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Yugntruf (in Yiddish: יוגנטרוף), or "Youth for Yiddish" is an organization of young Yiddish-speaking adults that is dedicated to the spread of the Yiddish language through various programs and events. It was founded by David Roskies and Gavi Trunk under the guidance of the late Dr. Mordkhe Schaechter in 1964. Included in these events are the Yidish-Tog, a day in New York in which programs are run in Yiddish, the Svive Project, in which groups of Yiddish speakers come together to read and discuss in Yiddish, and the week-long Yidish-vokh retreat, held in Reisterstown, Maryland, in which participants spend an entire week conversing completely in Yiddish. In addition, Yugntruf sponsors a literary magazine as well as the publishing of books for children in Yiddish. Many members of Yugntruf have decided to raise their children as Yiddish speakers.

Yiddish Journalism ייִדיש לעבט

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