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Yugant DVD.jpg
DVD cover for Yugant.
Directed by Aparna Sen
Produced by NFDC
Written by Aparna Sen
Starring Anjan Dutt
Roopa Ganguly
Release date
Running time
121 mins
Language Bengali

Yugant (English: What the Sea Said) is a 1995 Bengali movie directed by Aparna Sen. The movie featured Anjan Dutt and Roopa Ganguly.


Deepak (Anjan Dutt) and Anasuya (Roopa Ganguly) are an estranged couple, now leading separate lives in Cuttack and Bombay. They meet again after 18 months of separation, at a small fishing village where they had once honeymooned. Though driven apart by their careers, Deepak and Anasuya realize that their feelings for each other have not changed, and slowly they struggle for reconciliation.

Though this may be the story's outline (a fictional line for screenplay), the film really speaks about the Gulf war (war for Oil) and its impact on our environment, living creatures and humans.


  • Anjan Dutt[1] as Deepak
  • Rupa Ganguly[2] as Anasuya
  • Pallavi Chatterjee as Joyeeta
  • Kunal Mitra as Bhaiya
  • Anil Lenka as Raghu
  • Neema Rahman as Young Fisherwoman
  • Asrumochan Mohanty as Young Fisherman
  • Subrata Nandy as Old Fisherman



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