reasoning and logic in cold storage.

Narendran (Nassar) as usual, is good at his role. Swarnamalya gets an opportunity to show her acting talent. Unfortunately Rishi (Richard Rishi), who had a good outing in Naalai, recently just plays a second fiddle. Charuhaasan has nothing much to do.

The movie begins with Professor Narendran, who finds out that rocks from lunar craters would fall on earth and destroy the world soon. Narendran and his assistant Swarnamalya choose to keep it as a secret and decide not to create panic in the earth. They are joined by a group of students which include Rishi and 'Boys' Manikandan in accomplishing their mission. They come across a different problem. Swarnamalya's father (Charuhasan), led by a group of men forms a cult. They decide to die and plan to take revenge on the humans for polluting the world. Narendran and his team come to know of their plans. The rest is how they tackle both the problems.



The computer graphics and the brisk background score by Dheena are the highlights of the movie.


A major portion of the movie has been shot in Kollimalai hills and Sibiyon has captured the locales well.


Had Kannan showed more focus in the screenplay, Yuga could have been different.


Mixed Review from audience

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